Beyoncé releases surprise ‘visual album’ exclusively on Apple’s iTunes Store

“Late Thursday night, Beyoncé released her fifth LP on iTunes in what is being billed as an ‘exclusive visual album,’ which has taken over the digital storefront’s homepage on both Mac and iOS,” AppleInsider reports.

“For the launch of Beyoncé’s eponymous record [US$15.99], which came without prior announcement and is available exclusively on iTunes, Apple has replaced the music store’s top ad carousel with promo pictures for the ‘visual album,'” AppleInsider reports. “The swipe-able iOS iTunes app counterpart has been similarly updated.”

AppleInsider reports, “Along with being Mastered for iTunes, ‘BEYONCÉ‘ is what Columbia Records is calling a visual album, as it includes album-only music videos made to complement each of the 14 new songs.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


    1. I don’t and you don’t, but a lot of people do. This is quite the score for iTunes, actually.

      Remember, anything that cements the iTunes Store as THE place to go for music is a blow against Android, because only iOS lets you download iTunes music directly on the device.


    2. Millions upon millions of people world wide care what she does. She is a self made millionaire, net worth approximately 417 million. As a business she brings in about 60 million a year. Charitable gifts in the millions. She is an entertainment industry giant and she’s only 32 years old. So the real question, as if you didn’t really know, is who cares what you do?

      1. Calling any musician or entertainer “self-made” is questionable at best. I’m not suggesting Beyonce isn’t talented, or didn’t work hard; clearly she is talented and works hard. But, talent and hard work will only get a person so far. It takes a small army of people — managers, attorneys, financiers, producers, designers, creatives, marketing-, branding-, and image consultants, and many others — to craft Beyonce (or any other similar artist – Katy Perry for instance) into a multimillion dollar business that produces the massive net worth you’re talking about.

  1. Meh. The Screamers were doing ‘visual albums’ back in the 70s, and women were actually allowed to wear clothing:

    The most astounding thing to me about many ‘innovations’ these days is how they were actually ‘innovated’ decades ago, and in popular music, just how many ‘powerful women’ are pretty much at the mercy of their management and paraded around like brainless trollops. Yes, that *is* a lot of sarcastic quotation marks. 😛

  2. I respect Beyonce Knowles. She is actually a very warm, humble, generous, genuine person.

    Such a shame that she wastes her talents allowing her voice to be drowned out by the horrid electronic noise that is passed off as music these days. Beyonce would impress everyone if she took a page from Dana Owens (aka Queen Latifah), who has released some spectacular jazz albums.

    Could Beyonce pull off a Billie Holiday or Dina Washington tune? We may never know since the vast majority of her backing music is over-produced pop garbage void of lyrical sophistication and aimed for the 13 year old audience.

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