iPhone 5s remains the world’s bestselling phone; helps power Apple from 6th to 3rd in China

According to Counterpoint’s Monthly Market Pulse report for October 2013, Apple’s iPhone 5s continued to be the bestselling phone globally during October. iPhone 5s sales saw an upward sales momentum as Apple continued expansive roll-out for its flagship model thus further widening the gap with Samsung’s Galaxy S4. Apple’s iPhone 5s topped the best-seller’s list despite the component shortages causing long waiting periods in several channels. However, Counterpoint expects supply constraints to ease resulting in supply to meet a relatively stronger demand in November and December.

Apple’s iPhone 5s helped Apple surpass Samsung in the U.S.A. as well as maintain its leadership position in the Japanese smartphone market during October. Apple’s smartphone marketshare climbed to 12% mark in China in October, instantly making it the 3rd largest smartphone player in the market up from a modest 3% share in September. iPhone 5s definitely was more successful in China vs. iPhone 5 in terms of overall sales in a month. Also, with the China Mobile deal on the horizon, Apple iPhone 5s at all three carriers will boost overall iPhone 5s sales in China. This might propel Apple to the #1 smartphone player in December or January in China smartphone market (unit) share.

Counterpoint - China Monthly Smartphone Market Share, October 2013

Top-selling Mobile Phones Worldwide in October 2013
Counterpoint: Top-selling Mobile Phones Worldwide in October 2013
Source: Counterpoint Research Monthly Market Pulse October 2013

Source: Counterpoint Research


  1. October still had supply constraints as well as November, but somewhat less ….. Interesting period should be December and of course the fourth quarter as a whole ….

    Appears, if rumors are true, and when you think about the timing….. We could see a June release of iPhone 6 …..

  2. I’m liking that downward curve for Samsung. However…

    The real test of Apple vs Samsung will be in April of 2014 when Samsung comes out with the presumed Galaxy S5. If the iPhone holds steady, or keeps up its present upward pace, alright then. Otherwise, we may only be looking at normal seasonal fluctuations of the products’ respective release cycles.

      1. Also don’t forget that Samsung is spending a fortune on marketing and is coming to the realisation that they can’t sustain that level of expenditure for much longer. It remains to be seen what the effect will be on their sales when they reduce their marketing and promotion budget.

  3. Can you imagine if Apple did a BOGO deal for one day before Christmas. The lines around Apple Store’s would be legendary. The fact that Apple has these sort of sales figures, while charging a premium rate, with no BOGO deals speaks more than anything. It’s competitors must be green with envy. While they throw everything under the sun at Apple in the hope of usurping them with their extremely low margins, buy one, get one deals, and so on, they still can’t dethrone Apple. How frustrating it must be for them.

    My purchases are based on quality, design, functionality, and availability of top quality apps. When Apple’s competitors learn this, they may have a chance. Personally, I think it’s already too late for them. Their mistake is thinking this is a repeat of the old PC vs Mac fight of the 90’s. It’s not, and they’re in for a rude awakening. Companies can only survive for so long with making no or very little money. I hope Apple crushes them all into dust. Remember Dell?

  4. I shudder to think of what Apple’s share price would be if the company were doing poorly. I honestly hope Apple can outlast the competition because those companies just keep coming back like annoying little gnats when Apple should have swatted them dead long time ago.

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