Price of silver could double because of Apple

“Monday Morning’s Peter Krauth thinks that the price of silver could double over the next 12 months, in part, because of Apple,” Jason D. O’Grady reports for ZDNet. “I took particular interest in Krauth’s article because its the intersection of two topics that I’ve been following for decades: Apple and precious metals.”

“Silver’s down almost 40 percent in a year and way off its peak of $47.84 in April 2011,” O’Grady reports. “In his article, Krauth says that ‘Apple is giving us some surprising indications that the demand for silver is much higher than its current price would have us believe.’ He connected some dots and linked January’s 10 week delay of the new 27-inch iMac to a possible shortage of industrial silver in China.”

O’Grady reports, “Krauth thinks that Apple is just one indicator that silver could double over the next 12 months.”

Read more in the full article here.


    1. Screw silver. Palladium is the pricey one and most common people that have it do not know how valuable it is. When I was in high school (yes back when we had to dodge dinosaurs to make it from home to school) people bought palladium class rings because they could get a ring for dirt cheap. It was less than half the price of silver back then. Look up palladium today.

    1. There really is nothing in the article explaining what exactly he’s talking about. Apple needs industrial silver because WHY? And that has the effect of doubling the price of silver because WHY?

      IOW: Yeah, this could be just another sales & price manipulation article. It’s ‘short’ on facts. That’s a daily occurrence in tech journalism these days: Apple Bear Bullshitters, ad nauseam.

      1. This is interesting: From a forum post I found, it turns out that this ‘silver in electronics’ line has been used before regarding silver prices. IOW: This may just be a standard line for silver price manipulation. Check out this post from 2009:

        During the 1990’s, some of my work in the military involved electronic repair. I have also done my fair share of of computer hardware support and repair. In my personal experience, I can’t honestly say that I have never seen silver used in electronic components….

        In summary, I think that there are any number of reasons why silver is at the price it is now. However, I am not convinced that it is due to usage in electronic devices.

        The replies in the thread never nail down any details, just piles of rumors. The only point that I found makes sense was that the use of gold electrical conductors is down due to the gold hoarding during the recession/depression driving up its price. Therefore, silver has been replacing gold due to its far cheaper price, despite silver’s oxidation problem.

        Rumor driven rubbish in the main.

  1. Hunt Brothers 1979 when they tried to corner the market ….. Silver peaked just over $50 an ounce in January1980 …. January 21, 1980 I believe was the day ….

    April we got close but no cigar for new high ….

    Could demand drive the price back to $40 an ounce, for sure ….

    Time will tell ….

    Will it ever go over $50 an ounce again, I can’t say but it is doable!

  2. O’Grady’s article’s title is quite a leap from Krauth’s statement:
    • Krauth: Apple is just one indicator that silver could double
    • O’Grady: Could silver double in price because of… Apple?
    Perchance a little hit-whoring here? Mentioning Apple in the title is a sure way to draw more clicks…

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