Piper Jaffray sees Apple selling 2.5 – 3.5 million iPad Air units over launch weekend

“Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster this morning has been trolling the retail stores on the ‘launch day’ of Apple’s iPad Air, the latest installment of its full-sized tablet computer, which was introduced to the world last week, and he offers up his findings,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

“Munster, who has an Overweight rating on shares of Apple, and a $640 price target, writes that the lines today are ‘slightly better than our low expectations,'” Ray reports, “suggesting perhaps 2.5 million to 3.5 million of the tablet may be sold this weekend, he believes.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iPad Air might well be a case of a product that gathers even greater momentum once it’s on the market for a bit. You really need to hold one yourself to see why your current iPads (1st-4th gen.) need to go. If you don’t want to spend the money on a new iPad, our advice is to stay away from stores or anybody who has an iPad Air. Once you see one in the aluminum and glass, it’ll suck you right in.

So, as the first wave get their iPad Air units and then their family, friends, and co-workers see them (and as Christmas approaches) – watch out!


    1. Or he shouldn’t even make a prediction. Apple products have big “launch weekends,” but they also have strong sustained sales. iPhone and iPad sales are remain strong, even during the month before the new models are expected. And Apple can keep doing annual releases of new models, AND continued sales of the old models as the lower-cost options.

      In contrast, no one cares about Samsung products after a few weeks. Like movies, they have to have “open big,” because that’s 80% of eventual sales. And that’s why new phone models are released every six months by Apple’s competition. It’s the only way to generate any excitement or attention.

    1. I did my part. I am writing my first response on MDN with my brand spanking new iPad Air. This thing rocks. iOS 7 on the iPad Air looks great. The screen is amazing. I love the lighter weight. No problem holding it for extended periods. I went a little crazy, Black 64GB iPad Air w/WIFI, Black Leather Case, AppleCare, NJ Sales Tax, it cost me $938.39. Worth every penny.

      Tomorrow I’m buying AmpliTube from IK MultiMedia so I can plug my Fender into the iPad and create music. Nice software, simulates various amplifier sound, come with a nice variety of effect boxes, can get rig set ups from various guitarists, like Jimmy Hendrix’s rig. Very cool. It’ll be fun fooling around in Garage Band too.

        1. I did. I’m a Mac Consultant. I’ve been guiding my clients for years to get AppleCare with their Apple hardware. As they say, “Don’t be a penny wise, and a pound foolish.” I’ve seen too many clients retiring faulty systems and getting new ones, because the repair cost was just a couple of hundred dollars less than the repair. I joke with them, that the iMac makes a good door stop, only to end up seeing a client actually using one as a door stop.

      1. Can’t imagine anyone dumber than a rock. $999 will get you a MacBook Air with a 128GB SSD running OS X which is much more useful than that stupidly gimped and ugly as snot iOS 7.

      2. I saw Living Colour perform last night here in Minneapolis, and their base player, Doug Wimbish, used an iPad, I believe for some of his effects. The band also had two MacBooks right there on stage as part of their production. Helluva show.

          1. Steve always said that Apple exists at the intersection of Technology and the Arts.

            That is even more apparent with Apple’s recent decision to bundle content creation software for free with purchase of the hardware.

  1. I believe your take, MDN. I wandered into the T-Mobile store in my local mall to see their display model, and I’m starting to question whether I really want to wait for the Retina iPad Mini to come out later this month, or if I should just go for the Big Kahuna of iPads.

    1. I sold mine and my daughter’s iPad minis last week and bought two 32Gb iPad Airs from the Apple Store today. It’s awesome. It feels completely different than the minis or other various full size iPads we had before our minis. This feels like the perfect combination or weight, size and screen now!!

        1. That’s what I’m thinkin’ too but then would I use both or favor one?

          So I decided to pass down my iPad 3 to Grandkid and get the Air …..

          The mini, while nice, the Air will be like nothing compared the the iPad 3 Ibe been carrying for over 18 months …

          Yep, pass down and let the younger generation use, talk about value!

        2. One of each is the only way to go. Ordered two today and will order two minis as soon as they are available. I bought the mini for my wife when it first became available. It was something of a joke, as we both have 3rd gen iPads and (then) iPhone 4Ss. Turns out she LOVES the mini in addition to the big iPad, and routinely takes the smaller one to work. I decided to wait for the Retina mini. Thus, we will be getting two. You can’t lose.

      1. I’m not at all surprised by that. The biggest thing holding me back is the fact that the Mini slips in my coat pocket (and goes everywhere else conveniently, too).

        Of course, I would be fine using my iPad mini for another year or two if Apple hadn’t slapped the A7 in the Retina Mini. The screen resolution was never a drawback for me, but … I want that processing power. My mini is definitely starting to feel a little slow on iOS 7.

    2. Go with the Air. I was going to get the mini because at 1.4 lbs. was a bit too heavy for my taste. The fact they got this thing down to one pound was a total game changer for me. I love the extra real-estate you get over the mini. And being so light makes it a pleasure to use. I say, go for it!

  2. I think Munster is missing something that is pretty obvious … buying online and picking up at your leisure means the “lines” have been spread out over the entire day, instead of being front loaded at 8am.

    I ordered 3 iPad Airs at 3am, went back to bed, got up at 8am and drove up to Novi MI at 10am to pick them up. When I asked the associate who went to get my order from storage how bad the line was this morning, he said “maybe a little more than 100 people, but we got over 500 orders for pick up before we even opened.” He said they were expecting a “steady stream” of pickups to happen all day long.

    Unless Gene decided to stand around an Apple Store all day to count how many iPad Airs were actually taken out of the store, then I’d say his “analysis” of the situation is a bit askew.

  3. Gene Munster, a highly heard speaker of words, upon personally receiving reports from a source, of whom is is aware and who visited a “very indicative” Apple Store, confidently states that “Several Apple customers had donned clothing of a blue nature, while yet others were indeed clad in a reddish hue, and to be sure a further gamut of colors of apparel were to be witnessed. This is clearly an indication of 2.5–3.5 million in sales. Whether those sales shall occur in the immediate interim, or over the course of a more extended period, shall be determined at a future time.”

  4. I have the iPad 4 and the mini and was going to hold off on the Air and get the Retina mini whenever it becomes readily available but I can’t resist anymore. I’ll pick up the Air at the local Apple Store this weekend and get the Retina mini as well sometime early next year. I held off on the iPhone 5 and 5S and am going to stick with the 4S for one more year until the 6 comes out, but these new iPads just look too good.

  5. Just picked mine up from the 5th Ave NYC Apple Store. it’s uncanny the engeneerng that went into making this feather light wthout sacrificing screen size, while increasing performance and specs!!!

    A masterpeice of engeneering and innovation !

    Apple will sell tons of these without doubt.

  6. iOS 7 is still uglier than Quasimodo, uglier than your grandmother even, and way more useless than your grandfather at pulling chicks. Sorry, but it’s a no go for me.

    1. What is your problem with iOS 7 it is a good os, you must be young, not being able to compare os’s over the years, I have used Basic (before dos), dos, Windows 3.1, xp, 7, 8 most of apples os, OS X and iOS 7 is better than them, except OS X version 10.8 and 10.9. It is not the appearance that matters it’s what it can do. And it can do.

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