Qualcomm exec who dissed Apple’s 64-bit A7 chip as ‘marketing gimmick’ quietly reassigned, removed from company website

“A Qualcomm executive who publicly dissed Apple’s 64-bit A7 chip has been quietly reassigned — and removed from the company leadership page on its website,” John Koetsier reports for VentureBeat.

“Anand Chandrasekher, formerly the mobile chipmaker’s senior VP and chief marketing officer, had called the new A7 chip a ‘marketing gimmick,'” Koetsier reports. “He did likely commit the unforgivable sin of dissing a competitor in public without a full and complete strategy signed off on by the CEO. And especially given the fact that Qualcomm will someday come out with 64-bit chips of its own, this is not a skeleton the company wanted in its closet.”

Koetsier reports, “Today Qualcomm’s leadership page show no-one with a marketing title, and the company told CNet he will be moving to ‘certain enterprise related initiatives,’ while continuing to report to Steve Mollenkopf, the president of Qualcomm.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If thousands of search engine results for “32-bit antique dealer” had anything at all to do with this, color us happy; we’ve done our small part to help improve Qualcomm’s marketing team. 🙂

Qualcomm: Anand Chandrasekher

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Tayster” for the heads up.]

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  1. While one is tempted to laugh at ones self inflicted misfortune, one will refrain from doing so for just a minute……….Tick! 58……Tock! 59……..Tick!!! 60……Tock! Mwaaaaaa ha! ha! ha! ha! haaaaaaaaa!!!!! oh! my side are splitting!!!!!! ha! haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

    Is lucky for him that Siberian women are very beautiful otherwise, it would have been purgatory for him.

    Meanwhile, just to self congratulate oneself on oneself’s prediction of the intersection of OSX and iOS. WAS ONE RIGHT? OR WAS ONE RIGHT!

  2. Aren’t there Qualcomm chips inside every iPhone and cellular capable iPad made? Why would this yahoo (not offense, Yahoo!) go after a major customer? Dumb as a box of rocks.

  3. It always amazes me that people with marketing titles/experience so often say something utterly stupid and inflammatory. All he had to say was something innocuous, like “We will have to see if Apple’s A7 chip makes a big difference in how mobile devices perform or if developers are able to use the 64-bit architecture. That’s something the market will determine. ”

    Done. Nothing said to commit Qualcomm to any criticism of anyone, and if the A7 proved successful (it will), then Qualcomm can release its own 64-bit chip and say the market showed it is useful for consumers.

    Oh, and moron wouldn’t have been exiled.

  4. My prediction that his words would have the same result as happened to the former CEO of Palm seems to have come at least partially true.

    Don’t diss the big dog in the room.

  5. He did likely commit the unforgivable sin of dissing a competitor in public without a full and complete strategy signed off on by the CEO

    Like that would have changed the fact that HE LIED?!

    BizTards at work. (o_0)

  6. Do a Image search on Anand Chandrasekher. You’ll see him giving a slide show titled “THINGS THAT ARE DUMB”
    #1 Eight-core CPUs. I suggest he add
    #2 Anand Chandrasekher

  7. Ah, it’s hilarious mocking Anand Chandrasekher, by comparing him to the character play by John Larroquette in the movie stripes.

    Butt weight, there’s more. It’s even more hilarious to see the obviously geographical challenged Amerrykhans demonstrate their ignorance of their own Arctic command by suggesting that it is somewhere in Siberia.

    What a bunch of buffoons, I mean that’s some seriously funny stupidity, right at moron level when the Arctic command is nowhere near Siberia, although both are on the same planet.

    Let’s not miss an opportunity to milk it for what it’s worth and point out that Arctic command, in the movie is in Nome, Alaska. Hey, that’s part of the United Fakes, can you imagine that, people of the free world, they can’t even figure out the geography of their own country and use it to bolster themselves and inflate their megalomaniacal egos.

    Thank goodness they have the Anustralians as allies to make them look good, and intelligent too.

    And now for the latest Nome news…

    1. Why, exactly, are you dissing Australians over this? Sure, Australia works with America in certain areas, but Australia is the other side of the Pacific, in case you hadn’t noticed, and she’s not part of NATO, either, being in the Southern Hemisphere. She’s also part of the British Commonwealth, also, so her connection to America is only where strategically important.
      Just thought I’d point that out, seeing as how you’re so incredibly ignorant about things.
      Just hope an Aussie never finds out who you are, as a proper ass-kicking is what you’ll likely get.

      1. Thank you for your post Rorschach. I believe I was quite clear in my post that Anustralians make Americans look good, that makes them a valuable US ally.

        Insofar as an Anustralian finding out, I have no qualms about that, I had to spend several years with those putrid beings so I know all about their desire to ass kick Americans, just for starters. They can be wiped off the face of the earth for all I care, and a good fire is as good a way as any.

    2. Ah yes. Diss the ignorant Americans who think Siberia is in the Arctic. The jokes are still valid even if the geography is not right.

      I suggest you refrain from dissing anyone if you don’t know how to use words properly. you are using the word “butt” instead of “but” and “weight” when you should be using “wait”. That is far more ignorant than not knowing your geography. Or wait, maybe you are trying to be clever and misuse words purposely….. that’s just stupid.

      1. Butt weight was typed that wait as a pun on “but wait”. I agree it may be viewed as an ignorant usage of words and far worse than not knowing your geography but if that’s the case it is still a far cry from not being able to see the humor of the pun.

          1. Oh excuse me, I did not realize that you were the supreme judge that determines what is clever and what is not, along with what is funny and what is not.

            My intent with the spelling was for humor, you pointed out that’s it’s just stupid. If that’s your opinion fine, if you think that your opinion is fact, well that the pinnacle of arrogance.

            I still think that “butt weight there’s more.” is funny, but then again I have a sense of humor. You have yet to demonstrate yours but insofar as mudslinging, good stuff. Keep tossing the shit, you might hit something someday.

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