Apple patent application reveals in-vehicle holistic ID for ‘iOS in the Car’

“On December 12, 2013, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that reveals a new aspect to their forthcoming ‘iOS in the Car’ product that will be supported by more than 18 car companies by the end of 2014,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“The invention generally relates to providing an in-vehicle infotainment system with a logical holistic ID methodology for coordinating multiple services with multiple devices automatically and seamlessly throughout the vehicle,” Purcher reports. “”

Much more, including Apple’s patent application diagram, in the full article here.

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  1. What a great patent, I’m sure it will go really far. I guess one of the 18 companies that won’t be supporting this technology will be the HO HO HO Holden.

    I guess Christmas karma is coming a bit early for me, as I watch with great joy that the Anustralian culture being exterminated one icon at a time. I certainly did not HO HO HO Holden back on saying that the extermination is making the world such a better place to live on.

    Normally I’d recommend that the Anustralians think twice about their racist hate bashing, but from my experience there, they are still working on thinking once.

    1. Seriously, you got criticised on vacation once and you’re just going to keep randomly insulting Australians on MacDailyNews? I’m not surprised they thought you were worth bashing.

  2. I SO wish they’d come out with a hardware/software solution for the car. The complexity of making it work with every existing manufacturer through and endless number of harnesses would seem to rule this out as feasible, but I still wish it wholeheartedly and completely.

  3. Apple will simplify the infotainment system UI and functionality for cars with iOS in the Car like they did for the desktop and smartphone. The television will be next. Consumers and Apple fans who’ll be upgrading their vehicles next year are going to be the lucky ones, for sure.

  4. My sense is, once Apple completes the holistic experience for the living room the one for the car will follow.

    But, of all of the possible interfaces for an automobile, they chose the AI? Surely there are more pressing features, systems, and anomalies in our cars that need their attention?

    The problem is, the affluent are subsidizing the innovation with their wallets and squeak when they walk, so trickle-down is always five-years out.

    Why can’t someone build a car powered exclusively by my body’s energy using electo-mechanical multipliers and reducers, i.e., articulated arms for manufacturing, as well as those designed for surgery?

    If they can build an articulated arm of strength and finesse, why not powerful legs? The legs would be part of the vehicle and are inertially sensitive once put into motion, however with a clutch, your legs could freewheel, and perhaps reduce power by reversing the motion.

    So 10th gear would translate to cruising at sixty and red-lining at 180.

    And then I woke up…. *poof!*

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