Analyst: Apple’s next-gen smartphone ‘iPhone 6’ will have a larger screen

Chris Caso, senior research analyst at Susquehanna Financial Group, offers his expectations of the iPhone 6 gathered together from conversations with members of Apple’s supply chain. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

We’re expecting a number of new things with this phone. I think that the most important feature… is a larger screen. And that’s because Apple is so far behind some of the Android phones that you have out there larger screens. So, I do think that they leave some market share on the table by not having that larger screen.

But, there are some other things as well. We obviously expect a faster processor, uh, we’re expecting faster Wi-Fi on this phone and, in addition, even a faster cellular modem… LTE Advanced, which provides faster download speeds and more efficient use of the network from the carriers.

We talked to a number of folks that are in Apple’s supply chain. Obviously, there are a lot of rumors that are around on Apple and there [are] a lot of products that are prototyped that never hit the market, but, with the iPhone, this is something that gets developed pretty, pretty far in advance. Uh, but, having said that, Appel always manages to throw something in to surprise everyone. – Chris Caso, Susquehanna Financial Group senior research analyst

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    1. Yes, it should be an option… But there are those that consider the current iPhone 5 size to be optimal for them…

      Then you have those that like to use two hands at all times in using their smartphones and only left Apple for THAT reason.

      If the iPad mini was created after all that Steve Jobs mentioned regarding the 9.7 screens advantage over the 7 inch screens… then that would be no difference with Apple adding a nearly 5 inch iPhone…

      1. btw, why these analysts keep mentioning the obvious?

        Apple always suprises with some sort of wrinkle no one saw coming (i.e. 64-bit chip with m7 for bio-feedback, better camera with the amber light; correct rumors regarding the finger print id was all based on leaked parts).

        Considering what they have done in sqeezing all this tech into that iPhone 5 chasis, it will be interesting to see what they do with the 6… obviously they’re going to need to stick a bigger battery in there, unless they have tech we are unaware of.

    1. There have been rumors of larger screens going back to the iPhone 4S era. (and I’m not talking the modest one dimensional growth that actually happened, but rather a 5″ or larger screen)

      I’m not saying it won’t happen, but the rumors are just fantasy, “boy who cried wolf” and all that.

      I’ll believe that Apple is going to a larger screen when it actually happens.

  1. My new android already has a big screen. Typical Apple, bash competitors and then when it is beyond obvious that the competitors were right, copy them. I wouldn’t be surprised if apple claimed they supported large screens all along. Sorry, but the market moved on years ago. Maybe in 5 years Apple will finally have caught up to where Android currently is, that is, if they aren’t so full of themselves patting themselves on the back for such mediocre phones.

    1. Competitors were right? Well that’s true if you’re talking about not being able to compete with Apple when your phone has the same screen size as the iPhone, and the only way to really stand out and make money is to create phones with larger and larger screens and then pay analysts and pundits to talk about how the iPhone is falling behind simply because it doesn’t have a larger screen even though Apple stills sells more 4″ iPhones then all competitors 5″+ smartphones combined. I hate to tell this, but a vast majority of those Android market share statistics belong to cheap devices and tiny screened phones running a version of Android released in 2010.

      Furthermore… Making devices in different sizes is NOT copying anything. Products have been made this way forever. Apple even makes different sized iMacs and MacBooks. They did this long before “Android” did. Hell, the Newton was bigger than the Samsung Note. Apple’s resistance to larger screens has everything to do ergonomics and supply chain ecomonics.

      You’re obviously an ignorant troll when you start comparing an operating system with an actual company. However, as a platform Android is pretty much non-existent, as an OS it’s a complete laggard behind iOS simply because users cannot make use of modern features due the fact they cannot upgrade their devices as iOS users can. The technorati love to compare the latest Android with the latest iOS, unfortunately it takes that version of Android almost a year before it even starts gaining momentum (because it’s usually only available to new, top-tier phones) and it only takes the latest version of iOS a quarter to hit saturation levels.

      1. Android in the sense I was using it was a catchall term to describe the variation and innovation in the android ecosystem. I am very well aware of it being an OS. Apple’s resistance to large screens stems from trying so save face after Steve made the notoriously stupid comment that larger phones and smaller tablets would fail. The market proved him wrong. Apple is just now getting used to the idea of giving consumers what they want, rather than what Steve said they could have.

        1. So you (and obviously android/samsung land) bought SJ’s speel! Good for you. You did exactly as he intended. When the iPod came out, SJ said they would not move the iPod into movies/video because people could not view that while walking or driving – AND at the same time he/Apple was working on it. Same type of deflection for the iPhone, and for the iPad.

          The difference in Apple is that they would not announce and even counter suggestions until the product was ready or almost ready for sale, – the iPhone being the exception because federal regulation required 6 months of public notice in that case. Apple denied the smaller iPad was a possibility and even said it wasn’t viable – until it was announced. This is/was Apple’s modus operandi under SJ and still is. The “market” did not prove him wrong. It proved that the market “bought” his speel more than anything else. If you think he was wrong, then you really haven’t been any attention to his/Apples tactics. BTW, since you are so gullible, I have some prime land in the middle of the atlantic if you want to buy it.

          1. Forgot to mention: Most PC world and Samsung/Android world announce way ahead of time in part to “freeze” the market, and in many cases do not deliver. Apple takes the other tactic – they intentionally deny a product until it is “ready” – for different reasons, one being that it catches the copiers by surprise. Whether the Android/Windows land admits it or not, have you read all the accolaids of the latest round of iPad and iPhone in the 64 bit category? These are from MANY anti-Apple pundits and bloggers. The best that anti-Apple pundits can do is say “64bit is a gimmick”, Or it has already been tried (but doesn’t work.)

            Holding onto and keeping development a secret and even denying its usefulness while still developing it is Apples tactic. Maybe you would be better at saying that SJ lied. But he / Apple doesn’t produce something new because they admit they were wrong about a device in the first place. That is NOT Apple. They produce something when they have it right or can see that it is right in their own development for their target group. No ifs, ands, or buts.

    2. Well then, ‘joe’, if Android phones are so far ahead, how come there are so few people using them?
      And define ‘Android’ when applied to phones. You are such a text-book troll, you clearly fail to understand the difference between Apple and Android, walking neatly into the trap of comparing a free OS that’s used on hundreds of different devices, mostly cheap, bargain-basement rubbish barely usable as a phone, with an OS that only appears on devices of the very highest quality.
      Which explains my first point; I often look at the phones people around me are using in public places, particularly tourist ones, and 80%, or thereabouts, are made by Apple.
      You can sit there and spout bullshit all day about Android and it’s so-called ‘superiority’, but my own eyes tell me that the greater majority of people buy Apple, and use it.

  2. Oooh, someone else has a bigger screen, Apple must make a bigger screen! Wait, someone else has a smaller screen, Apple must make a smaller screen! Look, someone makes cheap phones, Apple must make cheap phones too!

    I used to get annoyed until I realized they need to write this crap to justify their job. Truth doesn’t matter, only hits & ratings…

  3. I actually agree that they will eventually release an iPhone with a larger screen… when they feel they can do it without screwing up the feeling of the device in an averaged sized hand.

    The size of the iPhone (not the screen) is perfect in my opinion. When Apple figures out how to make the screen run from edge to edge (no bride bezels), then and only then will we see a larger display.

    I also tend to think it won’t be a stupid massive size, but closer to 4.7″ or 4.8″ … A display that size would allow them to keep the width of the device about the same and while making it slightly taller. Furthermore, they’ll be able to actually shrink the size of the current iPhone a bit.

  4. Reporter : So Mr Analyst, as you’re privy to information from “folks in Apple’s supply chain” how do you see the future panning out with the iPhone?

    Analyst : We uh, we predict it will be bigger, faster, better and in general a lot more scrummy than the current Appel (sic) iPhone. You heard it here first.

    Reporter : Gee thanks for the insight!

  5. I don’t want a bigger iPhone. I don’t want to have to wear a holster. The best solution is to add phone service to the iPad Mini for those who want to have a phone reminiscent of the 1980 jamboxes. Bigger phones don’t fit as well in the pocket. If Apple wants to make a bigger phone fine, but not at the expense of the rest of us. I doubt bigger phones will sell any better than then the 5c.

    1. There is no danger that Apple would discontinue the current ergonomic size when adding a larger option.

      I think you are right, a larger iPhone, like the C model, would be less popular than the S model but still have significant sales. The difference would be that a larger iPhone would be more, not less, expensive.

      That might be an opportunity to reduce iPhone prices a little – drop the C and S model prices by $50, but sell the larger screen model for $100 more ($50 more than the S previously cost).

      Apple has slowly reduced prices on Macs over time, while keeping margins high. Even the high end of tech markets become cheaper over time.

  6. If they say concentrate real hard, and say it enough times, they believe they can MAKE it happen.

    The iPhone is big enough. And if Apple does make it bigger I hope a smaller, equally powerful option remains. Bigger is not always better.

    1. Idk, I’m still on the fence on the “larger size” issue. I have had the 5s for a few weeks now and I see this size as the biggest I would go. Personally I resort back to the original size(4s) which is on my nightstand and used while the 5s is on charge and playing iTunes Radio to my Bose soundlink. In all honesty my preference would be the 3.5″. It serves my purpose as a mobile device. Why I’d carry a jumbotron? I can’t see it. Btw I’m 6’3″

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