Samsung won’t have an answer for Apple’s revolutionary 64-bit A7 processor anytime soon

“Samsung sought to assuage its investors’ concerns about increasingly intense competition with Apple and the cooling market for premium Android smartphones, outlining a specs race that described a future with 64-bit Exynos chips, super high resolution mobile displays and a new focus on software,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppelInsider.

“However, delivery of the most anticipated advance, a 64-bit mobile Application Processor, was pushed out indefinitely into the future at the company’s ‘Analyst Day’ event, offering scant hope for an Android answer to Apple’s A7 anytime soon,” Dilger reports.

“Samsung’s advanced chip fabrication technology and capabilities are extremely rare among fabs globally, forcing Apple into partnership (for now) with the company to fabricate its advanced A7 design,” Dilger reports. “However, Samsung’s reticence to plot out a confident 64-bit roadmap in detail, despite acknowledging that 64-bit is an important advance for mobile devices, illustrates the vast gulf between being able to fabricate an existing chip and begin able to custom design a new one.”

Apple A7

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MacDailyNews Take: Looks like Samsung will remain firmly left behind with the rest of the 32-bit antique dealers for the foreseeable future. Must be tough to not only see something, but to actually be fabricating it, that you can’t ripoff, huh, slavish copier?

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  1. Let’s not forget that what Apple has in production is not what they are currently developing. Not only is Samsung behind what is in production, they are behind what Apple has in the pipeline.

  2. Steve J. and Tim C. revenge on Samsung. Yes, it absolutely does drive them crazy to be producing something they can’t copy and use. Really sweet move befitting a chess master!

    And, best of all the end game in sight is that Samsung will not be producing chips much longer so they won’t even get a glimpse of what to copy going forward.

      1. Not enough preventing that, to be sure. Shortly after Apple announced the A7, Samesong did say they would have 64-bit chips by… was it February? I have no doubts that they’ll manage to copy somehow anyway. That’s how they are even in business.

        1. Samsung didn’t give a time other than they would have 64-bit chips in their next high end smartphone. Obviously a Samsung exec spoke out of his a ** to allay fears that Samsung won’t have a 64-bit phone for some time.

        1. This doesn’t matter. They will copy Apple’s chip design and then contrive a ’64 bit emulation mode’ for Android’s Java. The tech yellow journalists & Hee Haw demographic will lap it up.

          1. Samsung can’t just slap an emulator on because it is using Java. Samsung would have to deal with Oracle first. Plus, they’ll never get developers on board because there will be no advantage for the developer, just more work.

            1. First, why would the Koreans have to deal with Oracle? Google basically copied Java for Android – there’s no need to get Oracle involved. (Remember, Oracle sued Google over their IP & lost?) Second, the whole point of a 64 bit emulator is to allow 32 bit code to run. Developers wouldn’t have to do squat. Everything stays the same, the core Java code, Android APIs, and all the apps. Is it real 64 bit computing? No, but it allows Google & the manufacturers to claim parity for the tech media lap-dogs, Frangmandroid fanbois and Hee Haw sufferers.

      2. My thoughts exactly. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see Korean Mafia Inc. copy the design in the near future. It is in their culture & DNA to steal other’s IP. The law hasn’t stopped them yet, and I don’t expect it to in the future – They are free to do as they wish without consequences.

  3. “samsung wont have an answer for Apple’s 64-bit A7 application processor anytime soon.”
    And when they do have it, it will be just a marketing mimic because they don’t have a 64 bit OS.
    But come on, who in the android world cares about real usability of their devices? They just care about big numbers in their useless specs and big screens. May be they want to compensate something they have small 😉

  4. Probably Samsung decided the investment was too much and figured another company will come out with a 64 bit system. At which point they will somehow circumvent licensing and include it in there next “Innovated 64 bit system!” Samsung, hope Intel and TSMC tear you a new one!

  5. I’m confused. I thought Apple fanboys didn’t care about tech specs. Don’t Apple fanboys laugh at tech specs and regard it as something that Android nerds agonise over incessantly.

    Turns out that Apple fanboys are just as obsessed with tech specs as are Android nerds. Must be the Tim Cook directed similarity between iOS 7 and Android that’s confusing the Apple fanboys. Cook is so scared of Android that he’s making iOS 7 look like a fork of Android.

    1. You’re an idiot. This doesn’t have to do with a spec race, it has to do with actual, real-world performance and capabilities. Notice no one’s talking about clock speeds, etc.

    2. Ah that’s where you are mistaken (or intentionally opaque?)
      Apple Fans care about how something works, they don’t care about useless specs.
      Like ‘roid fans always going on about closkspeed and RAM specs… when they don’t seem to help the laggy performance of even the top ‘roid phones. (and interestingly enough this compulsion for useless specs even inspired samsung to engineer it’s phones to cheat on benchmarks, something that is undeniable yet most ‘roid fans act like it was somehow a “misunderstanding” He he you ‘roid fans truly are sheep, led to the slaughter.)

    3. Apple fans care about specs a whole lot more when Apple is leading in that area!

      If Apple isn’t leading in specs, then we care more about efficiency and performance (Apple getting more out of less). If Apple does not lead in efficiency and performance, either, then we care most about the superior user experience that Apple provides. If the user experience is not distinctly superior, then we rely upon the curated and integrated ecosystem.

      1. Mmmm I think you are off base there, Apple’s fans can be some of the most demanding (and least forgiving)

        No Apple users care about -how something actually works-. Specs do interest them when it applies to how the item functions, sure, but specs for spec’s sake? Not so much.

      2. I was just having a little fun — some of it at my own expense. Judging by the growing collection of one-star responses to my post, Mac users used to have a far better sense of humor. We had to, because things were quite grim back in the mid-1990s.

        Besides, and this is a healthy thing to admit, there is more than a little seed of truth in my previous post. We used to trumpet that Windows PCs may have ten times the number of apps, but Macs had the best-of-kind apps in each category, so the extra apps were worthless. Fast forward ten to fifteen years, and Apple trumpets the huge lead in apps that iOS enjoys over Android. When the PowerPC CPU architecture was initially incorporated into PowerMacs in the mid-1990s, Apple proclaimed that their computers were so powerful that they qualified as supercomputers and encountered export restrictions. The Age of RISC was ascendant. Fast forward just six or seven years to the early 2000s and the AIM alliance had disintegrated, leaving PowerPC development stagnated and the G4 stuck at 500MHz. Meanwhile, the Pentium was heading north of 1GHz and Mac users could only fall back on the speed of Altivec to accelerate Photoshop filters. The truth hurts, but that does not make it any less true.

        Mac users are human. We like to be part of the winning team. We like to be near the front, not stumbling behind. So
        we emphasize our strengths and attempt to whitewash or sidestep our weaknesses. That’s how human psychology attempts to protect the ego. But denial and self-delusion is not desirable or healthy as a steady diet.

        Apple fans have a lot to be happy about – more than ever, in my opinion. When the biggest gripes are about iOS 7 icons or the lack of certain functions in free apps, the situation for iOS and OS X users must be darn good. And, when things are good, you can afford to cast aside the protective mechanisms that salved your psyche when times were bad.

        But it’s up to you. Vote me down or vote me up — it doesn’t change reality. But, please, try to find a little humor in the situation because life as a modern Apple fan is great!

    4. Apple users care about specs to the extent Fandroid are shut out and have to shut up about spec superiority as Apple even zooms ahead of the one metric they desperately and wrongly cling to. It’s a bit of shadenfruede and satisfaction seeing them frustrated and denied as we see them in our antique dealer viewing side window mirrors receding into the distance.

    5. No, really!!! You really need to come here to express your frustration, don’t you! Come on, take it easy and be patient: better times will come for you android users as well!

      Hem… Or maybe not…?

  6. Samsung don’t need 64 bit processor as they don’t have software infrastructure to be able to use that kind of processing power. Apple with the App Store is a different kettle of fish

  7. Samsung will introduce 48hour battery life….because the phone will be 21″ it’s the new PhaTphone. 48 hours video and dual Stylus for left and right hand users! That’s Samsung innovation.

  8. Easily Overlooked Department:

    A 64 bit CPU is just the first component. The whole 64 bit ecosystem must have not only a 64 bit OS to go with it, but 64 bit APIs-programmer support, core apps and then 3rd party buy-in on day 1.

  9. Even if Samsung gets a 64 bit chip, there is no 64 bit OS to run it…it takes both. Samsung will always be dependent upon Google for their OS, which makes them just another hardware maker.
    The media forgets that Apple has its own OS and is farther ahead than most will dare to admit. You can’t just take a year and create an OS from scratch, even if you had ton’s of people working on it.
    Samsung is a third party hardware conglomeration, just like Dell No was. Apple is a complete hardware/software ecosystem, and in a few years will build all its own parts, have high quality control of them, and cut out the middleman. You can have a monopoly and proprietary hardware as long as you have the best product/solution. M$ never had the best product.

    1. Well, we don’t really know what’s going on with Samsung’s ‘Tizen’ OS.

      But if/when Samsung moves to Tizen, they’re screwing themselves over by living in an obscure OS corner of the universe, no apps, no one cares. Even stupid Windows phones will have an advantage over Samsung at that point.

  10. One point that people seem to be missing regarding chip design and fabbing: the actual circuit layout. Companies like Samsung use software to create the circuit layouts and designs, but they’re inefficient. Apple spend a lot of time and money using human designers to lay out the processor circuits by hand, that way the chip can be configured for maximum power-efficiency and compatibility with the OS, so no matter what Samsung, or anybody else does, unless they can find chip circuit designers of the same level of proficiency as Apple’s, they’re screwed, they’ll never be able to match the performance of what Apple can create.

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