Bill Gates speaks, and chokes up, at Steve Ballmer’s final Microsoft shareholders meeting (with video)

“Microsoft’s annual meeting of shareholders in Bellevue this morning opened with a surprise — Bill Gates, Microsoft’s chairman, who has been largely silent at these meetings in recent years, took the stage at the outset to address the shareholders on topics including Microsoft’s future prospects and its CEO search,” Todd Bishop reports for GeekWire.

“‘We’re pleased with the progress,’ Gates said of the hunt for a new CEO,” Bishop reports. “‘In fact, we met last night and talked a lot about where we are.'”

“He spoke about Steve Ballmer’s tenure in the role, and the challenges of the Microsoft CEO’s position. He paused and started to choke up for just a moment, before he concluded,” Bishop reports. “He said of Ballmer and himself, ‘We share a commitment that Microsoft will succeed as a company that makes the world a better place.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Bellevue. How very appropriate.

Microsoft. Your frustration. Our fault.

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  1. Gates was clearly reading from the teleprompter. After watching that video, I believe he didn’t choke up because of his emotions got the better of him; he just paused (and uncomfortably choked up) because the Windows computer which was running the teleprompter software froze, and it took the prompter operator some 10 seconds to notice and to switch to the fail-over backup computer.

    At work, I used both Win (Lenovo) and Mac (MBP) laptops to run a teleprompter. Needless to say, Win was unreliable more often than not; MBP never EVER even stuttered, blinked, or lagged for a millisecond.

    1. I disagree. Gates ruined the company with numerous crappy products, blazingly unethical behavior and a “money before everything” foundation.
      He merely left his “friend” to oversee the inevitable collapse.

      No sympathy for Uncle Fester at all, but he really is secondary to Gates in what Microscum always has been and is now.

      Good article:,00.shtml.

  2. I fully endorse what Bill Gates says: “We share a commitment that Microsoft will succeed as a company that makes the world a better place.” if it involves their involvement in the total eradication of the Anustralian culture from the face of the planet. Removing that such a hateful vitriolic culture from the face of the earth will certainly make the wonder a GREAT place.

      1. I find that a pretty incredible and obviously a very inaccurate observation. I don’t think that someone who points out a need to eradicate other plights such as cancer or tuberculosis necessarily means that they are full of hate and vitriol against cancer or tuberculosis and that is the case here.

        I’m simply pointing out a hateful vitriolic culture, based on direct experience and I conclude that eradicating that culture would promote peace on earth, and improve the quality of life for all. Certainly the elimination of cancer or tuberculosis doesn’t come close to the benefits of wiping out the Anustralian culture but I think you should get the idea.

        Making an observation about something does not mean that the observer has the same properties of what they are absorbing.

        If indeed I was full of hate and vitriol I would have descended to their level and returned the physical, sexual and verbal assaults and abuse that I received there, but I did no such thing.

      1. LIke I said to John Smith, I don’t have a hate on for Anustralian inhabitants. I am pointing out their hatred and suggesting that if the culture was eradicated the world would be a much better place. That’s a big difference from hating them.

        I did get physically assaulted, repeatedly along with another Canadian friend of mine and sexually assaulted, verbally abused, more times than I can count and at no time did I descend to that level.

        You have a right to your opinion that I am stupid and you can tell me to fuck off all you want, and as long as it is your opinion, hey I am a big supporter of free speech. You can express your opinions, and as long as I can express mine, it’s fine.

        Heck even a redneck can suggest it’s “my way of the highway.” Anustralians aren’t that bright to grasp the idea of a highway as an alternative route.

    1. The article had NOTHING to do with Australia. You must have really been an asshole to the Australians to have had such an experience. Your constant anti-Australian remarks on this site are boring and irrelevant in so many ways.
      Perhaps, just perhaps, you should consider your own personality flaws and that just maybe you had a horrible time in Australia because of your own attitude and hatred.
      No, I’m not Australian but have lived there on and off for years for work. It’s a great place, just like many other countries I call home during my stay.
      Would be great if you bothered to actually comment on the topics at hand without dishing out your usual dribble!

      1. Thanks for your post.
        The article quotes Bill Gates as saying “We share a commitment that Microsoft will succeed as a company that makes the world a better place.”

        I merely suggested that eradicating the Anustralian culture or finding a cure for cancer would make the world a better place. That is the relevancy of the article. Making the world a better place can take on many facets.

        Your comment about “really being an asshole to the Anustralians” is certainly worthwhile, it’s something that I racked my brains over. I’ve been to several countries, lived in cross cultural environments where I was a visible minority and in some cases only had the bare fundamentals of the local language and I’ve never ever come close to the kind of treatment I’ve seen and receive there.

        Quietly eating a meal on the terrace of a restaurant is not really an indication of being an asshole. Yet that is what I was doing when a group of Anustralians were having a bon voyage party for one of their friends who was being assigned overseas (during the Iraqi and Afghanistan conflicts.. He could not say where he was being assigned but one of his friends asked him if he could do him a favor if he went to Iraq…kill an American and I quote “preferably in the back.” I’ll leave it to you to determine who was the asshole in this case.

        That and many many more experiences and discussions with other of my fellow citizens who have found themselves there lead me to a much different conclusion than yours. The hatred does not originate from me. As I’ve said before, I’ve never assaulted anyone while I was there and to tell you the truth, it’s a real joy now that I’ve left that place not to worry about being assaulted or abused when I meet someone on the street, at a social gathering or going shopping.

        I understand how you would appreciate it if I stopped dishing out the usual dribble but it won’t happen. I took their racist vitriolic hate shit for years, it’s payback.

        You might be better off suggesting a similar approach to those that hijack threads here with their “USA USA, Obama, repubican demoncratic rants.” but I think the results will be the same. People have a right to express their opinions.

        Bill Gates sees a connection with Microsoft making the world a better place. That in itself is amusing and questionable. I making the world a better place by eradicating the Anustralian culture. That’s a connection and it kept to the topic at hand.

        You had the chance and opportunity to go on about how Microsoft/Bill Gates can make the world a better place like I did. The examples I used was eradication of the Anustralian culture, and curing cancer or tuberculosis. I consider that a connection that is on topic. You could have illustrated and elucidated me as to what you consider being on topic. You could have suggested or pointed out that Microsoft’s Office software has changed the way business run and that’s changed the world for the better. Instead you spent all your time on a personal attack making no suggestion whatsoever to the topic. You chastised without putting forth any ideas that were relevant to the topic at hand. You usurped the thread.

        It would be great, in the future if you take the time from your personal attack to lead by example and offer some relevancy to the topic as you see fit. Just a suggestion of course, by all means continue to exercise your right to free will. There are part of the planet that allow this.

        I call the planet home by the way.

        Have a great day.

          1. Oh yeah, sounds like you are being judge and jury here. Give it up? Is that like a command, an order.
            You and who’s army. Please make it the Anustralian one, I know personally how gutless they are.

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