Forbes reviews Apple iPad Air: The best experience of any 10″ consumer tablet

“Apple, with the iPhone and iPad, pretty much reinvented the personal computing market, that not only created a new market segment but also sent the personal computer market into a tailspin,” Patrick Moorhead writes for Forbes. “That’s powerful.”

“After using the Apple iPad Air for almost a month, I can confidently say that it provides the best experience of any 10″ consumer tablet on the market today and I wanted to share a little bit of my experiences,” Moorhead writes. “Overall, the Apple iPad Air provides by far the highest quality experience of any 10” consumer tablet on the market today. It provides incredible responsiveness in nearly every facet of usage, whether it’s general UI, transitions, opening apps, and using most apps.”

“the Apple iPad Air is still king of the 10” tablets by a wide margin, and consumers pay for that level of superior experience,” Moorhead writes. “Let me share some specific things I really like and some things I’d like to see changed.”

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  1. While I certainly love my new iPad Air, I must say the only user improvement for me is clearly the weight. My iPad 3 runs iOS 7 just fine, and will be a great upgrade for my brother over his original iPad, then that iPad will join my personal Apple museum of first gen products.

    That said, I really don’t understand all the gushing over the new Air. It’s certainly a nice incremental improvement, but nothing really special over other recent iPads. These over the top reviews seem like so much hype to me. Perhaps they’re really just saying the A7’s performance is what’s really wowing them, and the way it future proofs the Air. But no user will notice that performance improvement today with current apps in play.

    1. I actually completely agree. I have the original iPad mini, and now an iPad Air as well.

      The difference between them for me is that the Air is heavier and harder to hold, but has a really beautiful screen.

      Performance-wise, I barely notice it at all for my day to day stuff. Since i don’t play games or anything that requires a lot of processing power, the A7 just doesn’t blow me away.

  2. Interesting article but even though it’s a plus Apple article, my sirens go off when I read just plain stupid and inaccurate items.

    iOS needs a start button? Huh, Home Button = start button. And unlike a virtual button, it’s always there and can never fail due to software issues.

    Contacts on Gmail don’t sync? Huh? I do this every day after setting up a Contact account in Mail, Calendars and Contacts. Did I miss something here?

    1. I agree. I find the built-in apps for contacts and calendar sync perfectly, and nearly instantaneously across my Apple devices, so don’t really understand the need to use third party apps. And, while Mail has had a few issues for me over the years, it remains my only email app. I use it to monitor email from a collection of IMAP and POP accounts, including some of my relative’s accounts who need help, with virtually no issues.

      I’m sure others have legitimate reasons for not using Apple’s apps, but they all work fine for me.

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