What the… Bill Gates as Austin Powers and Steve Ballmer as Dr. Evil (with video)

Bill Gates spoofs Austin Powers in this short produced by James Etue.

James Etue posted this to YouTube quite some time ago, but 9to5Mac‘s Mark Gurman just brought it to our attention via Twitter.

The video went from some 25,000 views on YouTube to over 100,000 since Gurman’s tweet yesterday.

Sorry, but we don’t have a point size big enough for this WTF?

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Remember that while these two were shooting this video, Steve Jobs and Co. were working on real products that would pull the rug right out from underneath these two Mike Myers wannabes. Remember also that as Microsoft employees sat at yet another worthless “morale-building” meeting laughing at this, many of them were actually laughing at the very reason for their impending pink slips.

Hubris defined.

Oh, BTW, this wasn’t the only dafuq Microsoft Corp. was working on while Steve Jobs was creating his revenge:


  1. I have to admit, the last day video of gates was kind of funny. It probably resembled exactly what he did do. Shows a CEO can have humor too, even with a $7 haircut

  2. No Taste….. & I Mean That In The Biggest Way. What an embarrassment to the classless IT dufusses & the arrogant, self absorbed corporates who backed the cluster FCK Windoze.

  3. No social skills, no class, no talent. I feel embarrassed for them. Funny, they’ll both be gone from Microsoft soon. Not that it will matter. There isn’t a person on earth that can fix that cluster f*&k of a company. I can’t imagine how dismal it must be to work there.

  4. The the last day on the job video had me rolling, especially the sequence in which he absent mindedly placed his office items on top of his car and drove off. Lol.


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