LAPTOP Magazine reviews Apple’s iWork for OS X: A compelling content creation platform

“Apple’s iWork suite — which includes Pages, Numbers and Keynote — is Apple’s version of the Microsoft Office productivity suite and Google’s Drive,” Anthony Domanico reports for LAPTOP Magazine. “With the launch of OS X 10.9 Mavericks, Apple has completely rebuilt the software with a new UI, a new formatting panel and a consistent file format for cross-platform document parity. Even better, Apple is providing the suite for free to current iWork owners or to anyone who buys a new Mac or iOS device.”

“Overall, we found that Pages let us create good-looking, well-formatted documents with a consistent look across all of our Apple devices. Pages does an excellent job of putting the tools you need front and center so you can quickly and easily crank out your documents,” Domanico reports. “One capability that Numbers still lacks that’s a mainstay in most corporate offices is the ability to create Pivot Tables, which provide Microsoft Excel users a way to create easy reports with big data tables. Though you can essentially replicate this in Numbers, the process is complex and not as intuitive as it is in Excel. Apple has made great strides with Numbers, but it has some catching up to do if it’s going to handle much more than basic spreadsheets and charts.”

“In a way, it seems appropriate that Keynote received only minor updates, as this program has long been the best and most functional iWork app. Though Microsoft PowerPoint has more templates and features, Keynote arguably has better transitions and is more intuitive for newbies. And with the added sharing features brought to the iWork suite, Keynote has just become an even better solution for presentations, cementing its place as the must-have presentation app for Mac users,” Domanico reports. “iWork for iCloud beta opens up the collaborative functionality of iWork by letting anyone with a computer contribute to iWork documents, though this functionality is still a bit rough around the edges, despite recent enhancements… iWork is a compelling content creation platform for Mac owners.”

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    1. Actually your portrayal is quite off (and sounds a bit like MS fanboy winging)
      For many things pages and even more so numbers, are MORE capable, so their talents are offset. And between the two numbers and pages are considerably faster & easier to get professional looking output out of.
      However Keynote VS Powerpoint isn’t even close. Keynote is far more powerful and capable in a myriad of ways. It is also far easier to set up and edit (presentations) than the aging PPt.

      1. I don’t think my portrayal is off at all.
        This has nothing to do with the capabilities of the software mentioned. I own iWork, the new iWork and MS Office.
        While iWork does a credible job for many things, it doesn’t do what Office does. I don’t think that this is Apple’s intent.

        while I admit that I would rather work in Keynote, Powerpoint is still the de facto software for presentations. (All presentation software sucks anyway.)

        Out of an Office suite of software, presentation is not in the forefront.

        Excel is simply more powerful than Numbers. You can’t run a large operation in Numbers. Ask an accountant; Excel is as important to that person as Photoshop is to a designer. Final output of Excel is usually in the form of exported data that is used by some other enterprise level software.

        Now, iWork is wonderful in many situations. But it’s not industrial strength. Maybe it will evolve that way.

        MS fanboy? Really?

        There are no offsets in the real world.

        1. I agree with most of your points except for two: I think Apple is gunning for Office and now that the groundwork is laid for the future, I think you’ll see an increasing pace of innovation in the iWork suite. Second, Keynote dances circles around PowerPoint and there is no “de facto” presentation software anymore. I use Keynote all the time for presentations to large groups of 250 people or more. It’s rare that a speaker can’t bring their own Mac to give a lecture these days.

    2. MS Office is a piece of shit relic that makes me so angry every time I have to use it at work I want to smash the fucking Dell PC it runs on to pieces with the cheap ass $1 keyboard attached to it.

      One day I won’t have to sit here and export my beautiful keynote creation (as I have just done) to that faeculent .ppt format destroying its beauty.

  1. Pages 5 is a toy program, not fit for most business use. Can’t flow text from one box to the next. Y’ gotta be kiddin’ me! We’re not talking power use abilities here. And the promise that “some” abilities will be added back in six months is not a satisfactory response.

    For Pages anyway, I’d say it’s “a compelling content creation platform” only for Grannie sending a pretty Christmas card to the family.

  2. I am pleased to be able to recommend Tim to your company. Tim is an enthusiastic if somewhat vocal employee — to capitalize on his exuberance, we assign to him those projects that most benefit from individual effort away from the distractions of other employees. His expertise with Excel is notable. Tim has overcome the frustrations of freguent equipment failures that have inexplicably plagued his work station–Tim suspects the cleaning staff. In sum, we will certain notice Tim’s absence (coinciding with the anticipated upgrading Apple computers). Nonetheless, our loss will be your gain and for that reason I do hope your company has the opportunity to experience this unique employee

  3. I am a MAC fan and would like to see iWork be a suitable replacement for Office. I am not is favor of a fluff product. The current product does not provide a viable alternative. Releasing a new version that is less capable than earlier versions is a nonstarter. Time for Apple to get serious. They have the talent to get it done. Get it done!!!

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