Beleaguered Nokia desperately fires blanks at Apple

“This week there’s a report about a new ad campaign from Nokia, comparing their new Lumia 2520 tablet against the iPad,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “So what did they complain about? Well, it seems that the Lumia has an attachable physical keyboard, but the iPad doesn’t. I’m serious.”

“Now this approach is nothing new. It’s reminiscent of Microsoft’s ads for the Surface tablet, which made a huge deal about being able use the keyboard that’s embedded in a cover in pictures rather than words,” Steinberg writes. “Of course, it’s well known that a number of third-party accessory makers, such as Logitech, do offer iPad keyboards embedded in attachable covers, so where’s the beef? If you need one, you can buy one. If you don’t, you save the money.”

“Now the Lumia does have an advantage, which is the promise that 80% of the battery charge process completes in an hour. All right, that’s a good thing, but what about the negatives? What about the fact that there aren’t that many apps for the Windows RT OS yet? What about the fact that the user interface has been roundly criticized as being unintuitive and poorly realized?” Steinberg writes. “I can understand why Nokia wants to convince you that the Lumia tablet is superior to the iPad, but the somewhat misleading ad fails to demonstrate that. It reminds me of those Surface versus iPad TV ads in which Microsoft deliberately reduced the size of Apple’s tablet to make it appear smaller.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The Nokia 2682 B-69 or whatever is yet another AppLack™-afflicted flop from a failed company now absorbed into a floundering one.

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          1. And they don’t get that it was intentional?
            Elop’s purpose, from day one, was to tear Nokia down for future subjugation and assimilation.
            Mission accomplished.
            Remote general returning home a hero.

    1. Microshaft will not only screw their partners, they will even screw companies they own (i.e. themselves).

      How can Microsoft survive without Steve ? They might as well Shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders!

      1. All cars are disposable, they build them to last till the warranty is up and then they begin to fail so you will buy a new one. When they accidentally build one that lasts, they kill off the model. I had a Honda dealer actually tell me the reduced the length of the warranty on their cars because the customer wanted them to. I said what, you’r kidding, you reduced the length of the warranty because you didn’t think the car would start to fall apart. He was not impressed.

  1. If you miss the boat and wait 3-4 years to enter a market when Apple has been pounding new features in all across the device and ecosystem, you had better be much better than Apple or you just shut up on the comparisons.

    Unfortunately, Nokia just looks foolish. Time to invent a REALLY new product segment. No one is beating iPad anytime soon.

  2. “I can understand why Nokia wants to convince you that the Lumia tablet is superior to the iPad”

    You mean FOOL you into thinking that an RT pad is, cough cough, superior, cough cough to the iPad.

    . . . isn’t RT dead?

  3. Nokia shareholder meeting just approved the sale of their smartphone business to Microsoft so Lumia gadgets are not Nokia gadgets anymore 😜
    M$ is calling the blank shots from now on😱😖😬😧😠

  4. I would like a longer battery life, but unless I’m using it heavily or playing a game, my iPhone lasts me from 8am until I get home at around 7pm typically with around 30% battery left. I can then charge it for the next day. If I need to I can top it off during the day, charging slightly quicker is nice, but not a selling factor. In combination it might be, but if that’s one of their primary benefits they’re screwed.

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