Apple bombards U.S. Patent Office with 28 new mapping inventions

ZDNet‘s David Braue posted a great report last week titled ‘Apple Maps’ worldview is now better than Google Maps,'” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“In his summary Braue stated that Apple ‘had its share of problems, but Apple Maps is back with a vengeance. Powered by some jaw-dropping 3D graphics and enjoying an aggressive multi-platform strategy, Apple is finally set to redefine our geospatial expectations – and take Google down a few notches,'” Purcher reports. “Yes, Apple’s mapping team is hungry and back with a vengeance and today the US Patent Office published a whopping 28 mapping inventions from Apple with many of them covering those jaw-dropping 3D graphics and so much more.”

Much more about each of the 28 mapping-related patent applications in the full article here.


    1. After all the Apple “doesn’t innovative anymore” name calling TIm Cook has put the whole operation in 6th gear, just starting to pull even further away and next year will see Google standing with its mouth agape as they disappear far away into Apple’s rear view mirror. Then it’ll be “who’s not innovating NOW?”

  1. I had the opportunity to use Maps on a recent business trip in California and Dallas. G’s still not good enough. Couldn’t route me properly from Plano Texas to DFW.

  2. I like Apple Maps, but it still is a major work-in-progress. I would like to see bicycling routing (like Google) and improved searching. I use it but I don’t rave about it just because it is Apple.

  3. Apple Maps does not work as well as Google in England. I just tried to see the house where I grew up.

    150 howard st. Oxford, England – bad picture. Maybe it works in the US.

    1. I agree your house looks a bit more blurry in Apple maps as opposed to Google though its not going to effect the functionality that much unless you are inspecting roof tiles. I think it will take years to to get better quality imagery in place all over the World but for me I just ended up in street view in Google without knowingly touching anything and thats what I hate about it the interface is awful compared to Apple maps so its swings and roundabouts for the most part. depends what you are looking for I guess.

    2. The satellite mapping in Apple Maps has taken a backward step. After the big fuss about Maps, and some of the flawed areas, Apple appear to have changed their mapping source, and for the worst.
      While there were areas close to me that were low-res, or mono, those areas thar were clear were much more recent than they are now, in fact there were places where the mapping was only twelve months or so old, because there was a house showing that hadn’t even been built a year before.
      Now, the satellite mapping is indistinguishable from Google in places around North Wiltshire that I’m intimately acquainted with.
      When it comes to route finding, Apple is much, much better, showing cross-country routes which the likes of CoPilot totally ignore, forcing the user to take much longer journeys using only major roads.
      My only issue with Apple Maps is the requirement to get routes from the ‘net; useless if you’re somewhere with zero phone or data connection, forcing one back to apps with installed maps like CoPilot or TomTom.

  4. Apple Maps has been an absolute delight to use in my experience. About a 98% accuracy and I use it every single day as I deliver food. I live in Melbourne, Florida.
    Google Maps is good but it’s clunky and a bit ugly to be honest. It does have more features though – which should be expected considering how long they’ve been doing it.

  5. I’ve used Maps for a while now (in the UK) and have never had any major issues with it at all.

    So much so that my TomTom is now an expensive ornament on my kitchen shelf. 😄

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