What to expect from Apple’s special media event of October 22nd

“Apple on Tuesday confirmed that it will hold a media event next week, where the company is preparing to unveil its second-generation iPad mini and fifth-generation iPad, along with other anticipated products,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Apple’s fifth-generation iPad will represent the first major redesign of the hardware since the iPad 2,” Hughes reports. “Specifically, it’s expected that the full-size iPad will adopt many of the traits of the iPad mini first introduced last year. Most significantly among those is a thinner bezel to the left and right of the display when the iPad is held in portrait mode… Based on years past, it’s likely that next iPad will feature an improved version of the current high-end A7 processor, which debuted in the iPhone 5s. A so-called ‘A7X’ chip would likely offer even greater performance to drive the 9.7-inch display, powering the latest games and apps in a 64-bit architecture.”

Hughes reports, “he 2nd-gen iPad mini will likely upgrade to a high-res Retina display. To simplify matters for developers, it’s expected that the iPad mini Retina display will feature the same pixel count as the full-size iPad. That would place the iPad mini with a much higher pixel density than the 9.7-inch iPad, by packing the same amount of pixels into a smaller 7.9-inch display.”

Much more – Mac Pro, OS X Mavericks, MacBook Pro, Apple TV – in the full article here.

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  1. i sincerely expect Microshit to get BUTTFCUK in the ASS by apple’s revolutionary updated products. Pity Monkey boy Ballmer retired, he has every reason to be angry

      1. granted Ios7 needs tuning and improvement, which is being worked on, however saying that ios7 is comparable to windows 8 is taking a bit to far, windows 8 dont deserve any respect

      2. also i am not angry at all, the opposite infact (very happy) and looking fore ward to the oct 22 apple media event. Speaking of angry its monkey boy Ballmer, not me 😀

      3. Have you used W8? iOS 7 is far from the mess W8 is.

        When a car manufacture updates a car model not everyone likes it but people that want the features or performance will adjust to the change in design. iOS 7 is no different. No one had to upgrade to iOS 7. You probably made your choice because you heard it was great or you liked the features. If you blindly updated I have some land I would like to sell you.

        1. So many wrong assumptions. Upgrading to iOS 7 is not really a choice. I could have withheld from upgrading but that would have left me behind on Apple’s own and third party app updates and updates to the underlying OS which in some instances work better than iOS 6, if only because Apple stopped further development work on iOS 6, not because iOS 7 is better than iOS 6. Apps like Maps & Siri have been updated for iOS 7 and work intrinsically better in iOS 7. That’s the way it goes.

          But after actual hands on experience with iOS 7 my considered opinion is that it is a downgrade from iOS 6 in terms of functionality and stylistic content. I don’t like it one bit and not because of the changes either. The changes are for the most part changes for the worse. It’s uglier, less functional and is repulsive to look at and navigate.

          1. I’ll agree that we disagree. In my opinion iOS 6 was stale and showed it’s age. iOS 7 is light, vibrant and full of life. As a reminder I’ll pull out my 3GS to see how dated it now looks. Not only to iOS 7 but Android and Window mobile.

            Upgrading is absolutely a choice but one most will do because it’s free and everyone always wants the latest, newest stuff. That’s human behavior.

            It seems you put more value in the new features over the old and thus upgraded to have access to those. By the way all the apps still run on my 3GS and I completely understand they will never have access to the latest features and hardwar integration. You have to understand some of this is planned obsolescence. Innovation requires moving forward some will like it some won’t. Apple is not a stagnant company. They change before they need to change. I expect more changes more frequently. Hopefully a future version will suite your taste.

          2. Funny enoughI have been quite critical of certainly the stylistic changes in iOS7 though like it or not a change had to happen to freshen things up, Im just not sure the changes are those I would have gone for. But that said I have been using it on my iPad3 for the last few months and in all honesty most of it is an improvement in terms of functionality and in particular the speed improvement over iOS6 which had pretty much put it into the slow jerky lane since loading it only a few months after buying the device. I can live with the spindly and flattened new icons even if I don’t like them. The functionality is generally better in terms of what it can do. In fact if there is a problem there is not that its worse or more difficult through the changes but because the pre existing methodology is creaking a bit as there are more choices and thus creeping confusion. I am hoping that a bit of a rethink on the user interface will feature in the next iteration as there is no little improvement to the clunkiness of some actions. For example I now seem to get options to save a file but for the life of me Im not really sure about what happens to them, photos go to iPhoto but there is no iFolder so to speak. I want to be able to save or collect places/screengrabs/things of interest beyond bookmarks in a logical place for future reference and batch sending to my computer if I need to. At present I am sending links so I can access or screengrab later on my computer. Its just little things like that and how apps/software can work seemlessly together better that are annoying at the moment. As things are the more that the OS can do the more annoying its present interaction of this nature will get.

        2. Actually, the equating of Win8 to iOS7 is very appropriate.

          Both companies can point to significant tinkering under the hood of their respective OSes. Both companies also have received avalanches of criticism due to their latest GUIs and stylistic changes.

          The fact that iOS went from a subjective rating more or less than Windows did is your personal opinion. Both show horrid taste in my opinion, but both will sell by the millions to fanboys on both sides who lap up anything either company dishes out, as well as the the vast majority of the masses who just shrug and go along with it because they have no choice.

          iOS7 = Win8 from that perspective.

          1. Based on your observation, here is my analogy of the iOS to W8 OS. iOS is a car with one tire that has low air pressure. W8 got stalled on the railroad tracks an after the train hit it, now resembles the current wreck that it is. I cannot believe that W8 under an administrator domain account will not allow you to RNA it’s native programs (such as photo viewer, etc). It wants you to create a user account for that? WTF? Although I am very happy. Now Microslut has totally lost their way, alienating enterprise, the very industries that keep their pathetic asses afloat. Keep it up MS. Your halfway to the bottom of the ocean! There is no way in hell that iOS even remotely resembles anything Microslutish.

    1. Now, do we really need to start a thread attacking Microsoft? We don’t want to seem insecure now. Microsoft is totally capable of failing all by themselves, they don’t need our cheerleading to lead them to the inevitable. Let’s cheer for Tim Cook to show something, cool, exciting and new. Something Microsoft has never been able to do.

    1. you will get your 64 bit cpu on the iPad, Apple has a huge advantage in the iPad market and it needs to be up to date to keep the competition struggling. You wont be disappointed

  2. The one thing I’d really like to hear from Tim Cook, is a carry over from Steve Jobs, and that would be, “We have one more thing.” Nothing was more fun than waiting for Steve to pull a rabbit out of his pocket. It could be the long rumored TV, maybe something wearable, like a watch, possibly an Apple remote, hybrid iPad/Laptop, who knows. That’s just from the rumor mill, only a small band of people really know what new magic Ives and his boys are dreaming of.

    Well, one can only dream and hope. Apple’s overdo for a big surprise, in my opinion.

    1. In my opinion, the “One More Thing” should die with Steve. Nobody else has any business touching it.

      In fact that would be a fitting title for the Aaron Sorkin Jobs film starring Christian Bale or Daniel Day Lewis.

  3. Hey I like OS7 I’ve had no problems and I sure like to see the jerks populating this site to put a lid on it. Now fuck off and let me read some interesting material…fuckin amateurs.

  4. As Neil Hughes wrote in the linked article: “Pricing for the new [Mac Pro] is unknown, but since the device is marketed toward power users, it will likely be the most expensive Mac in the company’s lineup.”

    Say, Neil… You must have gone to a college in the ” rel=”nofollow”>big city!

  5. Granted, pundits have exponentially increased their absurd expectations every year, but let’s face it, Cook has underwhelmed realistic expectations every time. I refuse to get my hopes up.

    There will be no improved Apple TV set, nor will Apple TV host any applications.

    There will be no wrist device of any kind.

    The next generation of iPads will offer two things: the A7 processor architecture, and a 16:9 ratio screen format that Apple has slowly deployed in other devices. No, you won’t get any iOS7 improvements or skins or stylistic improvements to take away the bad taste of horrid washed-out flatness.

    Shiller will jump up to show MacBook Pro refreshes that offer predicable bumps to the latest Intel chips. There will be no changes to the Air and there will be no 17″ MacBook Pro because Cook thinks iOS gadgets are the future. Cook will gush on about how the new OS X is the greatest thing ever to happen to the platform after Federighi does his little demo. Oooh – tabs and revised monitor mirroring and one more way to tag files in addition to all the other metadata that files already have, what a huge leap forward for mankind!

    Cook will spend much of his time touting iPhone sales, deployment of iTunes Radio, and will probably forget to introduce his long-overdue announcement for Retail COO.

    Cook will close with a reminder that Apple has so much more exciting stuff in the pipeline, everyone should just sit tight and enjoy the wait.

    No firm date will be offered for Mac Pro availability.

    Jony Ives, insulated from all the negative feedback on his craptastic iOS7 GUI, will not be present.

    There will be no mention of Thunderbolt peripherals of any kind.

    There will be no “one more thing” — that’s not Cook & Co’s style.

    There will be no mini-tower to offer Mac users a versatile user-configurable workstation.

    There will be no announced refresh to Apple displays or Apple networking products.

    There will be no discussion whatsoever about professional applications, or iWork, or fixes to the many iTunes 11 gripes.

    Apple is a mature corporation, and it is beginning to act like it.

    1. It should be obvious that I would be elated if i was wrong about any of these points, but why get one’s own hopes up? Apple’s pace of innovation has slowed dramatically under Cook, as evidenced by a MacRumors Guide {http://buyersguide.macrumors.com/} that for a couple years now has shown more red stop signs than green lights. Why expect Cook to change now?

    2. I hope you’re wrong. That’s why I think it would be a very pleasant surprise, and it would be a huge surprise. I see no problem doing the “one more thing,” shtick. I think Steve would love it and be happy that his legacy is being carried on. It might help to put a sock in Wall Streets mouths as well.

  6. Would the AAPL sell-off on Apple next event just like the announcement of iPhone 5S and 5C, I hope there is no sell-off until the next earning reports on Oct 28th.

  7. Apple is going to introduce a line of hair care products – shampoo, conditioner, mousse, creams, tea tree scalp massage oil – all compatible with Windows 8 and later versions of Linux.

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