Apple presents video of new ‘spaceship’ campus ahead of Cupertino city council vote

“Showing all the polish of an Apple television spot, the company played a new video detailing its so-called Campus 2 — better known as ‘the spaceship’ thanks to its enormous circular footprint — for members of Cupertino’s city council last week,” Chris Ziegler reports for The Verge.

“The presentation comes ahead of a planned November 15th vote, which would be a final approval before groundbreaking can begin,” Ziegler reports. “The video is clearly geared toward buttering up Cupertino residents and council members, detailing how the campus will restore native vegetation, use 100 percent renewable energy, and host one of the largest solar arrays for a corporate campus in the world.”

Apple’s video presentation starts at 3:35 in the following video:

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    1. I remember that… Steve was still there… And his response was enough for everyone to no longer pursue such questions. One has to understand, though, that the people on the City Council are expected to try and squeeze as many concessions as possible from large corporate neighbours for as much as they could possibly get. It never hurts to ask, and often times, they will get something. With Apple, however, Steve knew that “free wifi” was nickle-and-dime, inconsequential stuff, compared to the tax revenue Apple provides for the city. He just needed to remind the council of that, in order for them to stop pursuing these nickle-and-dime efforts.

    1. I noticed that as well… Steve would have made a comment about that. Also how clumsy did it look using the clicker and the iPad Mini while presenting. The council doesn’t have Apple TVs that presenters can easily connect to?

  1. With all do respect to Apple and the City of Cupertino this project is an unmitigated mess. They should be ashamed of themselves for even proposing such and urban disaster. Luckily they do better with electonic design than they do with urban design.

  2. How will the new out of this world office digs improve Apple products? Like poor battery life on my iPhone or how about offering superior software kicking MS Office and Adobe in the arse. I don’t know, but a valid question is this a waste of money or a misdirection of priorities or some sane investment with all that idle cash?

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