Apple re-releases Apple TV Software 6.0

“Apple has re-released the 6.0 software update for Apple TV set-tops, which the company pulled over the weekend after the initial release disabled some devices,” Todd Spangler reports for Variety.

“Apple last Friday released the update, which among other features adds the iTunes Radio streaming music service,” Spangler reports. “But it suspended the 6.0 upgrade after users reported that it disabled access to services including Netflix and Hulu — and in some cases ‘bricked’ Apple TVs, making them completely unusable.”

Spangler reports, “Apple has now made the 6.0 update available again, according to TechCrunch; the reissued code presumably fixes those issues.”

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“The update is back live now, with new features including access to the iTunes Music Store for actually purchasing tracks and albums from your device, and iTunes Radio, Apple’s new free streaming online music service,” Darrell Etherington reports for TechCrunch.

“Other new features included in the update are AirPlay from iCloud, which allows you to playback videos on your Apple TV that are stored in your iCloud purchase history direct to the device via streaming, without requiring it to reside locally on either (that needs to be turned on in settings),” Etherington reports. “There’s also the addition of iCloud Photos and Videos, which essentially just rebrands Photo Stream, access to Podcasts and Podcast Stations, and a new conference room mode, which displays a custom background with instructions about connecting to the network and Apple TV device for guests or presenters who might want to use the attached A/V equipment… The new conference room mode is actually a big boon for Apple in terms of selling these things through to enterprise and business users as support devices for throughout offices.”

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    1. Bummer, I think. But I’m not familiar with iTumes Radio. Is that something even better than iTunes Radio? Hmm. Well, it’s not available here in the US. Maybe only in California?


    1. There’s still a glitch in this re-release update, at least for me, Latin American user: When I try to accept iCloud terms of use, the screen doesn’t change, it never pass to the next screen, it stays forever at the terms of use window no matter how many accepts I click, avoiding me registering in iCloud services. I insist: this is the worst update I experienced in any iDevice or Mac. Horrible!

        1. Not every Latin American user lives in your beautiful country. America is a continent. Poor beautiful USA, going to hell slowly due to people like your generation, tisk, tisk.

  1. Funny. Once I got my TV connected to my iTunes $20 for a cable) it installed fine. I just when to update software on my TV and it says there is software to install. I’m doing it now. (In any case, I have the cable!)
    I guess I’ll have to re-enter all my setting AGAIN!

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