iPhone 5s demand quickly outstrips supplies around the world

“Online sales of the iPhone 5s have kicked off in several different countries, and a number of iPhone 5s models, the gold in particular, seem to be in short supply all around the world,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

Shortly after starting sales, “the U.K. Apple Store displayed shipping times of 7–10 days for all colors and capacities, as did both of the online stores for France and Germany,” Clover reports. “In Australia and China, online Apple Store shipping times for the iPhone 5s rapidly slipped to 7–10 days for all colors and capacities, with immediate unavailability of the 64GB gold version. Apple’s Hong Kong and Singapore online stores have even longer waiting times, displaying an October shipping estimate for all iPhone 5s models.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


    1. It seems more to be a shortage of the Apple A7 chip. If you check the facts of die area, transistor count and power consumption – the most logical conclusion would be, they started their new silicon with TSMC 20 nm risk production – so their yields of functional chips would be poor now but should improve until December.

  1. We all know that Apple deliberately gave out only 50 iPhone 5s units per store in order to increase the “sold out” buzz. They always do that to raise the hype up to fever level. Most of us know the real reason for constrained iPhone 5s supplies. There are unconfirmed rumors that the iPhone 5s fingerprint sensor has a yield of 2%. For every 100 fingerprint sensor modules made, Apple has to throw away 98 of them. Ooooh, that can’t be good for a company that is struggling for survival against the mighty Android Empire.


    1. Thanks for making me laugh. “Struggling for survival against the mighty Android Empire” is choice. What? no mention of screen size? Seems that is a dead issue now. Wonder how soon the Android Empire will take to caught up? It’s not just the best phones in the world, it is the best operating system in the world for mobile devices. That is the big difference. There are over 50 people in-line at many places tonight, I guess if your behind the 50th person, you should go home. NOT!

  2. Australian Apple On line Store started sales this morning of the 5S with shipping in 7 to 10 business days. Why didn’t Apple just do pre orders shipping in 21 days for those of us who have no intensions of joining the queues at the Apple Retail Store

  3. “In Australia and China, online Apple Store shipping times for the iPhone 5s rapidly slipped to 7–10 days for all colors and capacities”

    No, it didn’t “rapidly slip”, it started at 7-10 days. Unless it slipped to 7-10 days in the first 30 seconds they came available at 3am in the morning

    1. Same here… 64GB Gold, Oct 8-11…

      But that’s within 5 minutes of going online. The thing is, there were some who got September delivery dates, and even some who initially got September and then magically slipped into October.

      5 minutes….

  4. Mmm, not sure about that. Reports in the uk are suggesting pre orders are down anywhere between 70 and 90% compared to the iphone 5 release.
    I guess I’m one of the reasons – I’ve gone iphone, 3GS,4s but havnt upgraded this time. Don’t see the point until there is a bigger screen, and no, and inch of vertical doesn’t help enough.
    Fingers crossed the 6 is larger.
    Fwiw enjoying ios7, nice upgrade.

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