Fox News’ new 55-inch Microsoft touch screens have fewer pixels than Apple’s 9.7-inch iPad

“News anchor Shepard Smith proudly demonstrated a remodeled “Fox News Deck” featuring massive, expensive new 55 inch touchscreens sold by Microsoft. However, the giant new screens have much lower resolution than even a 9.7″ iPad,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider. “Smith beamed in showing off how Fox had, at considerable expense, revamped its news anchor sound stage to include actors manipulating at least ten of the massive new displays, each of which sells for around $7,100.”

“The displays are sold by Microsoft, which last year acquired Perceptive Pixel, the manufacturer of the giant touchscreens,” Dilger reports. “The screens are powered by Windows 8 and can also be navigated using an “Active Stylus,” which works like a wireless remote control.”

Dilger reports, “The Microsoft PPI screens have a 1920×1080 (2 megapixel) resolution, the same as a standard HDTV. That’s a fraction the resolution of Apple’s 15 inch Retina Display MacBook Pro (2880×1800, or over 5 megapixel), which sells from $2200. It’s also significantly less than a $499 Retina Display iPad (2048×1536 or 3.1 megapixel), the very device ‘users at home’ can review Twitter with themselves, without Fox News reviewing the same information on flashy, oversized desktops running a very limited resolution.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ll enjoy watching the development of the Gorilla Arms – and the donning of reading glasses.

A smart lawyer has likely already contacted “Fox News Deck” employees about joining the forthcoming class action lawsuit over debilitating ergonomics.

Here’s an exclusive sample of what the screen looks like in actual use:

Windows 8ista BSOD

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    1. > revamped its news anchor sound stage to include actors manipulating at least ten of the massive new displays

      You have to take THAT into consideration. These are hired “business-professional” ACTORS, on the set of a TV Show. They are not real users doing actual “news” work, right there under the bright lights of a sound stage. There’s probably some indicator on the screen, to tell the actor(s) that they are currently visible in the background (behind “Shep”), so they need to start waving their arms around. They probably have a “script” for what they are supposed to do with the screen.

      In that context, the technology is perfectly adequate. The screens do not need to be any more high-res than a regular HDTV. It will look really bad from two-feet away, but the TV audience won’t be able to distinguish those massive pixels. And the actors won’t care; they just need to look at that massive low-res screen during airtime.

    1. Architects, draftsmen and engineers have used sloped desks like this for hours on hours making drawing and schematics on paper. Accountants and bookkeepers have traditionally used sloped desks for large ledger pads also for many hours a day. I’m sure ones arms will get tired but if the angle is right, it should be manageable.

      That being said, I’m just not interested in Microsoft Surface. Looks like a steaming pile of crap to me.

      1. The problem is how low operators are sitting comparing to upper part of those screens — if they are not forced to move hands to the upper part of the screen often, then there should be no serious issue.

      2. The problem is that all the professionals you mentioned worked on sloped tables that were NOT touch sensitive so they could rest their arms on the surface of the sloped table.

      3. I started as a graphic artist/designer using a sloping drawing board with a T-square, later a proper draughting table, but the point is with those, you can actually rest your arms on them when doing finer, detailed work, or your wrists; with these giant touch-screens, that’s not possible, making it very tiring over a period of time. That’s why it’s so much easier using a mouse, trackpad or stylus and graphic tablet, you can rest your wrist on a solid surface.

      4. I studied mechanical and architectural drawing back in the 70’s. Our drafting boards were slanted maybe 10 degrees at the most. We were able to rest our elbows and wrists on the table. Having spent 8 hours drawing, I can’t imagine how incredibly uncomfortable it would have been having to hold my arms up working for any kind of extended period of time. It was hard enough with my arms resting on the board. Believe me, those rediculous workstations will be gone in a month. Either that, or Fox is going to have one hell of a high attrition rate.

    1. Michael, show me where on the Apple website, Fox could have bought Apple’s 55 inch iPad looking BAT with more pixels then the 9.7 in iPad?

      Inquiring minds would like to know?

      ‘Typical FoxNews. 50 year old attitudes. 10 year old tech.” you forgot one more number, Michael… Zero losers… like you

      1. You do realise that they could have done the same (if not better) setup with 2 or 3 HD TV’s, Two or three Apple TV/s and some ‘n; iPads. Right?

        Classrooms across third world countries like India do this everyday.

  1. This could be a Saturday Night Live skit. The whole setup is so dorky it’s hard to believe the professionals responsible for this joke couldn’t imagine how stupid it would end up looking.

    “Let’s use screens that are larger than people and then have the people sit in front of these giant screens looking at oversized icons and large print. It will be really, really cool. We’ll have bigger screens than any other network! And if that doesn’t have the ‘wow effect’ we’re looking for we’ll order even bigger screens next season! No one will out-screen us. FOX RULES! ”



    PBS News Hour just announces strategic response to FOX NEWS giant screen news room.

    Officials at PBS announce that in response to FOX NEWS “giant screen strategy” that PBS has decided to build a similarly sized news room but instead of giant screens will position their reporters in front of giant books.

    When asked, one PBS producer said, “we can’t afford to buy all that high technology but we can certainly match the size of their screens by using over-sized, large-print books we’ll check out from the library of congress. This is going to be HUGE! People at FOX won’t know what hit them. Our reporters will be looking at print just as large as what FOX reporters will be seeing on their screens. They won’t have anything on us when it some to size. News is a dog-eat-dog business. We can’t sit by and do nothing. BIGGEST is BEST. PBS RULES!”

    1. Heh heh. Yes, PBS is a bit old and fusty… However, they have one thing going for them: Real news. Its the only trustworthy source of news and current affairs on American television and it is watched around the world. I watch PBS newshour every day here in Australia. Its not as good as the Australian ABC, but for a real understanding of American politics PBS is the only choice. Its celebrity-free and they have excellent guest commentators.

  3. NewzCrap/Murdochvision/Faux has always been about gaudy eye candy, style over substance and the lowest common denominator. Just as Steve Jobs said about Microsoft- they just have no taste.

    When Faux bought up the NFC broadcast rights and took them over from then incumbent CBS, they introduced the tacky & loud graphics and cheez Whiz “swooshes” and other sounds underneath the SFX cuts and lower third supers.

    And the streetwalker dresses and wide shots of lots of leg on supposed news shows.

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