Survey: 72% of prospective tablet buyers plan to buy Apple’s iPad

“Consumers who intend to purchase a tablet within the next three months overwhelmingly say they will choose one of Apple’s iPad models, a new survey shows,” Shane Cole reports for AppleInsider.

“The November study, from consumer research agency Changewave, showed that of the 13 percent of respondents who said they would be in the market for a tablet over the holiday season, less than one third would consider an option other than an iPad,” Cole reports. “Apple’s 72 percent share represents a 17-point jump since the agency’s August survey, conducted before the introduction of Apple’s new iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display.”

Cole reports, “None of Apple’s competitors touched double digits in the most recent round.”

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  1. Mine will be a maxiPad when it hits. Been needing to get one for my wife, but haven’t yet. Apple all the way.

    Like I would be here and say anything else. 🙂 (I know, there are those SameSong trolls, but they don’t count for squat!)

    1. I disagree, in a way, with both of you. If someone else would make something worth buying I would certainly consider it.
      However, just making poorly constructed “almost” knock off’s of the iPad and charging a little less (or in MS’s case trying to convince me that some frankinstin monster is what I “really want”) just isn’t cutting the mustard.

      I am a late comer to Apple computers (post Jobs return) and I did so because they were substantially better products. This nonsense that some are claiming that apple’s customs only buy apple because of some fanatical devotion is nonsense.
      Build a better tablet (or phone or computer) and i’ll consider it, but don’t make knock off crap and then cry that I am a zealot because I don’t want to buy your crap (at any price, I don’t like using crap)

  2. Buying one for my daughter in February. She’s the only member of the family without a (Mac) laptop, and is reaching the point in her educational career where she needs something. We’ll get her a case with a keyboard. Been using a Belkin version at work, and it’s pretty nice. Lasts forever on a charge.

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