Apple Retail Stores account for 11 percent of U.S. retail phone sales

“The carrier stores are still the dominant place for Americans to get their new cellphones, but two other retailers — Apple and Best Buy — have emerged as significant channels,” Ina Fried reports for AllThingsD.

“Apple, of course, sells only iPhones, but accounts for about 11 percent of retail phone sales, according to a survey from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners,” Fried reports. “Best Buy, which sells phones from all major carriers and all the big operating systems, accounts for 13 percent of sales.”

Fried reports, “Mass merchants such as Target, Walmart and Costco are also worth noting, collectively accounting for 12 percent of sales — that’s about as much as Best Buy and Apple sell individually.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The only retailer listed that sells (the) one brand of phone (that matters) is, of course, Apple.

Seems like offering only the best works rather well indeed.


  1. I picked up my new gold 5S from the Cerritos, Ca store. Ordered it on my 4S while having lunch at a 50’s diner nearby, using the apple store app. Got a email in 20 minutes saying ready to pickup, picked it up, activated, done in 1 hour. Now shit Dell and Microsoft, top that.

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