Is Apple’s new iOS 7 better or just different?

“I was a ‘late’ adopter of iOS 7. That is, I updated just a few days ago,” E. Werner Reschke writes for T-GAAP. “By delaying my update I was able to watch other people’s reaction without any prejudice.”

“What’s interesting is there is a lot in iOS 7 that is just different. The new über thin font is a glaring example,” Reschke writes. “Font treatment is just a stylistic change. It doesn’t make anything more readable, it doesn’t take less space, it’s just different. The change is like going from bell-bottom 70’s jeans to straight leg 501’s in the 80’s. Both were pants, but one was cool during a certain era and another was not.”

“Beyond different, iOS 7 has added some additional functionality. Control Center is a great example,” Reschke writes. “Is iOS 7 different? Yeah. But better? Yes.”

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    1. It’s not better is EVERYTHING, and that’s for sure.

      Has anyone else added a Handbreak’d movie to the “Movies” section of iOS 7 yet? The background to the Video player window used to be BLACK (in iOS 6), but now it’s WHITE! The problem here? The title/text for each movie remains WHITE . . . which disappears completely in the new window!

      Want to select a movie to play? Well, good luck with that. Thumbnails galore with no titles–and all on a blinding WHITE background!

      And there you have it: Change for change’s sake. (Same thing with the boot-up screen on the iPhone. Used to be black; now it’s white. OOH, that’s an improvement.

      1. Do you have a white iphone? Because my start up screen is still black. But I have the black 5s. The start up screen Must match the phone?

        Just checked the videos and I see what you mean. At first the thumb nails are a silver box with the name of the movie in the silver part and is easy to read. Then the thumb nails turns into a picture of the beginning credits. Mine are pretty much just the movie studio’s name. A bunch of 20th century fox or disney’s blue screen with the castle behind Where it says Walt Disney pictures over the castle etc.
        Those are movies on my Mac that are shared to my iphone to stream if I wanted. That’s why they are grey thumbnails 1st with movie name. But movies I bought from iTunes or a digital download show a thumbnail of the cover of that particular movie. So they made it a little harder if you copied your own DVDs to your iPhone. All though It’s pretty quick to click on thumbnail and see the name of the movie and swipe back to your library. (Really dig the swiping back and fourth on safari and other apple apps that let you go back a page with a swipe instead of touching back button)They’re in alphabetical order. I guess that makes it a little easier If you have a bunch of your copied movies on your iPhone.

      2. I just did it and it’s fine, I have no idea what you are talking about.
        More to the point you have no idea what you are talking about , re:
        “Has anyone else added a Handbreak’d movie to the “Movies” section of iOS 7 yet?”
        WTF is the “movies” section of iOS7?
        You sound like someone who isn’t familiar with iOS
        Do you mean the movies tab inside the video’s app?

        Seems more like you are yet another of the trolls that have been recently infesting this forum, the fact that you already have 23 (almost all positive) really screams troll.

        (in case other forums users weren’t aware apparently, the trolls are creating multiple personas and then replying to and voting up their own comments)

        However the real truth is I just dropped a movie (that I converted with handbrake) into the video’s app (in the movies tab) and it turns out you are completely full of shit
        There are no titles in the movie tab, it ONLY shows thumbnails. However if you tap a thumbnail it displays the title (in black)

      3. Ah…. I just found out
        A frend just told me the android does have a “movies” section in the filesystem.
        You only knew android and just assumed that iOS had a “movies” section as well didn’t you?
        Hehe, well not so, different system paradigm in iOS,.
        It’s app (not file) centric

        Good luck with your ‘roid, whatever though.
        Have you ever noticed that Apple users don’t infect your ‘roid new-site forums?
        Do you ever ponder how pathetic that makes you?

      4. “Has anyone else added a Handbreak’d movie to the “Movies” section of iOS 7 yet?”

        There is no “Movies” section of iOS 7.

        “The title/text for each movie remains WHITE . . . which disappears completely in the new window!”

        This is completely false.

        Go back to using your ‘Droid, you paid shill.

    2. Not even close! Failed attempt to copy Android, BB OS10 and Windows OS. Ridiculous features and nothing more than another opportunity for Android to move to 95% worldwide marketshare. IOS 6 in my opinion was top shelf and all that was truly required was a better notification drop down and easy access to wifi and Bluetooth switch.

      1. Without the iPhone there wouldn’t be any touch smartphones, so you can see why most of us laugh when shit-heads like yourself complain about stolen features.

        1. Friend, Have you heard of Sony ericsson P900 / P800. It was a touch screen phone and a good one. I have used the P900. It was released in 2004-2005 or may be earlier. The best thing when iPhone came out was that the UI was way better than all the other phones. Now they have changed it. Good luck to them.

      2. All the more mysterious why iOS 6 users, who ought to’ve been satisfied with a top-shelf experience, senselessly updated en masse to iOS 7. My word, the number of deluded people grows at an alarming rate. We should consider heading for the hills…a zombie apocalypse seems imminent

  1. I’ve tried it, and while I like some functional improvements, the stuff everyone notices are the stylistic changes. And in most cases they do nothing to improve iOS – sometimes hinder what once was easier.

    I know on this site that is sacrilegious thinking, but hey … I gotta be me 😉

      1. I wish I was paid! No, I’m just a guy who got home from work early and fired up MDN, like I do every day, but this time I added my opinion.

        So, basically, I came here for the abuse from dummys like you, FREE OF CHARGE – and you are welcome buddy. Enjoy yourself hahaha!

  2. After spending time with iOS 7, I much prefer iOS 6. I find I’m doing more key strokes with 7 to get the same info I did in 6. 7 IMO is less intuitive as well.
    iOS 6 had a feel to it that I liked. 7 is more frustrating than anything else. I still haven’t found anything in 7 that has bettered my experience. I would gladly go back to iOS 6 if allowed.

        1. And that’s goddamn angering as hell. This is the kind of thingI HATE about Apple. Let me freaking install whatever version I want. I can CHOOSE not to upgrade but I can’t CHOOSE to downgrade. Ugh.. very glad my 5 is still on 6.1…

          1. Most people agree one of the things that haunts google the most is their “fragmentdroid” situation. So love it or hate it, Apple’s pressure to keep us all in step is definitely a good thing for developers, and probably for consumers as well.

  3. Many things are harder to read, Maps especially has issues with this. The Phone app- numbers are difficult to paste into it, It used to be clear.
    Siri should have stayed in Beta. The home button should take you home not to the folder your app is in. Dismissing or closing apps needs to be better mapped out, you have to move you finger perfectly vertical to make this work.

    1. Have you tried the Bold Text setting (Settings > General > Accessibility > Bold Text)? My eyes had trouble with the iOS 7 fonts in their default form, but since making it bold, I’ve found things easier to read than they were in iOS 6.

      1. I have tried everything and the best thing of all is iOS6. Even the slide to unlock feature in iOS7 is very difficult for macular degeneration suffers to see.

        7 is a triumph of style over usability.

        1. People keep telling me to just increase the size of the dynamic fonts. They are not the fonts which are difficult to read! Open the Music app, then look at the “buttons” at the bottom of the screen with the labels “Genius”, “Playlists”, “Artists”, etc. SMALL gray fonts on a white background? Really? That’s insane! I can’t say it enough times Jony Ive should be fired!

      1. The settings changes cause issues with the rendering of emails in Apple’s own email client for iOS 7.

        More Betaware, and No – it is far from better.

        1. Which of those settings is causing rendering problems in Mail? I’ve been using bold text since day one of iOS 7, and have been very pleased with it in the mail app particularly.

          1. On the iPad it renders poorly in Mail. Cannot speak to the same issue on the iPhone as I upgraded to a Galaxy Nexus 4 due to the shiteous iOS 7 on iPhone.

            1. Bold talk as I a m typing this on a Mac Pro connected to my charging syncing iPad & iPod Touch.
              Answer me this: How many Windows PCs did you own before you decided buying a Mac was the trendy thing to do or are you still using your Dell?

            2. Not a troll and I have a II GS in the attic.

              Fanbois are an intolerant bunch and have ruined MDN. People always disagreed, but did so with snark- not hate. I guess listening to Viagra Boy Rush LIMPaugh got to you.

      2. People keep telling me to just increase the size of the dynamic fonts. They are not the fonts which are difficult to read! Open the Music app, then look at the “buttons” at the bottom of the screen with the labels “Genius”, “Playlists”, “Artists”, etc. SMALL gray fonts on a white background? Really? That’s insane! I can’t say it enough times, Jony Ive should be fired!

    1. I have some sympathy with that. The thin icons look Like cheap colouring books from the 60s and I find unintuitive. And no improvement whatsoever in placing the cursor in longish text input I find where it just goes anywhere but where you wish. Yes a mixed bag but overall an improvement though not as great as I had hoped.

    2. Tell your grandfather to go to settings, general, accessibility and turn on “increase contrast” increase the text size and then turn on bold text.
      My 90 year old grandmother loves iOS 7 and she is visually impaired.

      1. You’re full of it. Everything you just described doesn’t help with the real problem of the font thinness. This only changes dynamic font sizes. Many other phones are still ridiculously small. And changing the contrast makes IOS 7 look even more ugly.

        Jony Ive should be fired!

  4. Minus a few teething bugs it’s amazing and blew all my expectations.

    Do keep in mind the apps that have come out publicly haven’t yet shown it in full glory. There’s a lot of good stuff underneath still to be explored.

  5. My main gripe with iOS 7 is that the playback controls for podcasts and music do not function from the lock screen. They appear but they do not work. Not sure if I’m alone on this.

      1. I just tried playing a Podcast, locked the screen, pressed the home button, and successfully used both the play/pause/advance/repeat/volume controls that appeared at the top of the screen, and all worked fine, as did the controls in the bottom screen pull up Control Panel, so I’m not sure I understand what controls you say aren’t working. iOS 7.0.2.

        1. They’re probably trolls. Paid shills and Apple haters thinking they’re cute. Most of them are 300 lb. dorks living in their Mommy’s basement with nothing better to do. Ignore them. They live off of attention. Best to not feed the troll.

    1. The controls work perfectly fine for me, and I use them literally every day. My favorite feature of iOS 7 is the full playback controls from the lock screen, including a progress indicator. Under iOS 6, you had to double-click the home button to bring up the playback controls, and they were basic controls.

      I also love how the control center makes it easy to adjust the volume before I begin playback.


  6. I like some of the new functionality (control center, for example), but still think it looks less mature than before. Definitely buggier – much more common for apps to crash (even Apple’s). To be honest, it looks, acts, and feels more like an Android or Windows version that we would have made fun of 2 or 3 years ago, if it had come out parallel to iOS 5 or 6. It’s like iOS starting over in a parallel universe, not like a logical advancement.

    But I guess that’s just my opinion. I also delayed upgrading, and now that I’m here and even while I’m not thrilled with it, I can live with it. Looking forward (somewhat pensively) to seeing where iOS 8 goes, as I’ll be looking to trade up on my iPhone 5 by then.

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