Apple’s new iPhone 5S likely to be in exceptionally short supply

“Apple Inc. won’t start selling its new iPhones in retail stores until Friday, though early signs indicate that supply of the iPhone 5S may be exceptionally tight,” Dan Gallagher reports for MarketWatch.

“The smartphone appears to have sold out of its initial pre-sale run in China, according to a report by the 9to5Mac blog late Tuesday,” Gallagher reports. “While the device was not made available for pre-sale in the U.S., the available supply of almost all models and colors in China appeared to sell out within minutes, according to the blog.”

Gallagher reports, “Apple needs not only to stock the stores of its carrier partners, but must also have enough inventory to move through its own retail stores and its online channel. In addition, this is the first iPhone launch to include China, so carriers in the U.S. may be getting a smaller piece of the overall pie.”

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    1. Not sure about this being the only one, but the lack of preorders probably has to do with the supply constraints. Not only that, but by only taking preorders for the iPhone 5c, they’re giving the 5c an opportunity to establish a foothold–and likely letting Apple judge demand for the device.

    2. I believe Apple wants you to consider trading in your older iPhone while upgrading. The trade in value is based on the state of surface damage to your old iPhone so they have to see it. Apple doesn’t want your iPhone in the market they are selling new iPhones in.

      Know one has talked about what Apple will be doing with these old iPhones yet.

    3. 1st time with no preorders since the 3G. I think all this hand wringing sbout dupply is a marketing ploy. If not, it’s another major blunder… especially when you consider that the supply-chain guy is now in charge.

      1. Forget college (they don’t give degrees in MMORPG’s anyway) just get up and get out of your parents basement and DO something with your life.
        Hanging out on news forums for a company who’s products you (apparently) hate, and posting barely comprehensible nonsense just makes you appear pathetic.

      2. He probably answered a Craigslist job ad:

        “Do you love the latest in technology? Are you ‘tech-savy’? If so, Samsung is looking for some eager faces to flood the web with the good news about their phones! Sign up TODAY!”

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