Computerworld reviews Apple’s 64-bit Retina iPad mini: An unmatched user experience

“Are the new iPads worth the cost? Yes. In concert with Apple’s phenomenal App Store and iTunes digital ecosystem (including the brilliant iTunes U), the iPad lineup produces a user experience that is unmatched,” Michael deAgonia writes for Computerworld.

“My only real complaint is the lack of the TouchID fingerprint sensor found in Apple’s iPhone 5S,” deAgonia writes. “TouchID is one of those features that is difficult to let go of once you grow accustomed to using it.”

“Last year, the iPad Mini represented a compromise between portability and power/screen quality. In many ways, it and the larger iPad looked and felt like very different tablets. This year’s iPad Minis no longer force you to make that compromise; the 2013 models offer virtually the same power/performance and battery life as the larger iPads, but in a smaller, lighter enclosure. That makes it easier for buyers: All you have to do is decide which size iPad you want and how much storage space you need — and buy accordingly,” deAgonia writes. “The name may say Mini, but the capabilities are not.”

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  1. I have had the iPad 1 and the iPad 3. Now – I have the iPad Mini with Retina and I have to say that this is BY FAR my favorite iPad.

    It’s just so damn light and usable. One handed novel reading in bed is now doable. I find that I’m taking it pretty much everywhere I go now. The large iPads I left at home unless I had a client presentation were I needed to display graphics or web development projects.

    I was worried that the screen would be too small for videos. Wrong. These are pretty much one-person consumption devices anyway and at the distance that you need to hold them they completely fill your vision.

    I had concerns about the color gamut, but to my eyes I see no problems. I haven’t compared it side-by-side to the Air but why go looking for issues.

    There is a downside:
    My wife never cared to use my larger iPads. They were, “Too heavy.” Now I have to constantly try and get the Mini back. And it’s not just because it’s new. I had the larger iPads for 3 years and she probably used them for a total of 3 hours.

    1. Oh, forgot to mention the battery life. Seems to run forever on a charge compared to the larger iPad. Plus, it charges WAY faster with a normal iPhone charger. With the iPad 3, you had to make darn sure that you plugged it into the wall and use the provided iPad charger. If you tried to charge it via USB from an iMac – well damn – you could leave it all day and have like 65% charge.

    2. Completely relate to the wife thing. Apple should just start offering a two-pack. If you do get one for the SO be sure that its capabilities meet or exceed your devices. Otherwise, you’ll never hear the end of it (Who knew she wanted a GPS?)

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