Apple’s iOS 7 first to deliver deliver groundbreaking Multipath TCP technology

Apple is “breaking new networking ground with iOS 7 by offering the first major commercial release to support a new Internet protocol that transmits data across multiple network interfaces simultaneously,” Steven Musil reports for CNET.

“Multipath TCP, which has been in the works for years and became an “experimental standard” in January, allows data packets to be sent and received simultaneously across different network interfaces such as such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and 3G,” Musil reports. “While a failure on today’s single-path TCP protocol spells the end of a session, the Multipath TCP extension uses multiple IP addresses and interfaces to route data through the least congested path.”

Musil reports, “‘Packet traces collected on an iPad running iOS7 reveal that it uses Multipath TCP to reach some destinations that seem to be directly controlled by Apple,’ Olivier Bonaventure, a professor with the IP Networking Lab in Belgium who is working on the protocol development process, said in a blog post. ‘You won’t see Multipath TCP for regular TCP connections from applications like Safari, but if you use SIRI [sic], you might see that the connection with one of the apple servers runs uses Multipath TCP.’ However, how Apple intends to implement Multipath TCP is still a mystery — even to Bonaventure, who called this the first ‘large scale’ commercial deployment of the standard.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Can’t innovate anymore? Our collective ass.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz,” “Dan K.,” and “Edward W.” for the heads up.]

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  1. The mouth-breathing Fandroids are out in force this week. Try reading the comments on CNET, CNN, CNBC, any popular site for that matter. You can taste the hate.

    The other possibility is Samsung or Google’s marketing agencies just hired a shit-ton of astro-turfers this week to spread out right lies en masse.

    1. Yeah its fun reading the comments. Little do they realize that SANE people reading those comments are most likely dismissing them are rabid, mouth foaming, Apple Haters… I take it back. Not most likely…more like positively dismissing them as rabid, mouth foaming, Apple Haters! lol

    2. I’ve never understood the people who freak out about competing products. As a fan of technology I love seeing the new stuff from every company in the game.

      There is so much competition in this industry it is absolutely amazing how much computing power you can get dirt cheap – in the palm of your hand.

      What an amazing time to be alive.

      1. @Jubei and @Really; I feel the same way. I certainly don’t go to Android fan sites or the message boards of major new sites every time there’s a new Android release for the sole purpose of spreading lies about them. It’s mind-boggling what they’re doing.

  2. “… Apple intends to implement Multipath TCP is still a mystery …”. Really, and “‘Packet traces … running iOS7 reveal that it uses Multipath TCP to reach some destinations that seem to be directly controlled by Apple,’” sounds like Apple understands how to do this on their many server farms. How many? In what countries? So many clues and to clueless to understand anything.

    Do you think advertisers and content suppliers will pay up the stream from servers with Multipath TCP capabilities? And watching media and TV shows and not loosing the feed and starting all over again, would you pay up for that service too?

    1. You confuse TCP with IP.

      Routers speak IP. Your phone speaks TCP (or some other protocol built on top of IP), and decides whether the transfer of data was a success or not.

      Thus: if no success, the phone can ask for a retry. And if too many unsuccesful transfer on one network interface (Wifi, 3G, others), favour the others.

  3. “Apple haters” are an interesting breed. For the most part, negative posts about Apple tend to be emotionally charged, and fact-free. Even when criticism is backed by some sort of logical argument, it tends to focus on Apple’s “closed” ecosystem, without regard for what that means to users in practice.

    After reading anti-Apple posts for more than a decade on sites such as MDN, I have come to the conclusion that anti-Apple types are defined by a few common characteristics:

    Price Rage: in this “I want” age, some people are infuriated by Apple’s premium pricing strategy. For many people, price is the only benchmark and “getting a good deal”, meaning a discounted price, is something to boast about. Apple doesn’t play ball here and these people just feel “ripped off” if they have to pay full price. Value-for-money doesn’t come into it for these people.

    Anti-fashionistas: For some people, it is essential that they are seen as fashion-setters, and they pride themselves on being different, smarter, by not following the crowd. They like to feel superior to others, and to display their superiority with the products they carry. It is tough for these people when the best product is also a huge seller.

    I-Geeks: For some, Apple’s strict “don’t mess with me” attitude to their products is infuriating. They might not be affected in any real-world sense by the locked-down nature of Apple’s approach, but the idea of any limitation imposed by the manufacturer is enough to make their blood boil.

    Can’t afford: Some people just can’t afford, or perhaps just can’t justify, the Apple price. Admitting this would result in loss of face, so an argument is required to divert attention from the financial aspect of choosing a cheaper product. Any argument will do.

    Paid Apple Bashers: Competitors, especially Samsung, engage “opinion makers” to trash Apple.

    Hit Whores: its tough being a blogger where your income is derived from advertising based on site views. Anything Apple generates hits, and the more controversial, the more hits. In the US, such bloggers can lie with impunity, thanks largely to the oversight by the framers of the constitution who created the freedom to speak, but neglected to encode the responsibility to speak the truth. Americans have the constitutional right to lie, and they make good use of it.

    However, all this amounts to a lot of hot air. Apple, for those most part, ignores it all and so do Apple’s users. Samsung have cheated their way to a place in the sun, but in the process have lost Apple’s substantial business and acquired a reputation for unethical practice. As Apple deploys more of their own technology, as we see with the A7/iOS 7, Samsung find themselves out on a limb, with no clear way forward.

    The Apple-haters will continue making a lot of noise. But who is listening?

      1. This was the only news that bummed me out for Apple this week. Hopefully those south korean and google scumbags only have these latest Apple devices before next year’s releases shut them out completely.

        I can’t wait to read Tim Cook’s memoirs when he retires and can say whatever he wants.

    1. Great synopsis.

      “Can’t afford: Some people just can’t afford, or perhaps just can’t justify, the Apple price. Admitting this would result in loss of face, so an argument is required to divert attention from the financial aspect of choosing a cheaper product. Any argument will do.”

      These are the only ones that get a pass in my book, but there’s no way of knowing that that’s their problem or that they’re an astro-turfer for Samsung/Google.

      You really nailed it when you said the framers of the US Constitution created free speech, but not the responsibility to speak the truth.

  4. It’s only a marketable innovation if the man in the street can understand it – which, unfortunately, is a fact of life, which probably explains why Apple didn’t blow its horn on this one.

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