TechCrunch reviews Apple’s OS X Mavericks: Update your Mac as soon as you can

“Mavericks is a surf beach in California, and the operating system that takes its name definitely represents a new wave in Mac software, even though it isn’t a drastic change from OS X 10.8,” Darrell Etherington writes for TechCrunch.

“The changes Apple has made are for the better, though, and since it’s free, there’s no reason not to take advantage of all that great new stuff,” Etherington writes. “[Bottom line] Mavericks is free and Mavericks is very good.”

Etherington writes, “Apple has really turned the business of desktop software on its head with this update, and there’s no reason not to update – in fact, there’s every reason to make the software change as soon as you can. Even if you’re not particularly drawn by any single new big feature, everyone will find something to love among all the little changes Apple has baked into the 10th and latest iteration of OS X.”

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      1. Well, I reported my brother’s road not even being on the map (admittedly it was still being built at the time) when Maps first launched and still nothing. To be fair Google only added it recently.

        1. We’ve been in our house since August of 2012, and Google, Mapquest, and Bing all are unaware of our street, let alone our address. Apple Maps, however, had the street listed in Sept of 2012, but still does not know the address numbers.

          1. There’s a street on campus near me that was removed in 1970 when a building was built over it. The street still shows up on Maps and all the others, too. It’s not diamonds, but databases that are forever. Until Murphy’s Law kicks in… 😆

    1. I was playing around with the maps app last night. I had it in hybrid mode and zoomed out as far as it would go. It was really cool. You could see the whole globe. Half of it was dark, and you could see the city lights…It was really cool.

    2. I’ve sent in numerous fix requests for two locations in my neighborhood over the course of Maps’ existence. None have been fixed yet, and it’s been over a year. So, from my experience, futility.

      1. “report a problem” is largely a waste of time. I’ve sent in the same problem since Apple maps launched and it has yet to be fixed. But, I will continue to use Apple maps nonetheless.

    1. It really seems much faster. I have a processor activity monitor in my menu bar that now just barely indicates any activity at all (I don’t do much that stresses the machine, especially since I went Flash-free). And all for free.

  1. Is it just me. My mid 2007 iMac is running a lot faster after installing Mavericks. To me that is the biggest improvement. I love some of the other features also but to make my iMac faster is just awsome, and the price was right…free.

    1. Nope, it’s not just you. Faster and smooth as butter on my mid-2007 iMac. I don’t know if it is a LOT faster, but it is noticeably faster, and seems smoother. Plus, it does take care of using memory better as far as I can see.

      And for free. Gotta love it.

  2. Anyone else having issues with sideways swipes in Safari on the Magic Mouse to go forward and back? Yes, that’s my only issue. Everything else looks really quite excellent. Even my printer drivers still seem to work!

    1. It doesn’t work, or works once then freezes at best. I have resorted to Control-Command-Shift-4 then Space to highlight a window (with shadow border) and place on the clipboard.
      Plus I use ‘Precise Screenshot’ (from App Store, not free) for multiple shots. I am not sure what it best for the screen movies (ScreenFlow?).

        1. *scampering to play with Snapz Pro X on 10.9.0*
          I have to say that I was running Snaps Pro X on the pre-GM versions of Mavericks. Maybe we can add this to the list of stuff broken by GM2. I’ll post my results later. Thanks Hannah. *sigh*

        2. Follow up:

          Snapz Pro X is ‘running’ on Mavaricks 10.9.0 but cannot effectively do anything. I have not seen it crash. But it does go into a tizzy before it is able to save anything it snaps. It can be Quit via Activity Monitor, but there is no point in restarting it again.

          The Ambrosia Software forum indicates that others have this problem or something like it. There is a rumor started by its laid off developers that Ambrosia is shutting down. But Andrew Welch, who started the company, says Ambrosia continues on and will support its software. I’ll reference a MacObserver article about the situation below.

          Andrew Welch himself has always been the chief developer of Snapz Pro X. That bodes hope that he will update it to work around whatever is causing problems.

          But I’d have to talk to Andrew directly to learn the details. I may attempt to do that tomorrow. Obviously this is an important Mac app and requires explanation about its future or whether it has one.

          Sorry to mislead folks earlier. I hadn’t gone so far to test Snapz Pro X’s functionality in Mavericks. I only verified that it ran, which it does, defectively.

  3. My old MacBook, which came with 10.4, and have since updated twice (to 10.5 and currently 10.6), is eligible to run Mavericks. What I have done in the past is purchase a portable 500GB USB drive (really cheap now, about $50 from my local electronics superstore, Fry’s), and installed the current OS at the time, then upgraded it. I now have a drive for each version: 10.6 through 10.8. Thanks to Apple’s genius with making this process so easy to do, I can run 10.9 from an external USB drive to test it out – or use – without committing it to my main drive, but leaving me the option to do so if I choose.

  4. I was worried that they would be tempted to move to an OS 11.

    While that offers all sorts of opportunity for slogans about cranking it to 11, “OS X” has become a brand with real equity.

    With this move to more incremental builds and free releases, I wonder if the Mac operating system will simply be OS X for the foreseeable future.

  5. Sorry for getting off track, but MDN website has really become a miserable experience to use with all the irritating types of ads . It is like a mine Field. you have to really be careful how you move your curser, or something is shoved down your throat. Just by having your curser move over something on it’s way to your intended destination, it can trigger different kinds of ads from load audio to screen darkening banners that must be clicked on the X to get back to reading your article. Shouldn’t you need to click on the ad if you are interested? Am I the only one frustrated by this?

    1. Also all the advertisements for Apple competitors. Is there no money on ads for Apple products or things that get used with Apple. They gripe about these products and then they have adds for them, go figure.

    2. I just click on the ads of the companies I dislike the most – that way, those companies have to spend money paying MDN. Open it in a new tab behind this one, then close them all when done. I do this with lots of sites as a way of supporting them.

  6. Weird and really cool. I’ve been running Mavericks on my Late 2008 MBP. I swear operations and finder is just as fast if not faster as when I first got it. Amazing how a new operating system adds new kick butt features without slowing down the machine. Good job Apple!

    1. I’ve had no problem with Adobe Photoshop CS6, which I use frequently. I just tried Illustrator CS5, and it worked without problem. So, I’m pretty sure your programs can work in Mavericks.

      Things you can try:
      – Fixing your disk permissions in Disk Utility
      – Deleting your /username/Library/Application Support/Adobe folder (this will delete all your local settings and mods but not the apps themselves).
      – Reinstalling the apps.

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