Eric Schmidt on Android: ‘It’s more secure than the iPhone’

“We have a long running series on 9to5Google called ‘Talking Schmidt’ and the Chairman of Google keeps loading it up with amusing quotes on the technology industry,” Seth Weintraub reports for 9to5Mac.

“Today’s comes from the Gartner Symposium where our pro/antagonist was asked by Gartner analyst David Willis about the security of Android (which has taken some hits lately to put it mildly),” Weintraub reports. “To which Schmidt, without batting an eye, said: ‘Not secure? It’s more secure than the iPhone.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Pink Cowboy needs to lay off the peyote.

But, thanks for reminding the world about Android and security, or its lack thereof, just ahead of Christmas shopping season, mole!

F-Secure Mobile Threat Report Q1 2013
F-Secure Mobile Threat Report Q1 2013

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    1. @Jay Jay – I don’t think you’re paying close enough attention. Read it again:

      “Schmidt, without batting an eye, said: Not secure? It’s more secure than the iPhone.”

      Schmidt means that fewer people steal smartphones with Android on them than steal iPhones.   And I think he’s probably right.

  1. Haven’t we seen this before in Redmond, WA? Yes, the other Steve’s PC. That Microsoft Windows OS? How are they doing these days? I read a car specialist may be taking his place next year or that little skinny founder or the janitor or … or who ever has captained a large sinking turd before.

  2. Not secure? It’s more secure than the iPhone.

    I’m going to piss myself laughing: 😆 😆 😆

    What a Schmidt head.

    Yes, cognoscenti. The amount of malware for Android continues to grow exponentially AND takes up well over 90% of all malware for all cell phones. Read it and weep, Android victims:

    …But a pair of recent reports got me thinking.

    The first, from McAfee — now an Intel (INTC) company — shows an pretty astonishing rise in malware designed to attack mobile devices, from 792 samples in 2011 to 36,699 in 2012.

    Perhaps not surprisingly, given its growing popularity and vaunted openness, 97% of those samples were designed to attack Google (GOOG) Android.

    And if that’s not enough for ya, check this out DHS and FBI warning from August, 2013:

    Android users warned about increased malware attacks

    Trojan files delivered via SMS text messages, it said, represent almost half the malicious applications circulating on older Android OS. The Trojan malware can force mobile devices to send text messages to sites that rack up exorbitant charges for the user. It also warned Rootkit malware can secretively log users’ keystrokes and passwords, while fake Google play domains can steal users’ sensitive data.

    More secure than iPhone my aunt Fanny’s butt hole. 😛

    1. Georgie Porgy had a REAL problem with shooting his mouth off. Led to a war that cost us trillions of dollars, many American lives and as well other lives. Something about weapons of mass destruction as I recall. How soon some forget!

      1. You proved my point! Lies or half truths.
        – Both parties along with Bush, pushed the war on Iraq (how soon you forget).
        – It did not cost us trillions of dollars (814 billion from 2003 to today).
        Stop your lies and half truths! Be better than Obama!

      1. Come on it’s an American website, you know how paranoid and insecure they are, they have to have the spotlight on them and will do anything to twist it to the “pay attention to U.S.”

        Heck it’s like Eric Schmidt going on how Android is more secure, it has to be, it gets attacked more.

        Fortunately most of the free world knows that warism does not work over the long run and with the government shutting down the free world can breathe a momentary sigh of relief.

        I’m really enjoying it, no countries to invade for the next while.

      2. I may be wrong, but isn’t Eric Schmidt a part of the present administration right now?

        Doesn’t that make any discussion with Eric in it a political discussion?

  3. Of course he thinks that. With all the time and money they put into tracking down and plugging security holes, compared to Apple, logically Android should be the most secure platform IN THE UNEEVERRSSE!

  4. Class action lawsuit for misleading advertising or public material mistatement of facts by an executive, anyone? Where are the lawyers and truthseekers when you need them?

    1. Steve Jobs did not “suffer” from a Reality Distortion Field. He created that field.(Just like an electron creates an electric field around it or a magnet creates a magnetic field around it.)

      Schmidt has a “Delusion Field” as well as a “Negative Ethics Field”. Unfortunately, a lot of the media cannot tell that the combination of these two is NOT the same as Jobs’ Reality Distortion Field.

  5. He went on to say something like, it’s more secure b/c there have been so many activated numbers.

    So, in his logic, China is more secure than Turks and Caicos b/c China has more people on it. A certain bit of logic holds here, if you killed 1 million people in China, it would still function, do it in T& C, you could rule a empty island. Yeah, I like his logic, I like it a lot.

    I will stick with Apple who sells products to me, they do not peddle me as a product.

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