Apple’s Pages 5.0 an unmitigated disaster?

“Dear oh dear. They really have done it, haven’t they?” Pierre Igot writes for Betalogue. “They have taken what had evolved into a rather decent word processor / page layout application and have eliminated so many useful features that it effectively is now a piece of useless junk, and I honestly have no idea for whom this latest version of Pages is intended.”

“It certainly is not intended for people who, like me, appreciated the combination of simplicity and power that was the hallmark of previous versions of Pages,” Igot writes. “I realize that it must be hard to maintain the right balance between simplicity and power when you try to add more features, more customizability, and so on. But Apple’s engineers appear to have chosen to keep the emphasis on ‘simplicity’ at the expense of ‘power.'”

Igot writes, “They have not just neglected to add features to bring the feature set of the application closer to that of a word processor like Microsoft Word. They have actually removed many features for no apparent reason other than to bring the application in line with its iOS counterpart, which is, inevitably, much less powerful… I guess that, for now, I will continue to use Pages ’09 with all the customizations that I have painstakingly created with AppleScript and Keyboard Maestro. But sooner or later, I will have no choice but to switch to something else.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: No Pages 5.0 is not an unmitigated disaster. Some guy’s third-party macros no longer work. That’s it in a nutshell. 9 out of 10 Pages users will find Pages 5.0 is an unmitigated triumph!


  1. If you’re a user that has created customizations with AppleScript and Keyboard Maestro then you’re not the demographic that Apple is going for. A free, simple word processor good for 90% of the computer using public is the demographic.

      1. How many people will be happy to use Pages on their iPad/Mac considering it’s free and they don’t need Microsoft Word? Plenty.

        How many people won’t buy a Mac because Pages isn’t powerful enough for them? Zero.

        1. You are correct again, people will not be put off buying a Mac because Pages may not be powerful enough for them. Although you talk as if a Microsoft Office is the only office suite available for the Mac, when that clearly isn’t the case. The previous price of iWork is no where near the cost of Microsoft Office, and those who previously choose to use Microsoft Office in preference of iWork may still choose to do so. I very much doubt any iWork users will move to Microsoft Office.
          The bottom line is, of course Apple won’t loose any customers, how can they? It’s free! You are correct again people will not be put off buying a Mac because pages may not be powerful enough for them, although you talk as if a Microsoft Office was the only office suite available for the Mac, when that clearly isn’t the case. The previous price of iWork is no where near the cost of Microsoft Office, and those who previously choose to use Microsoft Office in preference of iWork may still choose to do so. I very much doubt any iWork users will move to Microsoft Office.
          The bottom line is, of course Apple won’t loose any customers, how can they? It’s free! Like you said before, for most Mac users the new versions are fine for them.

          1. Fred Jones, loose means not tight. Lose, think lost, loss, all have one letter o.

            No, neither the grammar nor spelling police. It is that I see that mistake many times over. Though it may sound as though it has two letter o, it does not.


          2. The iWork disaster will not make me walk away from Apple. But if Pages 09 does not work under Mavericks, I will delay upgrading as long as possible — and that includes putting off the purchase of a two new Macs that would come with the new system. If Pages 09 works under Mavericks, then I can go ahead and upgrade and buy the new Macs. Then I will just have to be on the lookout for another page layout option — or for Apple to fix Pages 09 (which they now have no incentive to do since it is free).

            I do a *lot* of writing on my iPad. However, after trying Pages on the iPad, I went back to using Notesy and writing in Markdown (plain text). This gets moved to the Mac for layout in Pages 09 (with a big, beautiful monitor). I really have no interest in “feature parity.”

        2. “How many people won’t buy a Mac because Pages isn’t powerful enough for them? Zero.”

          Well, I’m one not buying mac for this

          I use pages 09 in a daily basis. I simply can’t make my work with new pages 13.
          Now, we must change some aging mac-pros in office. But I’m not going to buy the new Mac-Pro-ThisIsNotAnAshtray!! we are going to build some hackintosh and install mavericks for free.

          If stupid pages downgrade continues and next OSX is not compatible with iWork’s 09, maybe we will change to windows in the same hacintosh PC.
          If I’m forced to use Office, I rather the original one than mac version, and all the other soft we use have PC versions.

          So I’m the first one

      2. No expense. Both versions of Pages can exist quite well together. The new one is installed in /Applications, and the old one is still in /Applications/iWork. I’ve got ’em both up and running in my new Mavericks machine at work.

        1. I have a question for you !
          My documents that I’ve already open with Pages 5.0 doesn’t work anymore with Pages 4.0, do you have a solution for me ?
          Thanks a lot !

          1. Not true, like most of the comments made here. iWork ’09 works fine on new Macs and Mavericks, you just can’t double click open files because it opens the different versiuons at random.

            Boy do I miss the good old days when Mac users weren’t such putzes!

        2. How did you do that? I installed 5.2 thinking that If anything was wrong with it i could always continue using 4.3. But installing 5.2 has rendered 4.3 inoperable, with advice that I “may have to reinstall 4.3”. 5.2 is unusable for my purposes.

      3. I was hoping to see at least a small bump up in functionality. It was weak, but not broke. Now it is both weak AND broke. Even preliminary efforts at use have revealed bugs. I HATE debugging software. If it doesn’t work out of the box, it used to be a Microsoft product. Apple is not supposed to be this bad.

    1. Microsoft used to have Wordpad for that exact reason and nobody used it. I haven’t used iWork yet since upgrading, but the older versions simply could not come close to replacing Office for this user. Perhaps Keynote, but not Excel and Word.

      1. Wordpad does not compare to Pages (old or new). Pages is infinitely more complete tool that Wordpad (not to mention more intuitive and elegant).

        If pitched correctly, iWork can be one of the major selling points for Macs to first-time Mac users (“It comes with powerful free Word-compatible software! No need to spend extra $200 for MS Office!”).

          1. Mail merge. Seriously? I doubt most people that used the old Pages even know what mail merge even does. I remember using it about 20 years ago. The only thing mail merge is used for anymore is sending postal mail spam. The only legitimate thing it’s used for is banks sending privacy policies and real estate agents soliciting business and both of them can afford a 3rd party product.

            1. Not true, small businesses use spreadsheets and mail merge as a research and filtering tool.

              I serve small business clients and I have been surprised how often it is used and in how many different ways.

            2. No, it’s used by small businesses sending stuff to their clients, NGOs and associations sending stuff to their members, etc.
              Of course, you can do it with Word. But if you’ve been doing it with Pages because you bought into the simpler-but-capable Pages concept as a good environment for your everday office processes, then it’s a bit of a bummer to find out that the spftware has abandoned what you were using it for – without a warning. If they’d called it something else, or used a different file extension for the new format, it’d be fine.

            3. My wife uses Mail merge for doing christmas envelops and mailing labels. She doesnt run a small business or spam mailing. We moved from Windows to Mac a few years back and Purchased iWork as to free ourselves from anything Microsoft. Most of the files have migrated and she has recently purchased a myPages book to help her do more with the word processor. Imagine how confused she was when she was using the book and the NEWER version of the program no longer had the features like inspector and mail merge that she had become used to. There should be two versions of this product the free DUMBED down one like it is and a professional or whatever they wanna call it version that has the enhanced functions.

              I am hoping that Apple gets their act together on this and fixes it since I really do not want to purchase and install MS Office on my Mac.

        1. That misses my point. I’m saying MS did the same thing with a simple tool in Wordpad and later with Works. A lot of PCs come with light versions of Office these days as well. I’m still perfectly happy with my two Macs, and when upgrade time comes my next purchase will be a Mac as well, but this is not a game changer for home users, and will in no way impact the professional business user like myself.

      2. I use WordPad over Word any day. I use TextEdit over Pages any day, too. I’m just not a power user. Just need something to take notes or read text. I’ll even create an email just so I can type something. Word and Pages are too difficult for me and/or I dont need the power.

        1. In a way you are right. I have been using Word for twenty years plus because as a designer i have little choice, but neither I or my clients use it for very much complicated at all. In fact its when office workers try to be clever is when the problems start because pointless macros and attempts at styling actually make my job far more difficult. Now that we don’t live in a MS dominated world macros in particular are becoming useless beyond specific internal company purposes. Thats not what Pages is all about nor should it be.

          Fact is from a creative point of view it is a dream to work with compared to Word which is a total bloated mess with U turns in the user interface constant yet not fully interpreted. Equally it wont even open older versions consistently that both Pages and Open Office will which is pathetic. If there are removed features this is to do with consistency between the versions so as to create consistency between iPad and Mac working methods and is why Apple has been able to achieve this far better then MS has managed with Office so far. What we will see is these and new features come back in when they can be added in an equally consistent manner. This may not please everyone but sometimes when you change the plumbing you have to go backwards to move forwards in a better way. sadly the minority has to suffer short term for the benefit of the majority but unless you take these decisions you get the mess that is Word or various Adobe products.

          1. Exactly the same thing I used to argue at my last job. People are always touting Microsoft Word and its feature set, yet most people don’t use those features AT ALL, so what’s the point?

            As it stands, I suspect most people use Microsoft Word not because they can use it well – most don’t – is simply that they are accustomed to using it in workplace environments.

            Which is why nine-tenths of those people that use Word would just be satisfied by Pages, OpenOffice or any other word processor.

      3. Apple offers TextEdit freely to all Mac owners – and it blows WordPad to shi_.

        Pages is far more powerful then TextEdit and works on all Apple devices plus its a cloud base app too. Go Apple. Die MS.

    2. … “customizations with AppleScript and Keyboard Maestro” is not the demographic Apple was going for, why was AppleScript there in the first place? My wife, the luddite, did some significant customization (OK, had ME do it) to make it easier for her to write her plays. Is all that gone? How am I going to keep her from giving her money to MSFT if Apple has blown it all away?

      1. Not to worry. If she has iWork on her system (Applications > iWork ’09) then when she upgrades to Mavericks it will be there. The new Pages, Numbers, Keynote will be installed as individual apps, yet they will not incumber the folder iWork ’09.


    3. Oh yes, Pages 5.0 is a real disaster, see below what they all removed. I was so keen to get the new Pages, and now it lost all professional approach, but I guess, a lot of the removed features in the list below would have been useful for non-pro users as well.

      It makes no sense to remove anything in a new version. As a Pages-fan I was completely shocked, like a lot of other users. I wish Apple would have decided to kick Microsoft where it hurts, but this way they do help MS to sell their terrible MS Office. Apple should have added features, not removed.

      Before you show me your north-korean middle finger, read this list carefully and think a moment, if you are able to. I use Pages every single day, may be more than anyone who now will give me one star. Those who really rely on Pages understand the issue.

      Select non-contiguous text
      Outline view
      Customizable Toolbar
      135 templates
      Capture pages/sections
      Drag reorganize pages
      Duplicate pages
      Delete page
      Manage Pages
      Subscript/superscript buttons
      Select all instances of a Style
      Retain zoom level of document
      Facing pages
      Layout Breaks
      Layout Margins
      Media Inspector links to iPhoto library on external drive
      Media Inspector links to Aperture Library
      Alignment Guides
      Styles Drawer
      Merge Fields
      Drag and Drop VCards
      Default Start Up page
      Vertical Ruler
      Style Function key shortcuts
      Bookmarks and Links
      Images within Tables
      Import Styles
      Clean Import of older .pages formatting
      User Guide
      Search Sidebar
      Open Type features
      Textbox linking
      Background Object selectable
      Text to Tables
      Tables to Text
      Tables in Headers/Footers
      Export to .txt or .rtf
      Multiple Comments view
      T.O.C. clean numbering
      Selective formating in Character Styles
      Insert File Name
      Search in Media Browser
      Bullet points in comments
      Search comments
      Two up view
      Paste and keep style
      Accented characters in Footer
      Mail Merge
      Mask with shapes other than rectangle
      Find & Replace special characters eg paragraph returns
      … and more!

      1. As I’ve already said to the other person who posted this list, alignment guides have NOT been removed; they are turned off by default. Go in to Preferences > Rulers and check both boxes. Boom. Alignment guides are back.

        1. The alignment guides referred to are the drag out horizontal and vertical guides.

          What exactly does anyone here actually do with their software?

          Certainly don’t know much about it.

      2. Yep, I agree. This version makes me miss AppleWorks…
        Luckily Pages 09 remains on my hard drive. I will try this new version, but some tasks are impossible now that Apple decided to remove many useful features.
        Search/Replace is one that hurts me most. Now it’s almost useless. Sad.

      3. Not true. I didn’t check them all, but superscript and subscript are still there. You just have to click the little options icon (like a little flywheel). What I would like is a list that shows exactly what the differences are between this latest version and the previous Pages. Anyone know where to find such a list?

          1. The list of missing features is now up over the tonne!

            101 to be precise. None of which will be missed by those who can barely use it, let alone anything else on the Mac.

      4. Darn! Darn! Darn! I binned my 08 and 09 folders before I knew of this complete disaster. Hopefully I still have the original install discs if they will work.

        The old Inspector was initially a complex beast but familiarity soon made it easy. The new layout is simplified but I doubt its better.

      5. I could not agree more as a person that use to like using Pages very much, this what I thought on the apple forum page…

        Re: Is it no longer possible to make background objects selectable?
        Nov 20, 2013 2:52 AM (in response to Mr. Bacon)
        It much more than disappointing not being able to select background objects…..

        I have to say it ****** me off when you get use to a great program and some super geek stuffs it up by playing with it… What wise arse thought it needed changing, who are you trying to impress?

        TAKE NOTE: Apple Super Geek **** off and go play with yourself and leave a good thing along other wise your no different then Microsoft…

        PS tried the whole master thing, didn’t work……………………………

        I guess I will have to find a third party company to help as Apple support never gets back to any of these discussions either….

    4. This is a backhanded compliment to those of us who get the most out of our software and a dig at dumb apple consumers who make up up the other 90-percent.

      I say, you’re full of shit.

      “A free, simple word processor good for 90% of the computer using public is the demographic.”

      You don’t really think much of Apple consumers do you?

    5. I’m a user who spent £2,500 on a MacBook Retina that’s just had one of my favourite productivity applications gutted and the four-year-old existing app thrown into a cupboard until the next iteration of iOSX kills it. Why should I be forced into using software developed for a child’s toy? Apple has, for some time now, shown that it doesn’t want people who can think for themselves as part of its customer base and this travesty is the straw which has broken my camel’s back. Apple shows no loyalty to its customer base and this particular customer has decided that the bootcamp partition with Windows 8.1 and MS Office 365 is now the default on his shiny MacBook. As soon as I get round to downloading the Adobe Creative Cloud apps for Windows then I’ve no need to suffer the indignity of being an Apple customer for much longer. Owning Apple kit was once an indication of style-aware, creative, not-part-of-the-herd, tech-savvy users. Now it’s an indication of having more money than sense, style-led, conformist, tech-stupid users. Tech for the masses is a great business plan but when it leads to enforced and compulsory dumbing-down for all, I’m out.

    6. What is wrong with a BOTH AND approach. Apple could have BOTH enhanced Pages for power users AND provided a streamlined interface to be iPad-like, perhaps in a Pages-Lite version. They chose to abandon the power users who wanted the consistent stability of embedded graphics (which Word gets overwhelmed with handling) and only play to iPad users. This is disappointing. Like others, I will have to abandon Pages for my products and go to something more akin to Framemaker or Adobe of some sort.

    7. Pages 5 – 102 Removed Features [so far]
      Full User Guide (there is a short online guide)
      Video Tutorials
      Many keyboard shortcuts
      AppleScript support (only a few basic Library items left)

      User Interface
      Format Bar
      Shortcut methods like the Subscript/Superscript buttons
      Media Inspector links to iPhoto library on external drive
      Media Inspector links to Aperture Library
      Styles Drawer
      Drag out Vertical (and Horizontal) Ruler Alignment Guides
      Search Sidebar
      Page of Page Count at foot of Window
      Recent fonts at top of Font List
      Full Screen background color
      Search in Media Browser
      Many Services no longer work in OSX 10.9 including Simplified to Traditional Chinese and vice versa
      Gestures (such as pinch to resize images)
      Speech to Text shortcut doesn’t work
      > Customizable Toolbar (reintroduced in Pages 5.01)

      135 templates
      Outline view
      Capture pages/sections
      Organise personal templates into sub-folders
      Drag reorganize pages
      Duplicate pages
      Delete page
      Manage Pages
      Facing pages
      Layout Margins
      Retain zoom level of document
      Vertical Ruler
      Export to .rtf
      Import from .rtf
      Saving onto Windows server
      Open Recent from Template Chooser
      Copy/Paste Thumbnails across documents
      OSX Spotlight Metadata
      Roman Numeral Page Numbers
      Default Start Up page
      Display non-printable margins
      Two up view
      First Page is different in Sections
      Clean Import of older .pages formatting
      Multiple Comments view
      Bullet points in comments
      Search comments
      Background Object selectable
      Textbox linking
      Auto-Dates on opening document
      T.O.C. clean numbering (muddles Roman and Arabic)
      Certain Fonts eg WingDings
      Open .doc files
      Open .rtf/d files
      Open Pages ’08 files
      Full compatibility with Pages ’09
      Hyperlinks to external Pages document
      Hyperlinks in exported pdfs fail after first page
      Sync with iOS6
      Audit of Imported .doc files
      Printing to reduced percentage size chops off the top of the document
      Export to ePub forces the T.O.C to the beginning of the document in front of the Cover Page

      Select non-contiguous text
      Select all instances of a Style
      Find and Replace severally cut back
      Merge Fields
      Layout Breaks with before & after and inset spacing
      Drag and Drop VCards
      Drag and Drop anything other than .txt files
      Import Styles
      Style function key shortcuts
      Press and Hold to show accented letters
      Open Type features
      Insert Filename
      Character Spacing
      Selective formating in Character Styles
      Text substitution doesn’t allow word spaces, so only does single words
      Find & Replace special characters eg paragraph returns
      Copy Paste of citation text and footnotes
      Font name matching between OSX and iOS
      Styles including bulletted lists
      Change tracking for non-body text
      Character count including spaces
      Copy/Paste from Pages ’09 to Pages 5
      Auto capitalise sentence start
      Last used fonts at top of list
      Paste and keep style is buggy and has been removed from the contextual menu

      Drag out inserted image to Finder
      Double click to fit
      Duplicate offset to relative spacing

      Import linked Numbers Charts
      Group pie wedges in Charts
      Custom number formats in charts

      Ability to rotate
      Images pasted into cells
      Mathtype Equations/Formulae
      Grapher Equations/Formulae
      Text to Tables
      Tables to Text
      Tables in Headers/Footers
      Customisable Currency

      1. I am quite worried about the dumbing down of iWork. Sure, it doesn’t make much difference for the casual user, but there are a lot of pro users who make a living with this software. It would be one thing if Appke had never made iWork and just introduced it as a new software. It is a different thing that we had this great tool that enabled us to advance our careers and now it is being taken away.

        Maybe Apple should group the pro apps and spin them off like they did with FileMaker. That way the pro apps would get regular care and attention. Meanwhile Apple could still give away dumbed down versions for the larger consumer market.

        1. Thank you. Dumbing down is a good word for the process.

          That is exactly what Adobe did to us with Photoshop. In the Nineties we spent years perfecting our chops in Channels and Layers, developing award-winning in-house graphic assets without the benefit of Filters or plug-ins. Kai Krause was a god to me.

          Over the years Adobe folded all of our “chops” into PS, calling them filters, and now it would seem anyone with an 8th-grade education can do these things.

          I’m not saying Adobe put me out of work, I’m just saying Adobe has no respect for its artisans.

      1. Unmitigated disaster is much closer to the whining side of the scale than the constructive criticism side.

        @flyboyrls is exactly right – Apple makes their decisions which they think is right for the majority of their customers. Exactly zero people will not buy a Mac because Pages isn’t as powerful as it once was. Plenty of people will buy a Mac because now they get a free word process (and full suite of apps) that can do most of what they want.

        Apple already has all the power users they’re going to get. They need to get the people that buy PCs because that’s what’s out there.

        1. I am the zero person who will not buy a new Mac because Pages isn’t as powerful as it used to be. I use Pages all the time for professional purposes. I wanted to buy a new iMac, but now I am worried that Apple will make it either into a children’s toy or a giant iPad or both. I like Apple, I like Macs, I hope they stage a comeback.

    1. Apple screws up lots of stuff.

      MobileMe to iCloud was no improvement and only with the release of Mavericks has iCloud returned to parity.

      iTunes 11.1/iOS 7 has absolutely decimated the Podcast listening experience, all in the name of simplicity.

      Final Cut X screwed up the workflows of countless production companies who had certain projects timed out to a tee in Final Cut 7.

      You have to remember that a computer (and its software) is a tools that many people rely on to make their livings. You cannot change their tools willy nilly and expect them to remain productive.

      1. Well I sympathise but fact is if you don’t at times you get Windows 8 or for that matter most previous reasons when it just adds to the plumbing to try to make everything work but mostly fails and whats left is a bloated and complex mess. I agree apple can do better at times but most alternatives are NOT the way to go.

      2. “You cannot change their tools willy nilly and expect them to remain productive.”

        Agreed. I have not been able to transition to Numbers and Pages yet because they do not have the feature sets and power that is needed in my work. “I” don’t use all that power yet but co-workers and my company do and Pages and Numbers just aren’t able to match Office yet. With the “simplification” of these and Keynote (which I use often), It will be a long while before I can transition.

        1. The fact that many like you bemoan the lack of feature equivalency between Numbers and Excel highlights the groundswell of people desperate to escape Excel (Microsoft).

  2. I miss Scott Forstall. I imagine this wouldn’t be popular opinion here, the majority of you may prefer Ive’s direction in software aesthetics. However, when I think of ‘designed in California’, I think the essence of it remains more true with Mr. Forstall than with Mr. Ive.

    1. I can understand that as I am not taken by the new look in its present form. However the old look was getting too intricate and looking stale. Funny enough the new icons on slides at the Event looked simple and great which I preferred to the old look after so many years with it. But what i see on iOS doesn’t seem to reflect those, they are simple but tasteless for the most part.

      1. My wife would disagree with you, but she is wrong.

        iOS 6 icons are too intricate. A full screen of icons gives me a headache. The simpler look makes it easier to identify and launch apps.

  3. I have some friends who are already expressing disappointment with KeyNote in the same way. Some of the features of Keynote ’09 have been taken out of the new version, and when the new version opens the ’09 Keynotes, the latter features are stripped. From that point on, 09 cannot open the file again.

    Being simple while being powerful does not have to conflict.

    1. It may have to if you want your app to run on Macs, iPads, iPhones, and in a web browser in a way that feels like a native app, all while losing absolutely no formatting of functionality between any of them.

      In other words, something that has never been done with an office suite in history. Applescript and Keyboard Maestro don’t translate to all platforms, so they’re out.

      It’s a simpler and more powerful message to say “hey, everything works everywhere, exactly the same way, and looks exactly the same way” instead of having to explain what is missing in each version.

  4. This is one of the reasons I have resisted the move from Microsoft Word to Pages – I have years of specialized, customized spaced forms & templates developed over years of use – all in Word. I can’t afford to lose the time & work & precision I have in Word for Apple Pages, free or not. Some things, especially when they bring in your bread & butter are worth paying for. Thanks, you answered my question, I’ll wait, maybe forever, for a move to Pages. I’ve been an Apple guy since 1978… Apple ][ days….

  5. I do believe that for the *majority* of the users, this new verso will do just fine.
    However, I will really miss the Page Layout mode. This mode made Pages a very simple to use, but relatively powerful DTP app. Yes, for the most part they simplified funcionalities in favour of a simple and iOS compatible version.
    To me this is a big loss, but maybe not to the majority of users.

    1. There is actually a solution to this that I just happened to stumble across, as I was having the same problem.

      I assume your problem, like mine, is that there used to be two types of blank document: one for word processing, one for layout and design. But there now only seems to be one for word processing.

      This isn’t actually the case – they are both the same one now. Open a blank document. Then, click the ‘Setup’ icon in the top right. In the sidebar that opens, uncheck the box that says “Document Body” (you’ll probably also want to uncheck the header and footer options). Et voila, you now have a blank document for layouts!

      1. TheMightyFinder,
        You are absolutely right!
        I followed your instructions, made a test and it does work just as I was used on the previous Pages version.
        Your comment was very helpful!
        Thank you very much for your correction!

        1. That doesn’t mean there still aren’t 2 kinds of document. There still are, just now Apple has automated switching from one to the other by stripping out all the Document content.

          A pretty drastic way to get from a Word Processing template to a Layout template.

      2. Except even when you do this, text can no longer flow from one text box to another…’cause that’s another feature that was stripped. Not much of a page layout app anymore.

      3. Have you ever actually used Page Layout mode? Sure, you can create blank pages in Pages 5, but you can’t link the text boxes on those pages to flow the text from box to box or page to page. That is the fundamental function of every desktop publishing program since before Aldus introduced PageMaker for the Mac/LaserWriter in 1985.

      4. Amazing!

        There always pops up the advice from people who have no clue how anything works and seemingly don’t even know how to use the program under discussion.

        All that does is eliminate the document layer. Then you have the problem of how to have linked Textboxes (feature removed) across pages. Let alone the over 60 other features removed, but necessary to do more than basic work.

      5. Thanks for that… I was about to throw my new macbook pro out the damn window.

        “document body”…. I guess everyone should just know that.

        Apparently I’m getting to be just like my grandmother…
        This reminds me of the time when I had to show her how to hold the mouse with the cord away from her, and the ball facing downwards… In her defence, there were no instructions for that either.

  6. “Unmitigated diaster” is clearly way over the top, but it is a continuing pain to have to cycle all the documents created in Pages ’07 through Pages ’09 in order to have them open in Pages 5.0.

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