Steve Jobs’ ex Chrisann Brennan reveals their explosive relationship in new memoir

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“Chrisann Brennan first met Steve Jobs in 1972, while they were both students at Homestead HS in Cupertino, Calif. Over the next five years, they dated off and on throughout their teens and early 20s. The two were living together with their friend Daniel Kottke, a computer engineer and one of the earliest employees of Apple, in 1977, when the company took off,” Kate Storey reports for The New York Post. “The two finally ended their romantic relationship for good in late 1977, after Brennan became pregnant with their daughter, Lisa. Brennan worked as a waitress and collected welfare checks to support herself and their baby daughter.”

“Jobs publicly denied he was Lisa’s father for years, even though he took a paternity test in 1979 proving he was the dad,” Storey reports. “He was paying $500 a month in child support when he told TIME magazine in 1983, ’28 percent of the male population in the United States could be the father.'”

“Today, Brennan is a painter and graphic designer living in Monterey, Calif., and Lisa [Brennan-Jobs] is a Harvard-educated journalist,” Storey reports. “In an exclusive excerpt from Brennan’s first-person tale, The Bite in the Apple: A Memoir of My Life With Steve Jobs (on sale Oct. 29), she describes her frustrating, difficult and passionate years with the business visionary.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. Kind of a tech version of a John Lennon-May Pang relationship tell all book/interviews? Except John’s situation didn’t produce a baby. Everyone wants to cash in.

  2. Tacky, at best. She’s trying to capitalize on re relationship with Jobs.

    That in itself wouldn’t bother me so much, but she waits until after he’s dead to do so. That way, she doesn’t have to worry about those pesky “facts” and having someone sue you for libel…..hard to do that when the other person in the relationship is dead.

    I know Jobs was no saint, but this makes anything in her book questionable, IMHO.

    1. … That’s an entirely different story.
      What documentation, what evidence, do you have to accuse her of lying? Because, that’s what you are doing.
      Back in the late 70’s, a paternity test could only prove you were NOT the father, or that you might be. Still, it only cost a few dollars. Today you can spend a thousand dollars and get pretty solid numbers … better than 1% of 1%! Of course, Lisa would be in her 30’s, now, and no longer needing a share of the estate. Wanting, perhaps, but not needing. Both mother and daughter have, apparently, made a life without S.J., as he did without them.
      Yes, were S.J. still alive he would, most likely, sue the author. If only because they had some sort of no-tell agreement. Mostly because he could be a hard man. As you said … “no saint”.

  3. When we are young, we are pretty much stupid. We make stupid mistakes…the hope for all parents is that we understand those mistakes and learn from them as we grow into adulthood.

    1. That’s typical of an MDN page — all clickbait and no story.

      At least so far the usual few extreme right-wing partisans aren’t slinging mud all over the place.

      Brennan seems to have led a significantly harder life than what might be expected of the mother of a multi-millionaire’s child — in no small part due to Jobs’ surprising immaturity in that phase of his life.

      What is the harm of Brennan telling her side of he story? Since Isaacson cashed in on telling (or rather, glossing over) Jobs’ side of the story, it’s only fair that Brennan do the same. Moreover, many consider it much more respectable to publish the painful truth at a time when it can do no harm to the people involved. Jobs’ reputation won’t be altered in any meaningful way — but it would have been had Brennan used sensationalistic press to destroy Jobs and Apple in the early 1980’s, which she may have had every right to do.

      1. “At least so far the few extreme right-wing partisans aren’t slinging mud all over the place”. I believe there are a few EXTREME of both aisles and not just the right is soon the mudslinging.

        1. True. But, to be fair, MDN does seem to sport a higher number of vocal, die-hard right wingers. I would prefer that all of the extremists on both sides disappear from this site along with the associated political debate.

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