Apple’s mailer tempts Cupertino residents to say ‘yes’ to new ‘Mothership’ campus

“The City Council of Cupertino is holding a vote this Tuesday, October 15, on whether or not to approve approve the building of Apple’s Campus 2 ‘spaceship’ headquarters,” Michael Grothaus reports for TUAW. “Before the vote, residents will be allowed to voice their opinions and, not wishing to leave anything to chance, Apple has sent its Cupertino neighbors the mailer below asking them to voice their support for the project to the council.”

Grothaus reports, “It’s highly unlikely that the campus won’t be approved, especially after the mailer shows residents what they’ll be missing out on if it’s not.”

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  1. The mailer should have been signed by Timmy to underscore the importance for the city, Apple and Steve.

    I *really* hope TC wont cut back SJ’s original vision, just make it exactly as Steve wanted it to be, Apple has the dough and then some.

    Think about it.. do ya want Icahn to have the money instead?..thought so too 🙂

    1. $5 billion budget
      2.8 million square feet

      This means Apple is going to build a building that costs almost $1800 per square foot. That is insane.

      But wait, it will only house an estimated 15,000 employees — which isn’t enough to house the >16,000 people Apple has in Cupertino today, let alone provide room for growth. So by spending $333k per employee, Apple still will need future site revisions if it wants to co-locate its people.

      Apple might as well burn its money. What a colossal waste of resources. This will be remembered in history as being just as architecturally stupid as the palm islands of Dubai.

  2. I had a T-Shirt for the space shuttle. It had a space shuttle view landing with a front view and said “A Spaceship has landed on Earth. It came from Rockwell”

    The should have used it, replace the Rockwell with Apple.

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea and the look, but how are they going to keep those outdoor transparent circular extenders (in the first photo) clean?

  4. If not approved, they are welcome to bulldoze and create the Mothership in my backyard anytime! Looks nicer than any business building we currently have here, that’s for sure.

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