Apple’s revolutionary 64-bit iPhone 5s breaks records to become ‘fastest phone ever tested’

“Apple has taken another swipe at Samsung by being named ‘the fastest phone ever’ by Which? magazine,” Victoria Woollaston reports for The Daily Mail.

“Researchers independently tested the processing speeds and performance of the latest phones from Apple, Samsung, HTC and LG. Processing speed determines how quickly the phones can open apps, play videos and games, multitask and more,” Woollaston reports. “Apple’s iPhone 5S came top of list, ahead of LG’s G2 in second. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 came third.”

“HTC’s One handset was fourth, ahead of the iPhone 5C. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini was fifth, while HTC’s One Mini scored the lowest,” Woollaston reports. “iPhone 5S has broken all records in [Which? magazine’s] processor benchmarking tests… ‘As our tests show, more cores do not necessarily mean better performance,’ explains Which? in a blog post.”

Apple A7

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    1. Come on A7X! It’s only Thursday!? Can’t we just skip the weekend and go right to Tuesday?
      Of course the real test of courage will be to see how long I can wait to make sure there isn’t any “problems” with the new iPads (like this motion sensor funny business), then it’s a shiny 128GB’er for me. I like my iPad2, but…

    1. And it’s a “year old phone”, they all crow with such glee and contempt. Oh the mirth!

      That’s so embarrassing. It’s gotta be painful to have a giant screen that barely matches the screen quality of a CRT auto body cash register.

  1. Give us an Apple TV 3 with the A7 or a more beefier version with access to the AppStore along with a gaming console ability & a physical controller & it’s on! Lol 😉🎮👾

    1. You’d figure this would be a no brainer move but I’m certain Apple will never do it. They’d rather sell hand-held devices with their higher profit margins. Apple will never trade multiple personal devices for one console per household.

      I’d be happily willing to pay $300 for an Apple gaming console if it could run all iOS apps plus everything AppleTV already does. I’ve just given up hope of that ever happening. Apple doesn’t do gaming consoles.

        1. I think as laughy says they could but see it endangering profits in other products. They may know what the customer wants or will want but sadly won’t give it to us unless and until it gives higher profits than anything it may affect negatively.

  2. Since they used the standard benchmark “Geekbench” for which it has been shown that most Android phones “cheat” (optimize just for the benchmark) for at least part of that benchmark, did Which? compensate for this? I suspect not. It has been shown on multiple independent sites that in some cases the benchmark cheating increases the score by 20% or more.

    If you assume the worst case cheating of 20% across the board then the iPhone 5C moves up to the #2 slot and the iPhone 5S is almost exactly twice as fast as the #3 LG G2. Additionally, the iPhone 5S single performance is almost as fast at the Galaxy S4’s multi performance! (<9% difference)

    If you assume a more moderate 10% cheating across the board then the iPhone 5C moves up to the #3 slot and the iPhone 5S is about 75% faster than the second place LG G2, while the iPhone 5C is only 10% slower than the LG G2.

  3. I was bored of iOS. Than I tried LG G2, after few hours of using I just felt need for iOS. Sorry UI on android is so much behind of iOS not in term of customizing but in all other aspects yes. G2 is phone for photos video (multimedia) don’t expect to buy shares or use banking over the phone. Don’t try to have 150 email, and so many correspondence on same. This is my experience, not judging people who like it.

  4. It all sounds good. I’d like to get the a7 in my next iPad but, maybe in wrong but what does an iPhone run that so intense it needs such a powerful processor. My 5 suits me just fine. No slowdowns.

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