With iTunes Radio, Apple is disrupting yet another market

“Today’s superstar businesses are device companies, integrating hardware, software, services and connection. We don’t get much chance to stop and think what that new product model means to how you do R&D, product development and innovation,” Haydn Shaughnessy reports for Forbes. “But Apple is showing us. While we were fixated on hardware, on the iPhone, the Cupertino company is disrupting radio with its new, to the smartphone, iTunes Radio service.”

“Like it did with MP3s , Apple is not offering anything essentially innovative in product terms with iTunes Radio but the mix of all four elements above – hardware, software, service and connection – is making a difference to the sector’s business model, already,” Shaughnessy reports. “Remember Apple got 11 million unique listeners on the launch weekend, despite problems with iOS7 downloads.”

Shaughnessy reports, “While most commentary focused on the impact of iTunes Radio on Pandora, there is a bigger picture and a disruption already underway… the business model in radio, long due a change, is now restructuring around digital in response.”

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    1. Bought 4 songs last night just to test out how well song playlists would update between: iPhone, iMac and Apple Tv.

      would have bought them eventually anyway but damn Apple makes it so F’n easy.

  1. I am still exploring iRadio, but the ability to tune the station between hits, variety and discovery is a great feature. To my ear, it also sounds better than Pandora. Why it will play the same song title back to back seems absurd, but it is happening less.

  2. yes iTunes Radio is going to rock! I really enjoy replaying any song I just heard (something you can not do on pandora) repeats are much more limited than the 4 or so songs I hear on pandora… Bye to that account!

    hello to iTunes radio for good!

  3. We have the Richter scale for earthquakes, Fujita scale for tornadoes, Saffir-Simpson scale for hurricanes, and now we have the Pomology scale for the disasters wrought on tech companies.

    Pomology – ‘the study of apples’

    Samsung studies Apple, even films their long lines and customer enthusiasm, and comes out with gold phone days after Apple’s.

    Microsoft studies Apple transforming into a device and services company. Laughed at iPhone but few years later comes out with Windows Phone 8 and Surface Tablet.

    RIM wishes they studied Apple… Palm too… Maybe too late for Pandora… and of course all the other iPod killers wannabe buried in the ash-heap of history… And more…

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