RUMOR: Apple currently field-testing next-gen 4.9-inch ‘iPhone 6’

“Apple has begun field trials of a next-generation iPhone sporting a larger, 4.9-inch display, according to new information from one popular tech-focused Far East website,” Shane Cole reports for AppleInsider.

“The report, from hit-and-miss Chinese blog C Technology, conforms with prior assertions from well-connected Taiwanese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities,” Cole reports. “Kuo had previously predicted that 2014 would bring an Apple-branded handset with a 4.5-inch to 5-inch display.”

Cole reports, “Kuo does not believe the Cupertino, Calif.-based company will extend the iPhone display beyond the 5-inch diagonal mark due to their ‘unwavering principle of one hand use.'”

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  1. First of all, this is just another rumour that might have nothing to do with reality.

    Second of all, if Apple does test something, I am sure it is not going to be “iPhone 6”, it is going to be separate parallel model, something like iPhone MAXI, possibly with Retina^2 resolution.

    1. “I am sure it is not going to be “iPhone 6″, it is going to be separate parallel model, something like iPhone MAX”
      Don’t you people ever pay attention to what Apple actually release? Every year, when rumours of new iPhones surfaces, we get people posting up their claim that Apple will not make an iPhone 5, it’s absolutely going to be iPhone 6, no question, Apple will not make an iPhone 6 it’ll be something different, yada yada yada, blah blah fucking blah.
      After the iP4S, what did Apple produce? The iP5. After the 5, what did Apple produce? The iP5S. And C. Just like I said they would do.
      I see absolutely no reason at all to indicate that the next iPhone will be called anything other than the iPhone 6, why should it be? After the screen size was changed for the 5, the numbering convention remained, because it’s clear and unambiguous.

      1. Strange I don’t remember the iPad mini following that logic when it came out as a separate product not to mention the iPad Air. Why shouldn’t Apple produce a separate larger screened model iPhone called whatever they deem appropriate.

  2. My son now works for LG and hits all the Best Buy stores setting up promo’s and training sales staff on new features.

    They shipped him a box of 5 phones and a tablet to familiarize himself with the LG brand. He has owned an iPhone since day one.

    My thoughts:
    Damn, I could really get used to this larger screen. Fedex dropping on Mini Retina today. We’ll see if that satisfies my larger screen desires.

    I actually told my son, “Damn, if Apple doesn’t come out with a larger screen next year, I will seriously consider switching to a *gasp* Android”. Then I washed my mouth out with soap.

    The point being:
    It’s kind of ridiculous not to have various sizes to appeal to all buyers. Whether I’d switch or not is highly debatable as I’m too tied into the ecosystem.

    But I’d consider it. That’s the point.

    1. “It’s (sic) kind of ridiculous not to have various sizes to appeal to all buyers.”

      What would you recommend? Every size from 2.5″ to 6.5″ in 0.5″ increments? How about colour? Every colour of the crayon box? I guess that you oppose Tim Cook’s reduction in SKUs to keep costs down.

      Perhaps Maserati needs to build cars for every market niche too: a two door sports car, a 4 door sedan, a pickup truck, a crew cab, a hybrid of all the above, a small plane, a helicopter . . . someone might want one of these.

        1. Are you saying that your ‘dumb ass’ is two sizes?

          Obviously, your plan for two sizes wouldn’t fit for everyone and others would cry for a plethora of sizes. Try Android and quit complaining. Maybe Tim Cook will step down for you to run the company.

          1. Can you seriously say that in your lifetime you will NEVER have a larger iPhone than the one you have right now? No. You can’t. Someday Apple will create a larger iPhone and you will at least ‘consider it’, which is all I said that I would do.

            When Apple does create this larger iPhone, if you ever within the next 30 years, consider purchasing one I want you to return to MDN and publicly state:

            “I, 3l3c7ro, am the world’s biggest hypocrite.”

            1. I am sorry that I caught you in a moment of short sightedness with regards to Apple’s paring down of SKUs. I leave Apple to do what they do best which is to bring great products to people and improve our lives. There are many people who will criticize Apple without really seeing the big picture and post their uninformed opinions on sites like this one. Everyone has an opinion and are allowed to post it no matter how off the mark it is.

            2. I don’t see 2 sizes as being too difficult to handle they belatedly did it for iPad and not doing so for iPhone has undoubtedly lost market share it need not have and let Android gobble up to much of the market. Surrendering the market can work out increasing costs in the long run so blindly doing so short term can cost you more in the long run. Also Apple is not Maseratti it would be dead if it tried to be bit like the car firm itself more often than not in fact and that’s a market more suited to such a business. Other car companies are far better comparisons far less niche than that one.

            3. OK. Perhaps a better analogy would be a high end restaurant being expected to also go after the “burger and all you can eat fries for lunch” crowd. The few people who don’t like what Apple offers can always go to the IP copy thieves and buy and Android.

    2. Yeah mee too, I want a huge ass phone I can’t stick in my pocket. Particularly if it is an inferior display like the LG and samsung phones!

      And the fact that the android phones are two or three years behind on hardware (and software) just adds the cherry on the top.

      So my feeling is go for it. Yeah, go get your self an android phone. You caring around a huge ass piece of crap that won’t even fit in your pocket won’t bother me in the least. 😉

      1. And here I was all worried that you’d be offended if I purchased a larger phone.

        I said I’d consider it, not buy it. Can you read?

        I predict that 80% of the people who are against a larger phone (and why, who know, it’s not like they have to ever buy one) will SOMEDAY own one. As soon as Apple brings one out.

        1. you said ” I will seriously consider switching to a *gasp* Android”
          And I encouraged you to do it.

          More to the point, do you think anyone here believes you have an iPhone? Really? Dude, it’s likely even the other trolls recognize you for an ‘roid troll.

          Why don’t you go enjoy your second (or third) rate ‘roid phone and go hang out in a ‘roid forum somewhere.

          1. 🙂 Nice try.

            Drop the Troll bomb whenever you’re at a loss for something intelligent to say.

            Current Lineup:

            iPhone 5
            iPad Mini with Retina
            iMac – 2013 w 32 GB of Ram
            My wife and 2 kids have iPhones

            Also have owned every iPhone model ever created and stood in line for the first couple until I decided that was no longer fun.

            Ya, I’m just a Roid Troll right?

            You’re just an over-zealous idiot that cannot embrace new ideas so therefore you resort to calling anybody that does not agree with you a Troll.

            1. Really, really!!! Wow that’s amazing why I was just telling my wife, morgan fairchild to have them prep the gulf stream for a quick jaunt to paris for some croissants.

              You do realize that the #1 troll red flag is to list all your Apple equipment, yes? (and that listing names means nothing)
              (#2 red flag is to say you have been a user since yada yada yada and have owned every model)

              So besides the obvious tells (like the aforementioned) my best indicator is “if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck”
              And you my little friend, are nearly textbook.

            2. Morgan Fairchild? Haha

              You’re seriously dating yourself there pal. Ya, she was hot. In 1988.

              Dude, I could give 2 fucks if you believe I’m an Apple fan or not. But you might stop and think, if you had a chimp brain, why haven’t I been slamming Apple in this whole convo? If I was an Android Troll (or, God forbid, a Windows fan) I should be making quick hits and moving on to my next website right? Mother Korea only sends the checks when you hit X number of websites right?

              I swear, some Apple fans [read; Tessellator] are just as bad or worse than Windoze lovers. You, my dumb fuck friend, are why the Androiders and Window Losers call Apple a cult.

              I realize you have no life and could continue this little chat into the night but I have better things to do.

              I’ll close by reiterating my original point — which somehow exploded into a flame war — that I would simply like for Apple to make a larger screen size for the iPhone 6. There — was that worth getting so riled up about. I know damn well they’ll eventually make one — and then you can accept it like a good little Apple Follower.

            3. Ah, I see you are just a boy (as you obviously didn’t “get” the Morgan Fairchild reference) Well, so you are a silly little schoolboy trolling the apple news forums sporting for a fight?

              Question is why can’t you just go enjoy your ‘roid phone and let apple users enjoy there’s?
              I don’t get this apple hater compulsion, I really don’t.

    3. You raise several good points for consideration.

      A friend of mine has one of the largest Android phones, operates with two hands and can’t fit in her clothing. Keeps it in her purse and she loves her steroid phone.

      That was enough for me to never consider a larger iPhone if a model(s) became available.

      But as the author pointed out, bigger yet operable with one hand, would entice many to seriously consider an enlarged model.

      Agree with you, it is ridiculous to have the same size iPhone since day one in 2007 when the completion proves every day all sizes have a buying public. Some simply more so than others.

      Thinner and more powerful with each new model is great … but the time is right to up the ante, Apple.

  3. I’m sure Apple has tested and will continue to test various sizes. And I hope that Apple adds a larger, but not too large, iPhone to the lineup in 2014. Anything to take back marketshare from Samscum.

    I was thinking 4.7″ may be the sweet spot, but I’m sure Apple will chose wisely if they add an iPhone Pro to the lineup. I personally use two hands when using many apps on my iPhone anyway so a larger screen that still fits in the pocket would be desirable.

    When I pick up my son’s iPod Touch or my wife’s iPhone 4, I immediately think, “This screen is so small compared to my iPhone 5”.

  4. Here’s what I want.

    A 9.7 inch tablet with great hardware and great software.
    Wifi would be nice.

    I would like it to come with a pretend dialer. I would like it to hang up on every phone call because phone calls are an annoyance.

    Does anyone know of such a magical device?

  5. The iPhone is already offered in multiple screen sizes.

    There is no logical argument why Apple would not be capable and successful offering 3 screen sizes: small screen for lower cost entry-level and emerging markets; a single-handed pocket model, and a large screen model attractive to two-hand textures and seniors.

    All people would be happier with a device that more closely matches their needs, Apple will make more profits AND market share, and the people who claim that the current screen size is perfect for them and therefore it should be perfect for everyone, can finally be silenced.

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