China Mobile quietly launches reservation system for Apple iPhones

“A website owned by a subsidiary of China Mobile Limited (CHL) in Suzhou, a city of 5 million just west of Shanghai… went live late Monday local time, when it began taking pre-orders for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“If the carrier is orchestrating a soft launch to work out the kinks, Suzhou is not a bad place to stage it,” P.E.D. reports. “It’s one of the richest cities in China, with a sizable population of smartphone users who would not only know about the iPhone, but could probably afford it.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Should be a nice AAPL catalyst.


    1. Seriously? You’re looking for some kind of logic behind swings in stock prices (especially AAPL prices)?

      You certainly must believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and Jack Frost too.

  1. China Mobile will push the stock price up. Should hit $600 before Christmas. But don’t get too giddy yet. Remember September 2012. Don’t make those same mistakes again. Realizing your profit is why you invest in the beginning. Stocks go up. Stocks go down. All of them. Buy and hold forever is not a strategy. It’s merely an excuse by those who failed to learn the basics of investing. Most of you wish you could go back to September 2012. The 21st. “If I had just sold then”. And that was with the release of the iPhone 5. Followed shortly thereafter buy the iPad mini. And the stock continue to drop like a rock. A heavy fucking rock. China Mobile will help. As would an iTV if it is ever to materialize. I watch? Sure, that might help also. And there are rumors of a larger iPad. That won’t move the needle much but every little bit helps. Plus it helps them get further into the enterprise world. The larger iPhone, iPhone 6, coming next year will move the needle. But that’s probably nine or 10 months away. So be very, very, very careful going forward. And don’t forget the Carl Icahn effect. If you aren’t prepared, he’ll rip your face off at some point. Because he’s a prick and has a huge ego. And he’s a greedy, manipulative bastard on top of it. So if you don’t have some sell stop points established you’re flirting with disaster. But of course you should always have a sell price established for protection. That’s just basic common sense. That’s just basic investing. He may not drag it down for 14 months but he will drag that stock price down. You can bet on that. And without established buy and sell points, that’s exactly what you’re doing : betting. Good luck. But look has nothing to do with it.

    1. It’s tricky. The statistics on long term market-timing success are clear – most people lose. Many people didn’t intend for AAPL to be such a large percentage of their portfolio, but when it grows 6X, next thing you know, you’re an Apple millionaire.

      I know. Happened to me.

      So, now that Tim’s paying a decent dividend, what does one do? Divest and buy REITs?

      It’s tricky.

      1. Google troll? Hardly. I don’t use anything Google. But as I and others have noted before, you have the appropriate name. Although you should really use your first name also. Cock sucker.

        1. There you go again…can’t wait to tell us about how smart you are and his you got out at the peak and how wonderfully smart you are and how you use Mac pros all day and how you play options and short just right.

          So how come you don’t have a pot to piss in and can’t afford to actually own shares..? Don’t bother to answer that…and if it isn’t Samsung that pays you, you’re probably taking a page out of Rocco Pedolla’s book and casting your FUD Doubts to effect your shorting position and Apple sentiment, just like all Apple parasites and gamers.

          No real Apple investor would ever short Apple. You ain’t no Apple investor just a little teeny small time market punk.

          1. Short Apple? Apparently you don’t know anything about investing. How did you come to the conclusion that I shorted Apple? Do you understand what an option is? Do you understand that options allow you to invest for a greater return with a lesser amount of money? Do you know the difference between a call and a put? Do you know what shorting a stock really means? Apparently not. I’m afraid your ignorance of investing is showing. Taking your profit when you’re comfortably ahead in an investment is just common sense. After all, isn’t that the goal of investing? Well okay, except for some on this site apparently. Buy-and-hold forever, or I’m a millionaire because I invested in AAPL, is generally thrown out there by those who in reality have lost money in AAPL or other stocks. But to your comment, yes I have made good money in AAPL. And other stocks also. Yes I did get out in September 2012 (even beginning investors knew to get out at that point) and yes I do make a good living with Mac Pros every day. It’s a shame that you are so insecure. Try reading a book on investing. Perhaps you will learn something.

        2. The “Jim” above is not the more common “Jim” who tries to keep non-personal attacks from his posts, and tries to be thoughtful in his responses and contribute to discussions. The time has come for me to go register so other people using my name can’t sully it. For Jims everywhere, I apologize for the behavior of the “Jim” above, for what that’s worth.

    2. It depends what your cost and how big your gain is. If you intend to buy back at a cheaper price it doesnt make sense if have have a big cap gain tax liability. If you intend to be invested in Apple in the future then just hold it.

      1. Really? Inside of an IRA? Even outside of an IRA, that makes no sense. You sell at $700 and buyback at let’s say $400. If you have 1000 shares that makes $300,000 that you lost by not selling. Or a potential $300,000 profit on top of your profit by selling at $700 when the stock reaches that point again. Even with taxes that’s a no-brainer.

    3. Good job giving yourself 13 ratings when the average number of ratings per feedback n this threat is about 4 GM mmmm. You pompous turd.

      People must really think you have something real special to offer …NOT 😫!

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