Apple rumors that never came true

“Everybody loves to read about the latest Apple rumors, and while they sometimes provide us a little bit of insight into future Apple products, they are more often than not patently false,” Yoni Heisler writes for Network World.

“Sometimes, they’re even wildly and comically absurd,” Heisler writes. “Below are some of the more intriguing and notable Apple rumors we’ve seen in the past 10 years or so. While some may still come true (an Apple HDTV) some were downright laughable from the get-go (Apple to buy Twitter).”

A few of the 19 rumors covered in the full article include:

• Apple to buy Disney
• PowerBook G5
• A 4.8-inch iPhone, dubbed iPhone Math

Fourteen more rumors in the full article here.


  1. Another Apple rumor that never came true was that they would open an Apple Store in my area. They never came. I bet it’s because the MidWest is too blue-collar, working class. I wonder why that is like that. Everyone promises us good things, and never delivers. That’s the Midwest in a nutshell. This area is the perfect example of what happens when you just give up. I’d even go so far as to say that this is the perfect place to live if you want to do absolutely nothing with you life at all. America is a mess, and no one knows how to fix it…

    1. “Everyone promises us good things, and never delivers.”

      Well, you can continue to wallow in your self-pity, or you can change your life, your education, your address, and everything else you choose to. Apple doesn’t place retail stores in any small town in any state or country. Consider yourself lucky that there are half a dozen Apple retail stores within a few hours drive of you.

    2. Don’t feel bad. It was a rumor, which means it probaby did not come from Apple, but from someone studying a map or speculating about real estate and demographics. Apple never broke a promise to you, because they never made one.

      We don’t know what is on Apple’s list of geographical priorities, but who knows? They might put one there yet.

        1. How am I supposed to move if I can’t even get a decent Mac Mini? I’m stuck with a Windows XP laptop from 2006! You expect me to leave this dump with that? And don’t say “get a job”. That is one of the most insulting jokes to say to someone from Michigan.

          1. You’re bitching because the Internet-capable laptop you have isn’t new enough? Talk about First World Problems….

            There are people in the world living on rubbish dumps eating what they salvage from the garbage. Get some perspective.

            1. Read what a I wrote again. That is not what I am complaining about. I’m complaining about the fact that I live in Michigan. The the closest thing to “3rd World” that you can get in the Continental US.

            2. I keep telling you guys that the good parts of the state are way too expensive for someone like me. I am, indeed, stuck here. And as for complaining about not having a new computer, are you forgetting the fact that it’s Windows XP? I want a Mac. Windows is way too buggy for me to do any modern things like use Youtube or listen to Pandora. If I had a modern, non-buggy OS like Mac OS X, then my life would be better. A Mac is the ultimate life upgrade in my opinion.

            3. So you want a Mac Mini then? You seem to have Internet access of some sort where you live, so you’re not Amish, so what’s stopping you from using the Internet access that you have to actually buy the fucking thing, instead of whining on here like a ten years old denied access to the party. The iPad I’m using to access this site I bought via teh interwebz, despite having two Apple retail stores and a premium reseller within thirty miles, because it saved me driving and paying parking fees, instead I let someone else do the driving.
              You’re apparently a grown up, try using common sense and behave like one.

          2. If they put one in Michigan, it would most likely be in a college town with a large enough population to support the store. Ann Arbor? (For those of you in the audience, Ann Arbor is a city, not a person.) If you live in the upper peninsula or Bay City or something, you might find that a Michigan store is not a geographical improvement for you.

            I asked a relative if he was a Michigander. He said yes. Which means his wife was a Michigoose.

        2. The City of Detroit (proper) is a dump. The rest of Michigan, even the rest of Metro Detroit, is beautiful and affluent. Apple sees that there is population with enough money to justify 5 stores in this state. The city of Detroit may be down, but Michigan is LOT more than just Detroit …

          1. I agree that Michigan as a whole has a lot to offer, and I’m from Ohio! The only issue I have with Michigan (other than football) is that they are some of the craziest drivers I’ve ever seen. I was up there a few years ago and I swear they were all out to get me.

        3. @ Me: obviously never been there, have you? Michigan is more than just inner city Detroit abandoned by the corporations that built the town and then ran away starting in the 1960’s. Outside of that, it’s a vast & beautiful state with many exceptional areas to live. They say Ann Arbor has more Mac users than anywhere outside of Cupertino.

  2. I live in the northern half of the state, so I’m pretty far from the cities. If the state actually helped the cities instead of focusing on the suburbs and small towns, then we would have never gotten in this situation. I practically live in “Hee Haw” land, because the remaining cities that are actually GOOD (Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, etc) are way too expensive for someone like me.

    1. You do realize that if you live too far from an Apple Store to justify you taking the time to drive there, the chances are there aren’t enough people in your area to justify an Apple Store … Apple isn’t going to build a store every where 5 people happen to be standing around.

      I would hope you also realize, that Apple offers the same prices on their website, as they offer in their stores, with free shipping. So if you really need an Apple computer, you could always order one and have it shipped to you …

      1. I know this opinion may not be the most popular, but I personally find Apple stores to be really overrated in my opinion. I usaually get my Apple fix from their website, or go to the Sprint store for any iPhone needs. I actually really like the service at the nearby Sprint store.

        1. You must have a Sprint Store that’s actually run by Sprint instead of a third-party affiliate like I have here in South Dakota. Infrastructure and store personnel are par none the worst ever. Poor Sprint social media rep is pulling her hair out trying to get anything done to improve the situation.

          I get 0.09Mbps on a good day.

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