TechCrunch reviews Apple iPhone 5s: The best smartphone available

“Apple’s new iPhone 5s is set to go on sale this Friday, Sept. 20, and the phone is already generating a lot of buzz,” Darrell Etherington writes for TechCrunch. “Apple has worked some behind-the-scenes magic with its latest and greatest, and made some design changes for the better, too, all of which adds up to a new smartphone market king.”

“At first glance, it’s easy to dismiss the fingerprint sensor as a whiz-bang feature designed to attract eyeballs and do little else. But this isn’t that. The fingerprint sensor, unlike some other questionable recent smartphone tech like gesture control or eye-tracking, doesn’t feel like a gimmick or tech demo; it feels like a mature feature that actually enhances the overall experience of using an iPhone in a noticeable way that you encounter very frequently,” Etherington writes. “With the iPhone 5s, Apple once again wins the right to claim the title of best smartphone available. The hardware may resemble its predecessor in many key ways, as with the 4-inch Retina display, but it improves dramatically in areas like the camera where it makes the most difference to every day users, and in the addition of the fingerprint sensor, which is already a feature I miss when I switch back to older generation devices or the iPhone 5c.”

Etherington writes, “And thanks to the 64-bit A7 processor, this phone, more than any iPhone before it, is likely to be the device that grows more appealing as the software ecosystem catches up, which is great news for buyers looking for something that isn’t so easily replaced by the next big thing that comes along.”

Much more in the full review here.

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  1. You had to read the whole LONG Fireball article.

    The most exciting thing? It has to be what built in sensors do with 64 bit & iBeacon technology. Developers knew this a long time back.

    Gruber noted: “The idea that Apple switched to and is promoting 64-bit processing as a marketing gimmick simply doesn’t hold water.”, whereas the jerks who read a headline or see an Apple PR event don’t get it.

    The iPhone is more powerful than a lot of PCs were a decade back.

    Get head out of sand. Look at readily available facts.

  2. Interestingly, not all of the reviews were full of praise. Jon Gruber was a bit less kind, saying, “Under Steve Jobs, Apple released innovative products like clockwork: iPod, iPhone, MacBook Air, iPad. Under Tim Cook, nothing but the same products, slightly improved. What a pile of crap.”

    1. Once again you are distorting his review. Here is the quote in context.
      John Gruber, Daring Fireball: The iPhone 5S and 5C. “You can’t swing a stick and not hit some Apple bear beating the drum that Apple is no longer capable of innovation. They could do it under Steve Jobs, can’t do it without him, and the proof is in the pudding. Under Steve Jobs, Apple released innovative products like clockwork: iPod, iPhone, MacBook Air, iPad. Under Tim Cook, nothing but the same products, slightly improved. What a pile of crap.”

  3. I wonder what CNET/ZDNET thinks it’s the best smartphone on the market today. Hmmmm lets see……nope still obsessed with having a 21 inch display stuffed in their pocket full of marbles…just like their brains!

  4. Apple is wise in their manner of hardware upgrades. They seem to be making sure upgrades are always useful (as in everyday useful…..not magic show, hey my phone levitates, useful). And unlike most other tech companies and so-called analysts, Apple seems to understand that (just like computers and TVs) grand hardware innovations will always plateau for the most part and that there must be great emphasis on seamless hardware/software integration. I don’t need my phone to heal cancer, fly, or shred paper. I do, however, need the best ID, multi-tasking, battery management systems, etc… that can be reasonably implemented into a mobile device.

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