13-inch iPad could be Apple’s smartest move in five years

“The rumor that Apple has a 13″ iPad in the works picked up steam over the past day or so,” Haydn Shaughnessy writes for Forbes. “It’s a great move and it must have Samsung wondering how it can fulfill its ambitions in tablets and enterprise if Apple goes ahead.”

“A week ago I interviewed Seeking Alpha writer and silicon veteran Ed McKernan on Re-Thinking Innovation. Ed’s view then was that Apple would come out with a MacBook Pro/iPad hybrid,” Shaughnessy writes. “And the 13″ version looks like being exactly that. Imagine an enterprise tablet with 64 bit processing and a new range of gestural interface possibilities.”

“It would give a lot of momentum to the Prime Sense acquisition and it would make sense as an enterprise and consumer play, in effect burying the PC and challenging the console. Sci-Tech Today says Apple is prioritizing the project pushing the iWatch to one side while it gets it done,” Shaughnessy writes. “There is another feature of a super-sized iPad that makes it attractive for Apple… Apple would be earning interesting margin because of its 64 bit processor lead and even more than its main competitor because of Samsung’s difficulty in matching its display costs. A 13″ iPad looks like a very smart move.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bring on the MaxiPad™!

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  1. Djah ever noticew how MDN quoptes the same crocks of crap every day?

    Here’s an experiment:

    Subscribe to one or two guidance newsletters from Seeking Alpha.

    Count the number of conflicting reports every day.

    Fact check all of them

    Suppress peals of uncontrollable laughter and get your own financial outlook site.

    Rinse and Repeat

    1. You ain’t God. Seeking Alpha has been tainted by SamDung. They “used to be balanced”. You push enough wheel barrels of $$$$&MO$$$$$ in front of any unethical hemDroid and they will spew as much fecal matter from the cesspool from which they came. The article has merit you hack.

  2. Here’s the issue for large tablets. Your arm has to move a lot. It’s tiring. Might be ok for some tasks but it could be tiring for others.

    I’ve said it before, Apple needs a remote trackpad. For larger tabs and for when using tablet with keyboard.

      1. … but my wife’s iPad came with a keyboard, and a trackpad, and SHE came equipped with a stylus (or ten). How about the larger iPad contain a designated area that can be used as a trackpad … smaller than the entire screen, about the size of the one on my MacBook?
        “Remote trackpad”? Nah, don’t think so.

  3. Sign me up for a couple …… Maybe even six – If it fits into our business …… And then the amount of spin-off sales because “We Bought One” …. Which is exactly what we are seeing with our iPhone and iPads and iMacs to some degree ….

    We have probably been responsible for some $200k worth of spin-off sales just from others seeing us use Apple products!

  4. And the screen will be cheaper because the resolution can go down to keep the same number of pixels as the smaller iPad and the even smaller iPad mini. Should get longer battery life in it too with more area for the battery and supporting the same number of pixels. Maybe Apple will be able to put a second 64-bit ARM chip in that device for true multi-tasking!

    1. Definitely agree in multitasking for certain functions, like FaceTime. Multiple user accounts would also be a big draw.

      I think they could improve their services on the software side so that I can control where the iMessage or FaceTime call goes. Apple will simplify the existing solution somehow.

    2. If Apple came out with new 5″, 13″ and 15″ iPads, all with the same resolution as the iPad Air/Mini it would be a sign of complete looniness at Apple but I would laugh my ass off. Imagine Tim Cook explaining how great that the consistent resolution was going to be for developers!

      Too funny.

      1. Tim could call a child onto stage to demo the 5″ and have a basketball player demonstrate how easy the 15″ is to hold with one hand.

        This would be a great April 1 keynote.

  5. If it only costs $100 or so more than the iPad air, and was capable of full blown osX in a “desktop mode” like in previous Apple patent applications, then I could see this as an heir to the iMac. An iMac Air if you will. And THAT is something that Android cannot ape. It would make Android tablets come off as a toys.

  6. Возникает только один вопрос: ЗАЧЕМ? Накой Apple клепать 13-дюймовый айпад??? И кто такой будет брать?

    PS: Из принципа пишу по-русски. Пусть амеры учат Великий и Могучий.

  7. “Picked up steam”

    Which actually means the usual imbeciles repeated the same story ad nauseam to each other until they believe that the echoes of their own babble counted as confirmation.

  8. The iPad is _primarily_ used for media consumption, filling out simple forms, and other lightweight tasks that do not require the enormous overhead of a productivity machine.

    However, it should be obvious that the dinky mobile devices have destroyed all style. Calligraphy is a lost art. Detailed icons, handsome fonts, and truly impressive typesetting have been replaced by ads, crappy flat “tiles”, and boring Helvetica fonts.

    For those people who rather prefer to look at the elegant fonts they used to enjoy on paper at about 100% scale, then a larger iPad makes a lot of sense. Bring back all the graphics that Steve Jobs used to pride himself in offering the digital artist.

  9. I think you people that want an iPad this large are deluding yourselves, wait till you actually had to work with this device, its size and weight I suspect would drive you all nuts in short order..

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