Apple is still leading the way: iPhone 5S and iOS7 have a secret weapon

“What Apple did on 10 September was to release the first operational 64-bit hardware and software ever seen in a mobile device,” John Naughton writes for The Guardian.

“Most of the media coverage of iOS 7 focused on the radically different ‘look and feel’ of the user interface, the sparseness and minimality of which was widely attributed to Jony Ive, who is now in overall charge of both hardware and software design at Apple,” Naughton writes. “This is fair enough: after all, for most people, the most important aspect of a device is its user interface. Is the thing easier to use after the latest “upgrade”? The answer for iOS 7 seems to be a qualified ‘yes.'”

Naughton writes, “But for geeks, two things about iOS 7 stand out. One is the fact that Apple could completely rewrite a complex operating system for a 64-bit environment – and ship it in a relatively bug-free state, on time. The other is the way iOS 7 solves a problem that has been bugging internet engineers for years – how to ensure that if one mode of connecting to the network fails, your device can seamlessly switch to another mode. The solution is called multi-path TCP and – guess what? – iOS 7 has it. But you’d have to read a lot of media coverage of the iPhone launch to learn that. Those who think that Apple has peaked ought to think again.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple leads. The rest follow. As usual.

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  1. Excellent post!
    I was convinced by your superb analysis to immediately throw my iPhone in the garbage and run out to BestBuy and get a Samsung phone.
    I call it my MuthaFucka Sammy phone.
    I already have a virus and an issue with my credit card!
    I am so happy that the Supreme Tabernacle came here to show us iFools the way!
    All hail, Tabby! (you dont mind if I call you Tabby, do you? You are so like my little kitten, with your mindless boundless enthusiasm and your inability to use the bathroom!)

  2. to Tabernacle

    I’m really sorry you have such a bad case of Tourette’s Syndrome. It must really mess up your life.

    But there’s good news. Although there is no cure, a lot can be done, today, to control the symptoms. Consult your health care professional to find out what might be best for you.

    1. Answers: Seldom and close to nonexistent

      The combination of extremist polititrolls, Androidheads, and just plain troublemakers looking to stir things up for entertainment has greatly diminished this forum. We used to have great discussions of new Apple products and technologies and speculation about upcoming product releases.

      MDN has chosen not to moderate this forum except in very rare circumstances. The quantity of worthless posts has increased along with the number of highly intrusive and aggravating advertisements. Apple concerns itself with the user experience. MDN does not.

      1. Yep, I’m not coming to MDN as often. I like Mac news sites and have left a few others. Oh well, I guess I’ll won’t be letting the door hit me on my way from MDN unless they moderate here and stop allowing profanity, name calling, etc. さよなら。

        1. Hey, MDN — Please pay attention to orenokoto’s post.

          If ad revenue is part of why and how this site exists, it’s going to go down more and more as actual Mac fans disappear leaving you with jerks and trolls who don’t respond to the ads.

          Kind of like how iPhone greatly outshines Andromongrel in e-commerce results. Anyone doing a slight amount of tracking knows where to advertise.

  3. Back on topic…multi-path TCP should open even more Enterprise doors as they continue to close for Android (due to massive fragmentation and more importantly, security issues) and of course BlackBerry.

    64 bit iOS is icing on the cake and will keep Apple an order of magnitude ahead of the competition for years.

    This (not screen size) is true innovation.

    1. It is interesting. This feature is not something that Apple can easily advertise, it took a fair bit of effort to implement, but it will make the user experience better so they did it.

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