Disc Drive of Doom: Microsoft’s new Xbox One consoles suffer disc drive problems

“Remember the Red Ring of Death? Now it’s the Disc Drive of Doom as dreaded console issues come back to haunt Microsoft after it has admitted Xbox One owners are experiencing problems with the disc drive,” News.com.au reports.

“The new Xbox One launched only days ago, breaking sales records and shipping over one million units in 24 hours,” News.com.au reports. “But now hundreds of users are complaining of a faulty disc drive that is noisy or cannot even read discs.”

“Reports of the Disc Drive of Doom issue came flooding into games website Kotaku where they received over ‘150 emails from people whose systems were affected,'” News.com.au reports. “With the global launch of PS4 on November 29, this is the last thing Microsoft wants when faced by millions of gamers who are weighing up the difficult decision to buy either an Xbox One or PS4.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Par for the Microsoft course.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “rudi” for the heads up.]

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      1. Lets see apologizing for a product that was barely flawed (every mapping program I have ever used has similar errors in it’s database) Vs Microsoft turning out disaster after disaster and never even admitting they might could have done a better job?
        And whom was it that you said shouldn’t be smug? (or at least not trolling Apple news sites)

      2. Digging deep for that comparison Red. That’s a comparison similar to saying a Toaster Oven I got as a free gift has a broil feature that doesn’t always broil reliably vs. it’s the dead of winter and the furnace I just paid a chunk of money for is now completely non-functional shortly after installation.

    1. Not everything. First XBOX was rock solid. XB 360 was an amazing architecture horribly implemented (corners cut everywhere to save costs). The MS keyboards and mice are among the best. Not everything, just some things.

  1. This is what they get for ripping off the Sega Dreamcast. M$’$ greedy decision to work against Sega, and not with them, blew up in their faces. The entire family of XBox machines are still inferior to the original, much superior, Sega Dreamcast. But we all know about Microsoft’s habit of ripping off good ideas, and making them much more worse. (Zune, Windowze, Wondoze Phone, Kin, Surface, I could go on forever…)

    1. Nope. First XBOX was better, 360 even more so. I still have my Dreamcast and always liked it (while it was supported). BTW that whole conspiracy about Sega is blown out of proportion.

  2. Microsoft doesn’t make hard drives. I’m wondering if the problem rest with the drive manufacture or something Microsoft did on their end.
    Does anyone know if they are name brand drives or are they the cheapest off brand drives they could find?

    1. It isn’t the hard drive, but the Blu-Ray drives that are having the issues. I immediately wanted to think that it was a Sony unit and that Sony sabotaged MS, but I’ve read that the drives are made by Philips.

      Either way, looks like MS has their usual QC policies in place – unless the number of affected devices is very small, they should have caught that they had a bad batch of optical drives delivered somewhere along the line.

      A few can slip through, sure, but…

    1. Yes but MS fixed those problems (replaced units) even long after warranty expired and 360 got better (more reliable) with time. At least they stood by their product, fixed the source of the problems (via hardware revisions) and replaced damaged units.

      1. the point is that they shouldn’t have a problem that big to where they had to do a big recall. Yeah it was nice that they did that, but they knew that if they didn’t they would end up having to drop the xbox completely from microsoft because they would have lost so many customers.

  3. I am as big an Apple fanboy of anyone, but this isn’t another reason to bash Microsoft. I’m still wondering why Apple hasn’t done anything with AppleTV – seeing full-screen video conferencing on TV on the Xbox one makes me wonder why Apple didn’t do that five years ago. I like and use AppleTV now, but the Xbox is certainly more ambitious and useful.

    1. I can think of one reason – capacity. With FaceTime calls routed through Apple servers, if they outfitted another million or more endpoints for FaceTime calls, the quality would possibly suffer. Sure, technically it would be possible for them to stick a camera into an AppleTV and add the FaceTime app, but what about sound? How would they ensure a quality sound experience? These other companies care less about the end-user experience, so I think that’s why Apple is taking it very slow. They want to make sure the experience is exception.

      1. Also, they would need to redesign the AppleTV software to support multiple iCloud accounts for a whole family. Unlike phones and tablets, that are usually used by a single person, the AppleTV is used by a whole family, so how would one identify themselves to the system when making or receiving a call? There’s lots of issues like this that one must think about before saying “Why hasn’t Apple done this yet?”

          1. If you’re going to use an iPhone as a remote, just use the iPhone to make the FaceTime call – preferably in another room so I can watch the movie I’m streaming from my iMac!

  4. PS4 had launch issues as well. DOA out of the box.

    This is such an opportunity for apple TV to take over. We just need the right software developers to bring their products to iOS.

    1. A lot of games are still sold on disc. First day purchasers of XBox One (what a stupid name!) received three games on disc. The drive is also supposed to be usable for watching Blu-ray movie discs. IOW: Optical discs aren’t quite dead yet.

  5. Another classic rushed product launch from Microsoft!

    It’s the launch of Surface, and the red ring of death all over again.

    I feel sorry for the mugs (customers) who have bought this console. Microsoft can do some good things but they rush the products out to market and don’t care about the details – which is why they fail time and time again.

    I’d get a PS4 if I were you.

  6. This is interesting because the teardowns reveal that the xbone is a hobby kit of bits stuffed in a box – I mean, they just bought off the shelf components, had no interest in design, form or factor and made the box 30% larger – even without attempting to fit an enormous, heavy and hot PSU brick inside the console. So, you get to think that this is just the outcome of M$ nickel and diming over component costs – in a machine that costs $100 more than the competition.
    You might have thought the PS4 custom it Blu Ray drive would have been the riskier strategy, but no, M$ never fail to suprise themselves.

    1. Um, I call BS. They certainly did not hobble together off the shelf components. The part I find suspicious is that PS4 and XBOne have almost identical specs (CPU & GPU technology etc.).

  7. I guess I missed the earlier article that outlined the issues the PS4 launch units were experiencing (bricked, blue light of death, PSN problems). I’m sure that’s just an oversight.

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