Pimco founder to Carl Icahn: If you’re so smart, use it to help others not yourself

“Carl Icahn and Bill Gross may be starting a Twitter feud over Apple,” Paul Shea reports for ValueWalk.

“Carl Icahn should leave Apple Inc. alone according to Pimco founder Bill Gross,” Shea reports. “The investor says that Icahn should use his time to help people, like Bill Gates does.”

“Carl Icahn is in the top fifty of the world’s wealthiest people. He’s worth somewhere in the region of $21 billion,” Shea reports. “At the moment he is trying to convince Apple Inc. to buy back shares in order to return value to shareholders.”


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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, Carl, by all means, get to work building your own stairway to heaven like that weasel Gates.

Although you might want to shoot for more than an elaborate, egotistical tax dodge that strives to apply bandaids to issues caused, ironically, by extreme income disparity and poverty while buying up newspapers and shares of Monsanto.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James M. Gross” for the heads up.]


  1. Bill Gates gets a lot of good press about giving away his money to help others, yet he remains the wealthiest man in America and #2 in the world. I guess when you’re that rich, you can’t give it away fast enough

    1. He gets the reports cause there’s no such thing as investigative journalism these days, it’s just hear say journalism written as fact. He doesn’t give away his own money, he gives away other people’s money

        1. Actually Bill gives the money to his foundation. But as director he appears to have a really hard time move it to the next step by actually spending it. There are lots of humanitarian things the foundation could be doing with that money but he just can’t bring him self to spend the money. he can spend the foundations money for his personal travel and to pay his family to work for the foundation though, that does’t seem to be that hard. You can look at the foundations tax fillings if you want your eyes open to where the money goes.

    2. Well, Bill and others like him probably receives more money from donations( for tax purposes) than he can give away. And each time he gives, it’s also a write off. Remember a few years ago Murdoch gave him $40 Billion or somthing like that.

      These people never donate in lump sum, they give over many many years, and while they do that, they also make interest. Heck, they make so much tax-free interest because so much is sitting in the bank, they could give away forever and never touch their principal. I’ll bet ya, they won’t have to do a thing and still make money.

      And most rich people and large corporations has non-profit organizations as umbrella companies, they don’t have to pay income tax.

      The ultimate kicker is, when they give, they will push their agenda on you.

      When MS lost to DoJ a couple of decades ago, I got a voucher for $5 towards the purchase of MS products. And THAT was the settlement after wasting a large amonut of tax payers money to bring MS to trial. That’s when ole Billy boy said on his taped deposition that “he doesn’t know what innovation means”.

      Money makes money. IT’S ALL A SHOW.

        1. Do yourself a favor and understand how this world is run. A simple online search will give you all the answers.

          Slavery is NOT gone. We are told free, but we are financial slaves. Middle Class is disappearing, ripped apart by the rich and forcefully given to the poor. So the gap widens.

          Huger Games?

          Wake up.

      1. If you are sure of that I invite you to ask God to send you straight to Hell if you give less than Jobs gave to Charity when he was alive. If you are correct, you have nothing to fear.

  2. Doesn’t Mr. Icahn, and hopefully all of its shareholders, realize that Apple didn’t become the most successful company in history by following advice from money grubbing know-it-allls?

  3. If there was a shareholder referendum on Icahn’s proposal, I wonder what the outcome would be.

    While the duty of the Board is to maximize shareholder value, is that in the short run? The long run? Perhaps Icahn’s proposals would raise the share price, but if Apple changed the way they do business, perhaps they would become like Microsoft. How would THAT be maximizing shareholder value?

    I would not be surprised if a majority of AAPL shareholders today were perfectly satisfied with how the Board is running the company

  4. I think many One Percenters actually believe helping themselves does help others. Extreme income disparity is ridiculously evil, I think they have to believe shit like that just to be able to do things like sleep at night and look at themselves in the mirror and without killing themselves.

    1. You are absolutely right, sir.

      And now that One Percent is also printing money for themselves. Federal Reserve Bank is a private bank owned by Chase, BoA, JPMorgan……and such.

      They pay and bailout themselves with OUR money.

      1. You might be missing a huge part of just how insidious extreme income inequality is: just by having a lots of money, they make more money, with or without the Fed’s help. One million dollars can generate $100,000 every year, just by collecting interest. And that’s assuming a moderate 10% a year growth – if they hire really good investment strategists, their money can grow by as much as 40% a year. Also, one million dollars isn’t even considered that much money these days – billionaires has replaced millionaires common lexicon – so they are actually using sums of money thousands of times larger than this to generate more money. There’s also compound interest – which accelerates how fast money grows every year, based on how much that money grew the year before.

        These growing mountains of money also never go away, staying inside the family through inheritance. So a One Percenter can be literally born rich, live an extravagant life, and still leave behind more money for the next generation than he came in with – even if he doesn’t work a single day in his life. This process accelerates every generation it’s left unchecked.

    2. Hell for icahn and others like him:
      Groveling for food thrown on the floor and walked on by others who just stepped in dogsh*t with junkies constantly vomiting and icahn on hands and knees lapping it up.

      The Kicker:
      He’s eternally hungry

  5. Tim Cook…”Carl who?”
    Carl has succeeded at getting attention and hits, but last
    I checked he was a man worth 21 billion with a small percentage in AAPL and Apple is a company with over 100 billion in cash reserve not to mention actual worth.
    That is like an ant shooting an ant sized arrow at my pinky toe. Anyone making public dinner meeting conversations has a bad agenda and/or bad heart. Money doesn’t fill up the attention tank.
    I can just imagine Steve’s response to that public letter. Anyone remember the picture of the bullseye on Michael Dell at the keynote after his famous “shareholder” comment?

        1. well, that would be a fine idea…however, the Plutonians are still pissed over the recent planet demotion. Their prime minister, Omicron Obama, tweeted, “you fucking ingrate earthlings can make your own goddamn crop circles from now on.”

  6. Carl is an aging bag of hurt that has ruined coutless thousands, tens of thousands or more peoples lives so that he can enrich himself. The last thing Apple need to do is listen to him.

  7. I agree with Pimco founder, tell Icahn to take a hike. Icahn is only interested in his own self worth and adding more billions of cash to his bottom line. Get off Apple’s back Icahn and let them continue to do what they’ve done best. You’ve got plenty! We’ll all profit over time with Apple’s LONG TERM plan. I’m a small investor and could use the money more than Icahn but I trust Apple, not some blow hard that see’s the SHORT TERM benefit for his own gain as the most important element. So typical of so many of todays greed mongers. I’m in Apple for the long run. I hope Apple tells Iachn to blow it out his stove pipe and though I’m not a big fan of Microsoft, Bill Gates should be commended for his desire to be more than just a billionaire who doesn’t give a crap about anybody but himself like this Icahn charter. Even better yet take a look at Ted Turner if you want to see a true capitalist who has a heart. Read Last Stand by todd Wilkinson to see who Carl Icahn is not.

  8. I think Carl Icahn is a great American, much like Bill Gates. Other great men include:
    Lee Kun-hee
    Ayatollah Khomeini
    Idi Amin
    Adolph Hitler
    Dick Cheney
    Osama bin Laden
    Justin Bieber
    John Wilkes Booth
    Al Sharpton

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