Supply chain expects weak notebook demand which bodes well for Apple’s next-gen 64-bit iPad

“Analyst Brian White of Cantor Fitzgerald is currently on a tour of technology suppliers in China and Taiwan. For day two, he met with an LCD panel maker, a display technology supplier, a component maker, and an LCD TV vendor in Taipei,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider. “In his meetings, White was told by a leading display technology supplier that while the overall tablet market is softening, big things are expected from Apple’s fifth-generation iPad.”

“White’s sources made no mention of a second-generation iPad mini, leading the analyst to speculate that the device may not launch this month,” Hughes reports. “He expects the next iPad mini to sport a Retina display using Sharp’s IGZO technology.”

“Apple’s iPad refresh may be able to once again capitalize on a weakening PC market, as the supply chain indicated to White that notebook sales are soft,” Hughes reports. “Sales of traditional PCs have been slumping as consumers have instead opted to buy tablets, with Apple’s iPad lineup carrying the lion’s share of the market.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Consumer: “Hmmm, ugly, cheap, complex Windows clunky laptop OR fun, sexy, portable, easy to use iPad that does 95-99% of everything I need to do, anywhere… Hmmm.”

    “If it’s a Dell, rot in hell.” Your day of judgment & reckoning has come Mikie, Meg, Stevy and Billy.

  2. I feel sorry for all those pilots at Delta having that MS POS rammed down their throats. Also all those poor students who’ll be stuck using them because Ballmer dumped all their unsold crap on schools hoping to get some good PR from his cluster fuck. How is this guy wasn’t immediately fired after his 1 billion dollar write off. I know he’s leaving, but he blew a billion bucks.

    1. The FAA hasn’t approved those Surfaces yet, and it may take up to 2 years for that to happen. Not to mention FAA approved flight bag software doesn’t exist for Surface.

      FAA certification is nontrivial. As it should be.

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