Apple may seek to beat record $1.05 billion verdict in Samsung patent infringement trail

“Apple Inc. is set for a replay of a court fight against Samsung Electronics Co. in which the iPhone maker may seek to recoup more than the $411 million in damages a judge cut from a $1.05 billion jury award in 2012 over patents,” Joel Rosenblatt reports for Bloomberg.

“Jury selection is set for today in San Jose, California, in a retrial over how much Samsung should pay for infringement of Apple’s intellectual property,” Rosenblatt reports. “The original verdict in August 2012, which was the year’s largest in the U.S. at the time, was found by a judge to be flawed because jurors miscalculated the period that the infringement occurred for some of the 28 Samsung devices on trial.”

Rosenblatt reports, “U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh will instruct jurors at the outset of the retrial that the previous nine-member jury found Samsung infringed five valid Apple patents and that their ‘sole job’ is to determine the amount of damages Samsung must pay for the infringement of 13 Samsung products.”

MacDailyNews Take: And, so, contrary to his first sentence, this is not at all a “replay of a court fight against Samsung.”

Rosenblatt reports, “While Apple hasn’t said how much it will seek, this jury’s revision of the damages to properly account for the infringement may result in more than the $410.6 million subtracted from the previous award, according to Carl Howe, an analyst with Yankee Group. ‘The argument at this point is simply about how much Samsung must pay Apple,’ Howe said. ‘In my view, there is no chance that the penalties assessed will be small; the argument is just over whether they will be big or huge.'”

“Apple may call as a witness its marketing chief, Phil Schiller, according to a court filing,” Rosenblatt reports. “The company may also solicit live testimony from Scott Forstall, its former head of mobile-software who left in October 2012 after an executive reorganization by Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook.”

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MacDailyNews Take: May justice someday finally prevail.


  1. This Trial is simply to determine the amount of money SamDung owes Apple …..

    Right now the damages are set at $400+ million and Apple wants a billion plus ……

    We should see the damages come in somewhere between the two figures …..

    But what is more important is the fact SamDung is QUILTY and this trial will set the bar for new trials to follow in which Apple will prevail much quicker and the fines will be stiffer!

    1. “Right now the damages are set at $400+ million and Apple wants a billion plus”

      The damages are at 600 million right now (the undisputed amount), with the other 400 million up for review. So even if they go lightly on Samsung it’ll be 800+ million. I’m hoping for a total of 1.2 billion.

  2. Although we all know Samscum will appeal and drag this out as long as possible. Let’s face it, the original verdict was in 2012 and we are already near the end of 2013 for the next trial to begin. So an appeal could easily stretch into late 2014. Justice is swift!

  3. iOS 7 is a complete rip off of Android and Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface. I hope Apple gets nothing out of this as they have been busy copying Android, Samsung, Windows Phone 8, Palm WebOS and its own jailbreak community. Apple is a pitiless copier and deserves nothing out of this suit.

  4. In mid-2012 a billion dollars sounded like a lot.

    Now it’s clear that Samsung has improperly gained a lot more than that from this stolen IP. They’ve built the largest smartphone business (by volume) on these stolen inventions.

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