So, what’s wrong with Apple’s iOS 7?

“Some of my colleagues have been using iOS 7 since the first betas arrived from Apple in June, but I actually didn’t start until September 18, the very day it was released as a free download,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “Since then, the number of users has reached the hundreds of millions, signaling the fastest upgrade of any mobile OS — ever!”

“While every iOS release has arrived with an assortment of bugs, they seem more numerous with iOS 7, since it’s, visually at least, a sea change from previous versions. The slim and elegant text puts off some, because it may not be quite as readable,” Steinberg writes. “Others are freaked over the parallax effect from the few dynamic backgrounds Apple provides, or the constant zooming effects.”

Steinberg writes, “On the whole, however, it appears that the largest number of iOS 7 users become accustomed to the changes fairly quickly. The few ragged edges are fixable, and I expect Apple will deal with some of the issues in ongoing maintenance fixes.”

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    1. Just look at all he iOS 7 updated apps that used to have unique designs, coming out all with the same bland disgusting white grey look. That look like a concept prototype BEFORE A DESIGN WAS APPLIED.

      The bigger Cluster Fuck it tech history.

      Way to shit on Steve Jobs grave and life’s work you FUCKING ASSHOLES.


      1. Really? People like you who make foul comments like this should be banned from the internet! Please find a new site to post on. Better yet, just keep your comments to yourself on any website! Do the world a favor! Before calling someone else a JACK***, perhaps a self reflection is needed here.

      2. You are so wise and well spoken, I LOVE the way you use caps to get your point across. You know what? YOU should set up your own BLOG, because what you have to say is SOOO important I’m sure EVERYONE on the interweb is going to want to sit at your virtual feet and listen awestruck to your every WORD. PLEASE enlighten us some more. 🙂

  1. Satisfy EVERYONE: Give us modifiable “skins/themes.” (And for the disenchanted, make one of them iOS 6!) I’ll pick my look and feel, you pick yours. Everybody wins.

    1. hear, hear!

      Tyrone, if only you were there at Apple while Ive shat all over what was a handsome, professional-looking interface in iOS6.

      The more i use iOS7, the more repulsed i am at the poor legibility, slow transitions, hideous icons and colors, needless blurs, lack of object borders, and to forth. Battery life on legacy devices took a huge obvious hit, even with all the fluff turned off. iOS7 is simply not a better GUI at all.

      Apple would have been wiser to get the 64-bit underpinnings in place first, then implement skins in the future (including the hideous iOS7 scheme for those people who actually like the juvenile 1960’s coloring-book look). Skins, while opening the door to more OS bloat, at least would allow users to be able to read what is today often washed out on the screen.

      1. If you find the text too thin, change it, the option is given to you. Battery life is fine on my iPad 3, my iPhone 4, and my iPhone 5. I don’t do anything different with iOS 7, screen brightness is the same, I don’t have Bluetooth turned on and I have location services on for many of the apps I use.
        The changes have been made. Get over yourselves and get used to it, and stop whining, y’all sound like little girls.

        1. If Apple fans hadn’t “whined” about bad UI changes, the horrendously bad idea that was Quicktime 4 player’s volume wheel would’ve never been replaced with a slider, and Safari would’ve been stuck with an uselessly indeterminate spinning pinwheel instead of restoring an actual progress bar/indicator.

          Some changes can be reversed with enough negative feedback, get over yourself, Apple isn’t always right.

        2. No! We will scream at the top of our lungs until Apple realizes they made some dumb decisions and fucking fix it. Its garbage to some of us. Drastically changing he look and feel of an O/S on a device is just plain dumb. Not allowing people to re-install iOS 6 if they choose to is angering as hell. Asshole control freaks at Apple !
          And BTW, what ? Make fonts bold ? that is a lame ass BS solution which doesn’t fix the problem !

        3. The “little girls” are correct.

          Just because you endorse everything Cook & Co. do doesn’t mean your experience speaks for all. Few people complained about the old interface’s lack of user customization because it was logical, legible, intuitive, textured, and mature in design. The iOS7 GUI is juvenile and takes a step backwards in many useability areas — things that Apple should have understood if it had done objective scientific studies on the interface instead of just letting an artist “flatten” and “simplify” the interface to his surprisingly horrible tastes. In general, people LIKE textures and they LIKE to see borders on clickable elements. They LIKE to be able to use the calendar without unnecessary fuss. They EXPECT their audio controls to work consistently. Sorry, but all the work done under the hood doesn’t change the fact that this car looks like a 1970’s Pinto, “flattened” by a Mack truck.

      2. Yes. And the translucent blur is totally unnecessary. Now I can’t have my mug as an ID on the lockscreen for if I drop my phone, like I did once in a grocery store when a woman came up to me and returned my phone just by my picture. Also, it seems now that I can’t double click while on a call to get an App to work.

      1. Yes the underpinnings took a GIANT leap forward. So sorry some of us have difficulty keeping up, or just adapting to change, or maybe just a differing aesthetic view, I personally love everything about the new OS.

        1. Well a lot of people despise it, like me. Its hideous. The fonts can be made bold but what about the disaster of UI design in all the Apple apps with the white backgrounds and horrible colors etc. I’m glad I only installed it on my damaged iPhone 4 to play with it and didn’t install it on my 5.
          Skins would go a long way to make everyone happy. Are you guys even listening to what people don’t like about it ? Everyone harps on the same things and skins are the answer to this. Colors, horrible fonts, buttons that don’t look like buttons etc. Most operating systems allow the user to change these kinds of things.

          1. I think Apple will be listening to criticisms and will make adjustments as needed. This is basically a .0 release, starting over from scratch. There are some definite flaws that will need to be worked out.. but given the amount of time, or I should say, lack thereof, we got something that can be built upon with some modest improvements. Think about how OS 10 looked when it was first released, a bit hideous IMO, but look where we’re at today. Apple isn’t just gonna keep it the way it is, they will make changes, but it’s gonna take a little time.

          2. Yes. And I shouldn’t need to scramble for my reading glasses when an alarm is going off and you can’t tell the difference between the yes and no buttons in pale blue lettering on identical white buttons on a white background.

    2. Tyrone’s comment is very significant, because it is one of a torrent of complaints about the iOS user interface. The percentage of people who dislike the iOS 7 user interface, in whole or in part, is large enough that Apple should redesign it to make it more Apple-like, more intuitive, more usable, and more visible.

      A friend of mine downgraded from iOS 6 to iOS 7, then called me on his iPhone. During the call, he switched to another application. At the top of the screen was the familiar green bar that you can tap to return to the phone interface. The green is garish and there is not much contrast between the garish green and the text. He said, “The text is missing. I guess you just have to know what the green bar is for.”


    For Apple apps, it’s the Calendar that is most poor in iOS7.

    For iOS7 features, it’s the rolling selectors which are terrible.

    For iOS7 looks, it’s the Safari icon which is ultra poor and simply a mistake.

      1. Me too, I am not pleased with the Calendar redo. Sometimes, it’s best to leave well enough alone. It seems every time I use it, I have to figure how it works all over again. Not intuitive at all.

    1. The rolling selectors are truly infuriating to use! Setting up event times in Calendar requires rollers for the times, and first you overshoot the time, then overshoot the correction, then get it to stop five minutes away from the correct time, then overshoot TEN minutes the other way…

      ..How about a keypad for entering times? Would that be so difficult to do?

    2. I actually like Calendar it does take a bit of getting used to, although the faddish use of blinding white everywhere is way overdone. And even tv ads are imitating Apple on that. Hopefully this fad will pass soon.

      Rolling selectors, yes, have hated them from day one. sort of a video game feature/joke.

      As usual, lots of change for the sake of change things, but I expect that.

    3. I don’t really use calendar, but my mother does and isn’t one for installing a myriad of other apps, so when she discovered that tapping search (but not searching) brings up a kind of week view it became more useable.

    4. Totally agree…Calendar is my least-favorite change. As you said, setting a date now requires surgical precision to manipulate the scrolling month, day, year selections. Definitely a step back in usability.

      Actually, I take that back. My LEAST favorite change is in the Music app. I usually listen to a CD at a time…no shuffle.

      The fact that the “album” list (after selecting an artist) now includes song listings is MADDENING!!!! Previously I could quickly select the artist, select the album, and touch the first track to start. Easy. Quick.

      Now I have to scroll through a long list of tracks and try to pick out the desired album heading in the list. There doesn’t even seem to be any sort of consistent sorting, which makes it that much worse.

      Example: I have over TWENTY Rush albums….times 10 or so tracks per album for about TWO HUNDRED items in a list to scroll through a the previous 20.

      It infuriates me to the point where he considered reverting to my iOS 6 backup, but I like most of the other changes.

      Did any MUSIC FAN actually try out the new interface before it was released???!??! I can’t see how!!!

    1. Well, when I delete an e-mail on another device, it’s deleted from all of my devices; same with viewing — when viewed on the phone, it shows as viewed on the iPad and iMac. This has always been the case with all IMAP (as well as iCloud) services.

      With old-fashioned POP3, this is simply impossible to effectively implement, and is not a limitation of the OS, but of the protocol.

  3. I have over 90 shared photostreams.
    Since that feature appeared on iOS 6, it seems user’s needs were not listed, not understood, not made better. Of course, new functions as both parts can add content including video, adding more than 1000 pictures or videos per shared Photostream are very nice. But how painfull it is to find a Photostream in a long list whose order is constantly changing because a like or a comment make a photostreams going up to the top the list, and of course you don’t know which one was modified or how many photostreams were modified and where in the list is the Photostream you are looking for, no possibility to sort the streams by alphabetical order, by date, by owner, by theme, by etc..
    When you want to add your own picture, it is so painfull to find your own iCloud Photostream or your own photo roll, and opening your photo roll, never the last photos added in it appear first, the oldest photo appears first in the list (iOS6, not better in iOS7).
    I understand pre-release testings at Apple were made with only a few photostreams in their devices, like a miniature. But the real life is different. What was intuitive before has been changed to unintuitive. Steve Jobs would have rejected that way of making the users’s life more complicated.

  4. I want desktop picture scaling to allow me to position and scale pictures the way I want, the way iOS6 let me.

    Ironic, and non functional that when I pull up control center to adjust the display brightness, the display is dimmed. I don’t get real time instant feedback as to how bright the screen is until the control panel is tucked away.

  5. – Home icons falling animation takes too darn long. Please let us disable this useless “feature”.
    – setting a wallpaper on an iPad 3 can take 10 seconds before anything happens
    – music controls on lock screen randomly stop responding to touch
    – music control text “buttons” are too close to the sliders and bars. Accidentally touching things when running makes it very annoying. Specs them out!
    – text selector zoom is broken
    – some apps use the new transparent keyboard, and some the old one. How does that even happen?
    – too much text everywhere instead of clear buttons distinguishing between actions. The iMessage app is the worst. It’s all text everywhere! Not very intuitive without clear buttons to new users.
    – flat apple icon on startup is ugly

  6. I like a lot of what iOS 7 has to offer. My biggest gripes right now are with stability. Apps crash fairly frequently (even 3-5 times a day is way more than I’ve ever experienced with an iPhone), sometimes things just inexplicably don’t work.

    Siri, which used to work about 8/10 times, now is slow as hell, almost always tells me to try again later, or gives me information that I have no interest in. I swear the rare times my request goes through, I either get movie times, sports scores/lineups, or a generic web search for 90% of my requests. What the hell happened to Siri???

    The Safari unified URL bar is okay, but to not show the full URL OR the page title??? This is is just wrong. Confusing, insecure, and very annoying.

    Calendar is ugly and unusable. Why do we have to needlessly scroll up and down to see a simple list of the days events??? I hate that! I just want to tap on a day in the calendar, and see a list of what I’ve got going on without 10,000,000 pixels of white space wasted. Sigh.

    I’ve had issues with Mail, Messages, Facebook, Instagram, and other core apps that I’ve been using for years. These issues never happened in iOS 6. I know this is a 1.0 release, but for Apple, the stability really should have been a bit better.

    A lot of iOS 7 is great and impressive, but too much of it overall has an unfinished feeling. I’m eagerly checking every day for updates, and I hope they come soon.

  7. All of the core apps such as Music, Mail, Reminders, etc., are white with difficult to read gray text, and appear anemic and lifeless. The white backgrounds are also glaring to view in low light situations. The button iconography of Apple’s core apps look like they were designed by a four year old just learning to draw stick people. A rectangle with a line through it is for bookmarks. A square with an arrow is the share button icon. Absolutely hideous.

    And the way the application icons are animated when you unlock the screen or exit an app is enough to give you motion sickness! I now need dramamine when using my iPhone 4s! Many aspects of iOS 7 were clearly ill conceived by those with a fanatical “minimalist” obsession. I’ve read about developers at Apple who vehemently disagree with the minimalist design philosophy. I am firmly in their camp. Unfortunately, Jony Ive’s abominable UI won out, and now users have to contend with it.

    iOS 7 brings this malapropism to mind: “Ive tower syndrome”.

    1. Yeah, definitely too minimalistic, but then Jobs/Forstall were a bit too Skeumorphic. I’m hoping and guessing that we’ll eventually get something in between.

  8. Unfortunately I did get the “blue screen of death” reset today and it was a “are you fu$%ing kidding me!?!” moment. I have not yet had one of those until now. This was with an app I am testing, but by no means was the app doing anything out of the ordinary and was under 3 MB memory utilization and low on the CPU. The crash was one thing, but a blue screen? As far as iOS 7, it could use some subtle adjustments here and there but mostly it is fine. I do like the skins idea, but that just is not Apple’s style (no pun intended).

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