Donald Trump: Apple must go to a larger screen iPhone now!

Donald Trump has offered some unsolicited advice to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

“Apple must go to a larger screen now–asap!” Trump proclaimed via Twitter.

Trump also tweeted, “They’re losing their standing in the market!”

The Donald likes exclamation points. If he’s got an iPhone, you know it’s a 64GB 5s in gold. (But, we’re ones to talk, we’ve got ’em, too! Exclamation point.)


Via Twitter here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “David E.” for the heads up.]


        1. Donald, you don’t understand that Timmy and Jony know better what everyone wants.

          They have tought us all now that we all want pink dildos up our ass and fart rainbows with iOS 7.

          1. Mcman,
            Thanks for your insightful and oh so brilliant analysis of the situation. Your understanding of business principles, design and the whole of society is truly awe-inspiring.

        1. APPLE:
          Market Cap $416.62 B
          As of May 2013
          At a Glance
          CEO: Timothy Cook
          Employees: 72,800
          Sales: $164.69 B
          Headquarters: Cupertino, California
          Forbes Lists

          #79 Innovative Companies (#26 in 2012)
          #15 Global 2000
          #15 in Sales
          #2 in Profit
          #141 in Assets
          #1 in Market value
          #1 World’s Most Powerful Brands

          Donald Trump
          Net Worth $3.5 B As of September 2013
          At a Glance, Forbes Lists

          #134 Forbes 400
          #128 in 2012
          #30 Celebrity 100
          #21 in Money
          #18 in TV/Radio
          #38 in Press
          #59 in Social
          #95 in Marketability
          #423 Billionaires
          #139 in United States

            1. Certainly interesting that when Sugar said he wasn’t worth barely a dime in real money he threatened to sue and then when told to go ahead simply backed away with his skunk tail between his legs. Makes you wonder doesn’t it.

  1. What’s terrifying are the 153 retweets and 85 faves of his post. I didn’t realize that there were that many idiots who actually buy into his bull. Apple losing standing in the market? Hilarious.

  2. Advice from man who has gone bankrupt running a casino. A piece of advice for Mr. Trump a smartphone is not like the needs of your last girlfriend, size does not matter.

  3. That is understandable. Like everyone else, Trump is old, his eye sights are bad, therefore, he needs a bigger iPhone. He can choose Galaxy but he likes to stay with iPhone.

  4. The iPhone has a tiny 3.5″ screen. By applying thin lightly hued fonts on a tiny screen Ive has failed in appreciating fundamental design principles – that the device must be usable in the hands of the user.

    Jobs & Forstall understood this. Cook & Ive have fundamentally failed to understand this in any way, shape or form. Style over substance as usual for Ive. Cook spineless as usual to curtail Ive’s more excessive excesses.

    1. I agree the current screen is far too small for a smart phone. Apple should release a large screen phone either to replace the current phone or in addition. 3.5-4″ is ok for a phone only, but to cater for all the things a smart phone can do it is plain silly. The fact that they and others cannot see that astounds me.

  5. Trump is one of the most repulsive people on the planet, and I don’t think he had either the class or insight to be giving advice to Apple. Who advises him on his hair? Kelly Osbourne? Another style maven…

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