Apple unleashing a trifecta of special events this autumn, source says

“Apple’s first Special Event of the season arrived on September 10, unveiling all new iPhones and iOS 7,” E. Werner Reschke reports for T-GAAP.

“The next big thing from Cupertino, if rumors prove to be accurate, will take place on Tuesday, October 15, at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters, announcing all-new iPads,” Reschke reports. “But there appears to be another event Apple is preparing before year’s end.”

“Ongoing debate as to whether Apple should launch a third and final special event before year’s end has apparently been settled, and the answer is yes. Apple has put a hefty amount of hype into its forthcoming Mac Pro. Apple’s high powered cylindrical Mac has been both praised and vilified, but Apple’s top brass believes it deserves its own special launch event,” Reschke reports, citing a single source. “If we were to speculate, Tuesday, November 12, appears to make the best date, since it gives enough room for the iPad launch; it comes a week after many states hold elections the previous Tuesday, November 5th, and is far enough in front of Thanksgiving.”

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      1. The Thunderbolt Cinema Display is already black and shiny, but I do hope they release a new design or at least lower the price of the current $999 model. Although if they didn’t, this display is nice enough to sell well for another year based on the Thunderbolt hub functionality and high quality/large real estate offered. I absolutely love mine.

  1. Hard to believe a couple years ago many thought the Mac Pro was a goner. Now we have a new Mac Pro being advertised in movie theaters and having its own special Apple event.

    Only Apple would make such a big, big deal out of a computer that very, very few people will buy. It just shows that Apple knows the having the best freakin’ desktop computer on the planet makes everyone admire all your other machines.

    Smart move Apple. I’m saving my money for one of these babies.

    1. It’s notable (and very pleasant) that the naysayers have been relatively very quiet since the iPhones were announced. Hopefully, additional announcements will reinforce that trend.

      1. A lot of people have been saying for a long time that if Cook had simply stepped up the product releases to a more frequent pace, then the naysayers wouldn’t be filling their blogs and magazines with baseless speculation and FUD. For some unknown reason, those observations were vociferously shouted down under a wave of Cook support on these forums. Now when Apple FINALLY releases some significant updates pretty much on schedule, we can see the results. The critics are silenced.

        Even if the releases are minor, Cook needs to stop keeping everyone in the dark for months at a time. Innovate more, please your user base with the finest refined computers, and waste less money on non-value-added aerobie offices and shortsighted stock manipulation. That’s really the only way Apple stock is going to reach its potential.

    2. Can anyone here speculate on what it’d cost to manufacture this thing, since we could probably double to triple that to get the selling price? If they can sell this mind blowing Lee low, they might sell a gang of them.

      “mind blowing Lee low” brought to you by your friend and mine, Siri.

      1. I would guess on the mac pro around 3500 for low end.
        From what I have read on Toms Hardware and Ars the Xeon that is going to be used in the new Mac Pro is a single 12 core and price on that is around $2000 a pop from intel. Apple will get lower prices sure, for buying in mass quantities. The Fire Core GL pro chips are pricey too. W9000 Fire Pro GL card from amd which is a dual GPU Fire Pro card like the mac pro uses is around $3000. These are not cheap parts. I would not be supprised to see a 12 core mac pro start at 4500 to 5000.
        But this is not a home computer for normal use. It is a workstation class computer. Look up equivalents from HP and Dell and you will find when configured the same there just as expensive.

        1. I was reading a website the other day and they basically said the cost of the processor and the gpu on current mac pros + about $1000 is the normal price for mac pros.

    3. Car manufacturers have used the same marketing ploy since the dawn of the automobile industry. It would have been a crying shame for Apple to let the Mac Pro fade into oblivion.

  2. I fail to see why Apple would have another special event to announce/unveil the Mac Pro that has already been announced/unveiled. It would really be nothing more than an availability notification. That’s not really Apple’s style: it didn’t hold a special event when the new iMac finally started shipping after it was announced, nor when the original iPhone shipped after it was announced.

    Makes more sense that this would be a separate product upgrade, perhaps iPods, AppleTV, or an iWork revamp.

    1. They gave preview of it because they needed to quell developers concerns over no new MacPro. They did not show everything it can do and would expect a few surprises. Personally, I would love to see this thing be a home media hub connect to 4k iTunes movies. The pro market can only consume so many devices. I think there is a market above Apple TV and this has the power to fill it. Would this warrant a special event?

    2. The biggest reason why a special event be held is because it will give the battered competition that is the declining PC market a huge migraine and a shit stain the size of Nebraska in their underwater. GO APPLE, you are my baby 🙂

    1. I’m nof of the opinion that Apple will not releases 40-inch and larger televisions. I think they may go the route of “4K monitors” with the TV tuner and other functionality built into an upgraded AppleTV set top box that may include both a broadcaster tuner and cable TV hardware and interfaces. That way, customers can upgrade the guts of the “TV” every couple of years for $100-$200. This would be the smart thing to do. Samsing has a similar new TV product.

  3. Or, it could be a “Pro” focused event, with release of the new Mac Pro, and updates to the MacBook Pro. Plus, aren’t there Apple Pro apps that need new versions for the Jony Ive “in charge of designing everything” transition?

  4. There’s too much art in the Mac Pro, as if Jonny Ive were trying to replicate the locked down iPhone on a desktop computing device used by professionals.

    The Mac Pro will end up looking like a fish tank with wires festooned all over the place connecting external hard drives that should have been internal. It’ll be the ultimate aquarium piece except when you accidentally dump a gallon of water on the air exhausts at the top, your fishes will die from electrocution.

  5. I’m more than ready. I’ll take two now and two after the first of the year thank you. But if this event would be about the new iTV I’d be just as happy. I don’t need a special event for my Mac Pros. Just let me buy them.

  6. Mack BOOK Pro? Hopefully? With all new Final Cut Pro 11?
    Throw in the Mac Pro…. Now that would finally be something.
    waiting and waiting and waiting… as my progress bar slowly creeps.

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