Eric Schmidt’s guide for switching from iPhone to Android ups war of words with Apple

“Here’s a question: If so many smartphone owners are switching from iPhones to Android devices from Samsung and Google, then why does Google’s chairman need to make a public pitch and publish a step-by-step guide on how to make the switch?” Connie Guglielmo asks for Forbes. “”

“Because it makes for great publicity — and because we’re at the start of the holiday shopping season,” Guglielmo reports. “Schmidt yesterday published ‘Eric’s Guide: Converting to Android from iPhone’ on his Google+ account, extolling the virtues of Google’s operating system over Apple’s smartphone.”

Guglielmo reports, “Schmidt, who served on Apple’s board before relations between the two companies soured, also took the opportunity take a direct shot at Apple’s Safari browser, telling users to opt instead for Google’s Chrome browser: ‘Be sure to use Chrome, not Safari; its safer and better in so many ways. And it’s free.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yawn. A more interesting read would be “Eric’s Guide: Stealing iPhone from Inside Apple’s Boardroom.”

And what’s Chrome “better” at than Safari, exactly? Tracking users for ad delivery and the U.S. NSA?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Rainy Day” for the heads up.]

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      1. Actually no they didn’t. They did make significant improvements, particularly WRT sandboxing (each tab running it’s own box including (notorious) plugins like flash) However they were unwilling to share the code. Apple OS development team even made a formal request, google declined. Apple had to write their own tab by tab sandboxing routine.

        Google is not a good open source citizen, they have made this clear via their actions many time however some tend to turn a blind eye to it. Even android is a good example of them exploiting the open source movement to their advantage.

        1. “Actually, no they didn’t.” <-Regarding what?

          Google did participate in the WebKit project and put WebkKit into Chrome. Google did fork off from WebKit and no longer participate in the project. Google took code with them which rightfully BELONGS to the WebKit project. Google's fork off the WebKit project MUST be open source because it is derived from open source. However, Google is crooked and, as with Android, have lied and made their 'open source' project substantially proprietary.

          IOW: I agree with everything you stated, except your first sentence.

          Hey Google: I hate you.

          1. No they did not “participate” in the original webkit project, but they did (do) base chrome on it.
            And no, you are oviously unfamiliar with the details of open source licensing. As webkit a BSD/LPGL style license (as apposed to a GNU style) they are not “required” to return derives works to the open source community and do not (though no doing so (particularly in a case like this) is generally consider bad for and somewhat slimy, which in my mind fits google to a T. But again google get a pass because so many in the OS community are rabid apple haters (one of the reasons I no longer participate))

            1. Sorry, entered that quickly (typos galore)
              it should have been:
              -“required” to return derived works
              -generally considered bad form and somewhat slimy not to,

            2. [I get so bloody sick of doing OTHER PEOPLE’S HOMEWORK. Lazy Lazy Lazy!]

              And no, you are oviously unfamiliar with the details of open source licensing. As webkit a BSD/LPGL style license (as apposed to a GNU style) they are not “required” to return derives works to the open source community and BlahBlahBlah

              READ THIS Tesseliator. It’s the GNU LIBRARY GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE required for anyone using WebKit:


              Which says, in part:

              a) The modified work must itself be a software library.
              b) You must cause the files modified to carry prominent notices stating that you changed the files and the date of any change.
              c) You must cause the whole of the work to be licensed at no charge to all third parties under the terms of this License. . . .

              AND this is the relevant BSD license:


              I can read. You can read. Go read. Don’t post until AFTER you read. Deal?

    1. Google now runs on the Blink engine, along with Opera. They were a HUGE contributor to Webkit.

      Ever since they did that, Safari has fallen further and further behind in terms of web standards. Opera’s my main browser on my Mac and mark my words, it’s on its way to becoming the next Internet Explorer (in terms of pervasiveness) on the Desktop.

      Of course, in the iOS world, things are different… and most people use Safari… just as most people use Chrome on Android.

      Apple doesn’t do well with ecosystems outside its narrow focus. Safari for Windows anyone? When’s the last time you’ve seen an update?

      1. Damn! Bipolar much?

        Opera: “Mark my words, it’s on its way to BlahBlahBlah.” <- On what planet? That's a bizarre statement, particularly considering Opera's direct dependence on the dirty doings of Google. IOW: Wrong.

        "Apple doesn't do well with ecosystems outside its narrow forces." <-Wrong. Apple has consistently been the MOST embracing of other file systems and technologies.
        – What was the first computer company to integrate USB? Apple.
        – What computer company consistently provides a web browser the passes all Acid3 tests? Apple.
        – What operating system can correctly read Mac, UNIX and DOS formatted text files? Apple.
        – What operating system allows the user to format drives in Mac, UNIX and Windows drive formats? Apple.
        – What computer company contributes to and integrates over 300 open source projects? Apple.

        On and on. IOW: Wrong!

        As for Safari for Windows: Exactly correct. No explanation from Apple. Really shameful.

        Now: Why did Google branch off from WebKit?
        1) So they could keep Blink, their branch, under their proprietary control.
        2) So they could rip their open source code OUT of WebKit and stick it to Apple, an ILLEGAL move.
        3) So they could put further code into WebKit that Apple could not have, another ILLEGAL move.

        By rights, Apple should have Google hand over ALL WebKit code and tell them to go create their own replacement code. THAT would be LEGAL.

        Hey Google: You're crooks.

  1. There are a number of comments back on the g+ post from his thread.
    But it looks like it was closed off – I wanted to be one of several anti-google comments in there.
    I have a G+ account, but it uses a dummy email, and uses a picture of schmidt as I don’t like to leave my info there.

    Bunch of commies.

  2. Not the story in my family. Had 2 switch from Droid to Apple. At least I got to say “I told you so.” Don’t listen to the sales reps. or the news headlines from Google either!

  3. I’m winding up with another “I told you so.” Some friends went to buy a tablet, I told them NOT to buy a Samedung even if it’s cheaper, it’s not a good value move. Well, they got to Best Buy, got talked into a Samedung because it was cheaper. Can’t wait to see how long it lasts.

    1. Don’t need to rely on anecdotes here. Many studies mentioned on this very site have pointed out that people switching mobile OS generally switch only one way: from Android to Apple. Apple to Android switchers are a tiny number.


  4. Step 1 forget about all those great Apps you like on iPhone.
    Step 2 for get that speed you enjoyed with a system that works well.
    Step 3 sell your soul to the Google gods.

  5. why was this tech leper ever even allowed on the board. did he pretend to be apples biggest fan. did he pretend to be so virtuous. please, i just hope it doesn’t take as long to bury google up to its neck as it did the gang of ms.

  6. Guglielmo reports (actually, throws a softball), “Schmidt, who served on Apple’s board before relations between the two companies soured, also took the opportunity take a direct shot at Apple’s Safari browser, telling users to opt instead for Google’s Chrome browser: ‘Be sure to use Chrome, not Safari; its safer and better in so many ways. And it’s free.”

    There was no “souring of relations”, Schmidt got caught stealing Apple IP while a member of the board and was ejected. Shouldn’t that be regarded as a criminal act? Why is he not in jail? If he stole a million dollars…, oh, wait, he’d be a Wall Street banker. Nevermind.

    1. Apple has D&O insurance that covers Directors and Officers. If Apple sued Schmidt personally for IP theft then the most Apple would get is what the limit is in the D&O insurance — and it would not surprise me if that insurance policy had some indemnification clause against Apple suing its own directors. On top of it, Apple would get a LOT of very bad publicity about suing its own (former) director.

      While going after Schmidt directly may be the morally correct thing to do, it is certainly a losing proposition for Apple overall — and Schmidt knows this. Thus he is acting as if Apple can’t touch him — and for the most part he’s right. He can say… “I was on Apple’s board. I know their products are crap. I know you should migrate to Google’s offerings.” And he can do so with virtual impunity. As long as he stays just *barely* this side of absolutely defaming statements, he knows he can say almost anything about Apple he wants — and both the media and fandroids will lap it up.

      Schmidt is 100% morally bankrupt. Anyone who has watched his actions since about 2003 and read his public statements knows this. Unfortunately, that’s too much to ask the media to do. It’s just too easy to regurgitate his inane soundbites.

  7. schmidt and google are so creepy it’s scary. i keep telling folks to stop using their corrupt info stealing software. it amazes ma how people are freaked out about the NSA – but then give all their personal data to the thieves at google!

  8. I swear those CNUT/ZDNUT iHater poster are the most annoying bunch of morons. You barely see a blip from Apple fans but these guys are like a never ending army if bugs straight out of Starship Troopers Movie. Bugs everywhere!!!

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