OS X 10.9 Mavericks: 10 cool features Apple forgot to mention

“Apple’s latest desktop operating system, OS X Mavericks, has finally touched down on Macs for the low, low price of free, and it brings a whole host of new features and improvements to the table,” The Gadget Show reports.

“From tabs in Finder to App Nap and iCloud Keychain, improved external display capabilities and Do Not Disturb for Notifications, there are plenty of shiny new toys to try out, but Apple didn’t mention all of them,” The Gadget Show reports.

• The battery meter is now more than just a battery meter
• App updates can be installed automatically now
• Notifications automatically disappear when using a big screen
• Siri dictation works offline
• Export your documents as PDF files
• Safari shows you a list of “Shared Links” being shared by your Twitter friends
• You can send iMessages to your mates with iPhones, iPads and Macs right from the Notification Center
• Say hello to Emoji
• Find out which apps are using your location
• Easily spot your brand new apps

Read more about each of the 10 features above in the full article here.


          1. FTFA: “Creating PDFs in OS X has always been a little bit of a chore,”

            I wanted to read more, but my eyeballs burst after reading that.

            You can still Print and Save As PDF just like before. Pages and other new iApps also now have a Export to PDF under the File Menu.

  1. Feature #1, at the top of my list, OS X looks nothing like iOS 7. Thank Jobs they kept Ive out of the Mavericks UI design team with a cattle prod.

    Consequently, and this is surprising even to me, I use my Mac way more than my iPad now. It used to be the other way round until Ive wrecked iOS 6.

    1. hear, hear!

      Mavericks marks subtle usability improvements — mostly modest ones, whereas the GUI on iOS7 really doesn’t improve efficiency at all. As consumer and ad-oriented as iOS has become, with the ugly flat interface, there are a lot of functions that simply work better on a Macbook than on an iPad.

      (…and it remains true that anything involving extensive typing or full screen viewing is done better, faster, and more easily on any current Mac than any iOS device.)

      It’s long past time that tablet lovers pay attention to how much time they waste scrolling and zooming and fiddling with the display and input limitations of their undersized and (relatively) underpowered devices. Add to this the power of OS X blowing away iOS, it’s odd that Apple can’t find a way to achieve better sales of its lightweight laptops. Probably because Cook has spent his entire reign holding back the Mac so that he could prioritize iOS subscription-based services and products.

      1. I think Steve gave the iOS devices a good head start by doing two things. 1) low prices and 2) well designed intuitive software that gave users more control over their devices by abandoning obsolete modes of control like styluses that made operating the device difficult. Steve’s legacies were affordability and usability. People flocked to iOS devices because it didn’t require a learning curve and you were effective the minute you held an iPhone or iPad in your hands,

        So much for the mantra that Apple only sells expensive stuff that only a small subset of the population can buy. If Apple had relied exclusively on the Mac to drive sales, it would have remained a niche company. However, under Cook, they have continued to overprice and under-spec the Mac line. I don’t understand Cook’s philosophy on this as he’s supposed to be a manufacturing wizard who should be able to drive down prices based on volume production. Yet, Mac prices remain stubbornly high.

    2. Very bizarre. Usability hasn’t been hurt at all. Those who continue to whine about iOS7 seem to be stubbornly sticking to an initial impression and rather than learn more about the OS and adjust like most reasonably intelligent and flexible users have instead been holding their breath until they are no longer blue but brain dead. Get an android already and see how you like Them apples!

      1. I agree. I think there’s room for improvement certainly, but then iOS6 changed from the initial release as little tweaks were made here and there. iOS7 is at a disadvantage in that people are used to the old style, when iOS first came out there was nothing to compare it to.

        Personally I think text labels have been overused in places (shuffle rather than the long used icon is one) but they’re minor. Certain things work better than others, but I wouldn’t go back.

  2. That is a beautiful piece of software…too bad my minimum wage job can’t make me afford a Mac. I am stuck with a 2006 era Windoze SEXp joint and I am too poor to afford a Mac because the socialists destroys the Rust Belt from the inside out. If I lived on either coast, or even Texas, I would have a better life with a Mac. But no, I am stuck in a small industrial town with abandoned factories because the current administration likes to send jobs overseas and leaves the towns Olin Middles America left for dead. He was responsible for the death of Detroit…but since that idiot is from Chicago, he only cares about that place. All the money and stuff is sent to there, and Michigan, and surrounding states can go fend for them selves. My town has ugly abandoned buildings, and I’m stuck with a MicroCock computer. Once again, I wished I lived on either the East Coast or the West Coast. America loves to give both regions all the attention like it’s their favorite son or daughter…

    1. You dodged a bullet there my friend. You should count your blessings your employer gave you a Windows XP PC to work on. As things stand had he given you an iPad, you’d have thrown it into Lake Michigan in a fit of anger. Yes, my friend, Windows XP looks better than iOS 7.

      1. I smell a Microsofties. iOS7 has more class than any version of Windoze. Especially Microsoft Bob. Disgraceful piece of trash. Go use you Fragmandroid if you hate iOS so much. And as for the guy that recommended North Dakota…you have got to be kidding me. Why would anyone have a blue-collar hick job like that, and in a boring hick state too! I am glad I live in Chicago and have a job that gives me six figures. Chicago has more class than that redneck state. Deal with it.

        1. Dude, I’m a rock hard Apple user but not one who is so blind that I cannot see crap when it hits me in the face. Unfortunately a chimpanzee known as Ive flung faeces at my face and it’s not a pleasant experience. Less pleasant than being slapped by a trout. iOS 7 by any measure looks like crap.

          1. Did you just call Jony Ive a chimp? Because you simply don’t agree with his design choices? I bet you would be fine with a boring beige box from 1995 because you have no taste. I feel sorry for you. You can’t see quality when it hits you in the face. You remind me of those unfortunate enough to live in Butt Hole, Nebrahoma who are ignorant about places like Chicago, Detroit, or Philadelphia. All those cities, and more are actually good if you know where to go. You all act like Al Capone is still running the mean streets of Chicago!

            1. Ive is out of his depth as far as software design is concerned. He’s so far out of his depth compared to Scott Forstall that it is like comparing chimpanzee evolution vs. humans. Ive might be a brilliant hardware designer – there’s no telling if he would be as good as he is without the tasteful input of Steve Jobs to curb his more egregious design impulses – but it’s clear to me he has no idea what good software design looks like.

            2. iOS7 looks fine you Fandroid troll. Air Jonathan Ive has more taste and style than anyone at Google/Microsoft/Samsung. Is the ongoing destruction of those three companies driving you insane?

            3. I think it’s cute. Jony Ive has no one whole year of experience in software UI design, for which he has no training, and his masterpiece is the only Apple UI that was controversial. And he’s an expert in software UI design!

              Jony Ive proves that hardware and software UI design follow different principles, and a person who is a genius at one is not necessarily any good at the other.

            4. “Chicago, Detroit, or Philadelphia.” I have to think you are being ironic there. Have been in all three within the last few years, last few months in Chicago and Detroit. Newer, more efficient versions of Al Capone have taken over management there.Good luck with that. Even my old Southern California home has spun out of control. Nebraskahoma with my Mac Mini, Macbook and iPhone looks really good, great places to be creative and be with nice people.

              Don’t worry, you can leave us alone and we will do just fine. You can fly over or drive through, but otherwise………meh

        2. North Dakota was a good recommendation. They have weathered the recession very well. They have a significant population increase from people moving into the state for jobs.

    2. You sound like a socialist wanting the government to take care of you and give you handouts . . . . Either that or you forgot to indicate your post was sarcasm.

      1. If you really want a Mac, set aside some money each month, then buy one that’s a couple years old off eBay. Stop blaiming a “socialist” for your problems.

        Blaiming a “socialist” for being poor while others are rich – if that’s not sarcasm, this guy is a complete idiot.

      2. I finally figured it out.

        If I am wealthy, invest in a business, and expect money back from my investment, I’m a smart investor. If I have modest means, invest in my country, and expect money back from my taxes, then I’m a socialist freeloader.

        1. Gross how such an offensive and racist post can get such high rating here. There are a ton of racists in every political party, but ignorant and intolerant leftists like to slap the label solely on republicans as if there is no racism in their own party. That just makes you all hypocrisies along with being n tolerant and bigoted racists.

    3. “If I lived on either coast, or even Texas, I would have a better life with a Mac.He was responsible for the death of Detroit…but since that idiot is from Chicago, he only cares about that place.”

      Detroit started hitting the skids after the riots following the assassination of MLK in 1968 when Obama was 7 years old.
      As to Tejas, they have massive problems with child poverty, full time working poor (employed yet in poverty), uninsured adults, and the hits just keep on coming.

      Texas is coasting on infrastructure built by previous generations because they cannot keep it up under current tax levels. In Texas paved roads are being let go to revert to gravel roads.

      1. You have finally made a comment that actually makes sense…which isn’t saying much considering the other drivel you have posted recently. You’re not quite “evolved” yet…

    4. Feelin for you mate. But it’s capitalism at it’s finest that sent your jobs OS…the reason is cheap labour and more profits…But advice. by a second hand mac that’s not too old… but again you can do sooo much with a windoze machine..

  3. Mavericks has been the smoothest OS transition yet for Apple. I loaded OS 10.9 onto my Air a couple days after release, but left Mtn Lion on my iMac just in case something didn’t work. But everything works. I’ve come across no software incompatibilities. Everything that worked in Mtn. Lion seems to work in Mavericks. This has never happened before. In fact, if it wasn’t for the big ass wave on my screen, I would not even know I was using the new operating system.

    Good job Apple.

      1. Cubert…I take you still have a G4 cube circa 2001? That was a masterpiece of industrial design. I wonder if it is compatible with Mavericks. I have been planning on getting a G4 Cube one of these days, because I love its design, and I do hope it is compatible with modern software.

          1. Try stupidity or illiteracy. America’s schools are producing a special brand of illiterate idiots who can’t read simple English. For instance according to the Mavericks hardware support specification, Macs older than 2007 are not supported. But of course this idiot has to ask stupid questions.

        1. I do still have my Cube. I bought it in September 2000. Yes, it still works and runs fine. The last supported OS was Tiger but I managed to graft Leopard onto it. It mainly serves as a repository for my iTunes Library and to crank through Folding@Home units.

  4. Your government did not send your jobs overseas, your rampant capitalist multinationals did. You need to look up the meaning of the word “socialist” before you start tapping on that keyboard mate. Along with the jobs they also exported profits to tax havens and after taking all your savings your banks lost most of it playing in the derivatives casino. Wake up. Your being fleeced by the very people you imply you support. The Dr.

      1. Actually very little. With out taxes you would have no roads, highways, cops , fire brigade, most airports, air traffic control, defence, coast guard, weather service, GPS, more than half the internet, public schools, public universitys, flood mitigation, medical research, DARPA, elections, judges and courts, national parks, libraries, most museums, elected representatives, embassies, consulates, trade advocates, FBI, CIA, procecutors, sewerage, garbage collection, vaccination, standards, EPA, NTSB, FAA, reserve bank and many others. In short no democracy, no society. You should also note that the tax havens are not thriving economies. Most are small islands with tiny populations working as servants for banks and stockbrokers staying at 5 star hotels doing deals to fleece you and your country. If you want to fix things don’t hate your government, make it better! Because if you the US citizen don’t, the Chinese will, and that wont be pleasant.

  5. If you want a Mac so bad, but cannot afford one, then download VMWare and make yourself a Hackintosh. It may not be exactly kosher, but at least that will keep you occupied, and, hopefully, not let you whine on the Internet.

  6. Wheres the feature that allows you to search files on a network drive or NAS? You know, the feature they broke 2 years ago and never fixed. OH WAIT, that’s not a feature, it’s basic functionality. At least on every other OS it is.

    I can’t even recommend Apple anymore. What do I say?
    Best OS I have ever used, but it won’t allow you to search files and folders on a network or a NAS. What a joke!

    1. I would recommend BeOS, if it wasn’t discontinued. That OS was great back in 1999/2000, but the company went under. The next best thing is Haiku, but that OS is still in its alpha stage. If I were forced to use a non-Apple OS, it would be BeOS 5, and maybe Haiku, if it was completed.

        1. Ubuntu (and Linux in general) is good too, but as someone who used to use BeOS back in the early 2000s, I have more of an interest in Haiku. Haiku seems promising, but it is still very buggy in places. I do like how it is open-sourced, like Linux, and it has a very vibrant community surrounding it.

          1. I remember when Apple was considering buying BeOS and it was going to be OS X. It was way ahead of it’s time. I remember seeing a computer running BeOS sometime in the late 1990’s and it had 5 separate videos running on the desktop and you could grab one of the windows and drag it around the screen and none of the videos would even stutter. The Classic Mac OS and Winblows were soooo far away from being able to do that.

          2. I run Haiku on an old netbook, just as a hobby. It actually runs well, but there is no software for it. Compatibility with old BeOS apps (when you can still find them) is slowly evaporating and nobody is writing new apps.

    2. Wait… you mean that little button that says “shared” at the top of search windows which will search NAS drives or mounted network drives?
      That basic functionality?

  7. LOTUS NOTES USERS!!!! Do not update unless you have a readily available IT guy or Lotus 8.5.3 install dmg readily available. Mavrick will break it!!! And chances are, if you’re using Lotus Notes… you’re probably super screwed, cause that means, like me, you work in a larger global enterprise business (otherwise why on earth would anyone use Lotus…) and will officially be without email for the next couple of DAYS while IT gets around to figuring it all out. To then waste that couple days assuming you’re on PC, then realizing your on MAC, and now taking another 3-5 days. Yep. super awesome. All of that… for a stink’n robust Battery monitoring app… and more features that I’ll probably never get around to using. 🙂 Super awesome. Thanks Apple. Gotta love it.

    1. OK, so let me get this straight… You work for a large enterprise that uses Lotus Notes. In spite of the fact that your enterprise uses a notoriously antiquated client-server collaboration platform, and that Mac users are clearly an exception that your IT department treats as such, you went ahead and upgraded to the latest/greatest operating system on your daily production machine—in the first week or two of this new OS shipping, no less. Then, when it breaks and doesn’t work, you say “Thanks Apple” like it’s THEIR fault? Are you serious?

      Do you have even a modicum of maturity and self-awareness to realize just how immature that is?

      Here’s a tip for you: Never, ever, ever… EVER, upgrade your mission critical machines without first A) doing upfront research to know that all your mission-critical tools will work under the new operating system -AND- B) having a backup that you can roll back to if necessary.


  8. One not so cool thing about Mavericks , Mail don’t work!
    Mail first is incredible slow for à few minitues, then goes into à state of mostly showing à spinning beach ball, processors go to 100% and on old 2007 iMac I have to force à reboot, on new iMac I can force quit Mail. I tried things like rebuild the mailbox, doing things with Gmail according to forums, all to no vain. There is something seriously wrong with Mail! Did buy AirMail to get my emails.
    Other than this Mavericks works great!

    1. I’m not having trouble with Mail when using my Apple account. But GMail integration is indeed a mess and Apple know it. I am desperately hoping they repair it in 10.9.1 and strongly suspect that update has not yet been released specifically because of their work repairing the GMail problem.

      And, there are several other new Mail bugs being reported.

      NOTE: The GMail problem was NOT in the GM1 beta release of Mavericks. It’s one of the several bugs foisted into GM2 beta without any previous testing. That’s bad of Apple.

      Mail in Mavericks Changes the Gmail Equation

  9. Um, HUH?

    Say hello to Emoji <- NO. I've been saying 'hello' to Emoji on my Macs for YEARS. Readers here at MDN have been posting them in threads for YEARS. NOT new.

    THIS is what's actually new:
    With just a swift Command+Control+Space, not only can you send them to your iMessage-using friends…

    Export your documents as PDF files <- NO. Poor wording. What's new is that there is an EASIER way to export to PDF via the File menu, at long bloody last, why didn't you get the clue earlier, but at least you got it, Apple!

  10. I was poised to buy a new iMac with all the trimmings when iWorks for Dummies turned out to be software, not just a book, I’m gun shy. My credit card is still in my wallet. Also, each version of OS X Server gets more simple-minded. I’m a bit shaken. I don’t want or need OS X Server, but I wonder if it portends a trend.

    Apple seems to be chasing iPad butterflies at the expense of the Mac. Does anyone think that Apple is going to port enough software, features, and limitations from the iPad to the Mac to make into a giant iPad? If they complicate my world by “simplifying” the filing system, so I have to drag files into pseudo “folders” that are only one level deep, I’m completely blown out of the water.

    It goes without saying that everyone here thinks the iMac has a future. Tell me why you think that OS X Renegades and OS X Vigilantes (or whatever they call the successors to Mavericks 🙂 )will have a future for adult users.

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