Detailed video shows 5th-generation iPad’s physical changes

“Chinese parts supplier has posted a video and photos of the upcoming the slate-gray enclosure of the upcoming iPad 5,” Arnold Kim reports for MacRumors.

Kim reports, “This latest video does a good job detailing the physical differences between the iPad 4 and iPad 5.”

Apple’s iPad 5 is expected to adopt the same narrow bezels along its longer sides as iPad mini, coupled with Apple’s iPad mini-proven “unintentional touch” technology (improved even further in iOS 7), this design should render an iPad that’s just as usable, but with significantly less weight and an even smaller footprint.

Full article here.


  1. I’m guessing Apple collaborates with suppliers to create these “leaked” videos. Secret public testing.

    Anyway, I dig the new model and case.

    Wonder if they’ll be releasing three new colors along side a cheaper model like the iphone.

    iPad 5S / iPad 5C

    1. Of course, Apple does not collaborates on leaked videos, because it is too late to do public tasting on this stage.

      The problem is that to make goods available shortly after official announcement Apple has to start assembling at least 1.5 months before start of retail sales. Components have to be manufactured starting like 3 months before start of retail sales.

      In such situation with so many contractors it is not feasible to keep products secret.

      Apple was only able to make anything secret if they announce product months before their retail sales date: this year’s Mac Pro, iPad 1, iPhone 1, iPod 1, so on.

      1. Sorry for the typos: “Of course, Apple does not collaborate on leaked videos, because it is too late to do public testing on this stage. …” and so on; read it as if the text is written normally. ;;)

  2. I am glad this video of great detail is available, apples competitors like google nexus and Mictosofts panos panay will now have a shit stain the size of Nebraska in their under wear

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