Apple’s iPhone looks poised to start 2014 off with a bang

“It appears the iPhone may finally be coming to China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile phone operator,” Ben Zigterman reports for BGR.

“It is launching a ‘new brand for mobile services’ on December 18,” Zigterman reports. “While this is not a direct confirmation that China Mobile will start carrying the iPhone, it is another piece of [mounting] evidence that suggests a launch is near.”

Zigterman reports, “If China Mobile started carrying the iPhone, this would be a huge boost to Apple heading into 2014.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. Yes, but you see, WS doesn’t really care about sales of products unless those products were manufactured by some other company and the seller is a reseller, like Amazon for example. Apple’s share price doesn’t get a bounce out of this news because the iPhone is a product that has been sold around the world for 6 years now. It’s not “new”, or “innovative”. /s

  2. You know what’s funny?

    For all the tenuously-related-at-best “Apple” stories he posts, Steve Jack is apparently so partisan that he can’t bring himself to post the fact that the iPhone has become available from Credo Mobile. And not only that, but that they are offering the phones at $50 less on the upfront costs.

    It’s not like it’s news that Mr. Jack is nakedly partisan, but by refusing to report this directly Apple-related story that would alert iPhone fans to a less expensive way to get one, he’s shown that he doesn’t even have any credibility when it comes to Apple news.


    I think it’s time to quit this site.

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