How to improve Mac performance: OS X 10.9 Mavericks edition

“Millions of Mac users are upgrading to the free Apple Mavericks edition of OS X. That’s fine for most, but some claim slower Mac performance, if that’s you here’s some tips that should help improve system performance,” Jonny Evans reports for Computerworld.

“Before we begin, don’t panic: Apple’s OS teams are likely working hard to address any generalized system glitches identified since launch,” Evans reports. “A future Apple update will address most widespread problems, meanwhile there are a few steps you can take to figure out what’s slowing you down.”

Evans reports, “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to run a healthy Mac. Now you’ve updated your system and its apps, please take the following steps…”

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  1. Some operations did slow immediately after Mavericks update here, but the sluggishness went away. I suspect that background optimizations, rebuilding of file caches, re-indexing of stuff, etc., takes a bit off performance until those processes are complete.

    1. I had that problem, at the beginning after installing mavericks, programmes like iPhoto, safari etc took longer and was slower but now they have picked up speed. Also updating to the newest iPhoto, iMovie helped, but at the beginning I did get worried that with mavericks my macbook got slower

  2. There is something horribly wrong with Safari 6.1 – it’s much slower than was previously. Apple needs to patch it up asap i have read other reports as well.

    Besides that, I am loving Mavericks, Apple Maps especially (full-screen).

    1. The new Safari is very fast for me, I’d look to see what’s wrong on your Mac. (as well as the others who think the same thing, its their problem more than likely, not Apple’s)

      1. it’s not a show stopper but annoying for sure. I have three macs and they all exhibit the same problem, one of which was a clean install.

        1. launch safari
        2. homepage takes much longer to load than before
        3. open up some new pages in tabs – same problem with loading slow.
        4. open 10 bookmarked tabs at once – very slow and was much faster on Mountain Lion.

        1. Are you running Mavericks?
          You should be running Safari 7
          How is it that you aren’t?

          Are you sure you are a real mac user and not just another apple hating troll?

          I can explain how Safari 7 is very different, but I’d rather not waste my time if you are just another troll.

  3. I’m running an i5 Mac mini with 4GB RAM and I’m constantly experiencing moments of unresponsiveness.
    And Activity monitor never shows any kind of extra processor load and Memory Pressure is very low. It simply freezes for some seconds. Many times with the spinning beach ball.
    Simple things like opening Text Edit, Preview, opening a folder, accessing a drop down menu. Even when typing in Pages sometimes everything stops for 10 seconds.
    I have 10.9 since it was made available and I performed these actions many times.
    I believe Apple will correct this soon.

    1. Is it a brand new install? give it a day (and a restart)

      With an i5 mini you should be getting really good performance, if the symptoms continue I would suggest you;
      Run the hardware check, -particularly the disk check, it sounds like you might be getting stalled on disk access-
      Check the console for any disk errors or stalls logged (if you are familiar with the console)

      Or, bring it into an Apple store and have a genius take a look at it.

  4. Yes, it’s just the rebuilding of caches thing. (E.g. initially there was blank icons in Launchpad). After a bit of use, a permissions repair and a restart, the MBA is faster on Mavericks that it was on ML. Safari does a lot of caching but is back to speed (with less RAM hogging), Aperture is faster to open (a library of 35,000 originals) and same to close, iPhoto (same library) is faster to open and to close. MS Office is still MS Office but no probs apart from that.

  5. My 2010 iMac became slow as well after upgraded to maverick. I just let it run for a few hours, ran cleanmymac and restart. After that, things goes back to normal except all Apple made softwares (i.e Pages, Map, iPhoto, etc) lost their icons in Launcher.

  6. html420, my 2010 MacBookPro is incredibly fast now that Maverick is installed. Safari in particular is much better. Scrolling is super fast and new tab openings are quicker. I hope your problem was simply background indexing and has been resolved.

  7. I am getting spinning ball on mac mini 2011. MacBook Pro mid 2010 doing well. On the Mac Mini, MS Office 2011 is very slow now under Maverick. I have updated everything. Something’s not quite right. Grrrr

    1. I too have the spinning ball and freezes constantly. I have dual monitors and thought that was the issue but it freezes on my MBA alone. I have turned of the AppNap on everything possible – making me crazy. Any thoughts would be fantastic.

  8. After installing on my MacBook (Aluminium late 2008 version w/ 4Gb ram) w/ Lion Mountain (already w/ some performance issue) it got worst. Much worst and I felt with impression that the upgrade was an huge error.

    I also have a iMac 8.1 w/ 3Gb ram and wanted to clean it, so I made also an upgrade to Maverick. The experience was similar but not so bad.

    The big difference between my two machine was the software I had installed. So I decided to make a very clean install and followed the steps to do it thru a USB pen drive.

    I did it and what I can tell you is that I’m impressed! It runs better than before and even I reinstalled Photoshop and all my stuff back it continues with better performance.

    My conclusion is that on upgrade it continues with all the software installed an working and that might colide with some upgrading issues not yet resolved. So, if you dare to all that work I recommend to make a fresh install.

    Hope I helped some of you.

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